Gaming Chairs 2022: Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Are gaming chairs good for your back? Read on this article of FittingChairs to find out when a gaming chair is better for your back compared to a standard office chair.


What Types of Postures Contribute to Back Pain?

Before finding answers for are gaming chairs good for your back, knowing that extended sitting or overall a sedentary lifestyle puts you at a higher risk of getting back back, regardless of how you sit.

According to studies of Cornell University, any sitting posture puts greater pressure on your spine than standing does, which covers 40 percent to 90 percent more.

When being in increased back pressure with decreased blood circulation, it’s easy to see why people who sit for lengthy periods of time are significantly more likely to develop back pain.

Having said that, we all need to sit, and different sitting positions have varied effects on the spine.

Commonly, pressure on the lumbar discs and back varies depending on body posture. A reclined posture will put the least amount of pressure on your back in the sitting position.

Check the diagram below, which shows the amount of pressure applied to the spine in various standing and sitting postures:

are gaming chairs good for your back

Should you buy a gaming chair for sitting a long time? Are gaming chairs good for your back?


Are Gaming Chairs Good for your Back?

The short answer is “yes,” gaming chairs are beneficial to your back.

Gaming chairs, without a doubt, provide better back support due to their ergonomic design.

They have sophisticated designs that make them more appropriate to the human body. This aids in the relief of back muscular stiffness and discomfort.

Specifically, high gaming chair back and neck pillows are common design features in gaming seats, and they all contribute to giving optimum back support while encouraging proper posture.

The angle of the seat can also be adjusted in high-quality gaming chairs. If your back starts to hurt, simply change the seat angle.

The gaming chair provides the back support, as well as all the benefits of proper gaming chair posture. They’re fantastic for the back since they support healthy sitting posture and movement.

are gaming chairs good for your back

Not only that, the flexibility of gaming chair lumbar pillow placement adds to its comfort even further.

Because we all have various body structures, having the option of fine-tuning a chair to fit our needs is preferable to sitting in a chair that has no adjustments.

Till now, are gaming chairs good for your back? The definitive answer to the issue is that a gaming chair is still healthy for the back because of its outstanding body support and adaptability.


What to Look for in a Gaming Chair for your Back?

While the overall design of gaming chairs can aid with back problems, there are a few things to look for when selecting a gaming chair.

Ensure that the gaming chair’s dimensions are correct for your body. Neck pain, back pain or even sciatica can be aggravated by a mismatched chair.

Backrest Height

Check its height to ensure that it generally corresponds to the length of your upper torso. The height adjustment of the gaming chair pillow is crucial.

The backrest height of a gaming chair is commonly between 30′′ and 33′′. The lean back chair makes it suited for people who are between the heights of 5’3′′ and 6’3′′.

If you’re under 5’3′′, pick ones with a backrest that’s less than 30′′ to ensure the neck gaming chair cushion is positioned beneath your cervical spine when you lean back.

are gaming chairs good for your back

If you’re taller than 6’3′′, look for a backrest with a height of more than 33′′.

Seat Angle Lock

Gaming chairs with seat angle locks can help with back problems by allowing you to work comfortably in a fully reclined position.

Some high-end gaming chairs have a seat angle lock that allows you to work with your back reclined and reduce spinal pressure.

Seat Dimensions

Another crucial factor is seat dimension, which should allow your lower back to rest flush against the backrest and a 1–2 inch gap between the seat’s border and the end of your thighs.

Related to seat depth, if the seat pan is excessively too long or short, you can be in trouble with sciatica.

If you’re on the short side under 5’3″, strive for a seat depth of 18″ or less.

Big and tall people over 6’5″ should look for a seat depth of 20.5″ or more.

are gaming chairs good for your back

About seat width, make sure to measure the usable width that does not include the side bolsters. Specifically, for people over 250 lbs, look for a usable seat width of at least 16″ or more.

Seat Height

When you ask the question “are gaming chairs good for your back?”, you should know other parts like seat height also play a hand in the answer.

The seat height of a chair should be such that your feet fully contact the floor while your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

Your feet may dangle off the floor if the seat is excessively tall, even at the lowest setting, causing pressure to build up beneath your thighs.

If the seat is too short for your legs, even at the highest setting, you will be forced to flex or extend your knees, placing strain on your hips and thighs.

3D to 4D Arms

You might be wondering how armrests relate to back pain. But it will affect it, too.

are gaming chairs good for your back

On a gaming chair, 3D or even 4D armrests will be beneficial because they support your arms in multiple positions, relieving pressure on your shoulders.

With these outstanding features, you can find your own choices easily from the IKEA desk chairs.



Are gaming chairs good for studying?

With its improved lumbar support, an ergonomic gaming chair is ideal for studying.

It provides support for the lower back while studying for long periods of time. It offers actual office adaptability, being ergonomic for gaming and supportive for students.

On the backrest, there is also lateral support in the lumbar and shoulder areas. Thanks to it, students can sit in an ergonomic position, which reduces strain on the lower back and is beneficial for reducing lower back pain.

Are gaming chairs good for office work?

Are gaming chairs worth it? Gaming chairs, because they are created with a high level of ergonomics in mind, might be also useful for office work.

Gaming chairs also feature more adjustment options than most standard office chairs, allowing them to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of an office worker.

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Do you use a gaming chair at the desk? Are gaming chairs good for your back? After reading this post from FittingChairs, what is your opinion and would you advise others to buy this kind of chair? Let us know below.

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