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This is the Terms and Conditions (Agreement) of our website. Your interaction with us will prove that you agree to enforce compliance with our following agreements.

This Agreement will be the whole and only agreement between you and FittingChairs unless there are any changes. This Agreement is the whole and only agreement between you and FittingChairs. That means you may need to agree with additional terms and conditions in order to use our Website and/or Services in the future.

Referral Tracking

FittingChairs will supply full specific features of innovative and modern chairs from various well-known brands, that can help to solve sitting posture problems.

We use cookies to monitor users who have visited these referral links. Only users who make a purchase while the cookie is active are considered successful affiliate referrals.

We do not permit to make any changes to the Referral Links or cookies. So, any tracking or reporting problems caused by changes to the referral link or cookies are not the responsibility of FittingChairs.


We are absolutely responsible for our affiliate marketing activities. Our marketing content conducting process is consoled carefully and in accordance with all applicable regulations

Relationship of Parties

FittingChairs and the brands that we are making recommendations for their products are both self-employed. There will be no partnership, employment, representation, agency, or joint venture relationship between the parties as a result of this Affiliate Agreement. That means these companies are not authorized to be on behalf of our website.

Limitation of Liability

FittingChairs makes no explicit, implied claims or any guarantees about the Affiliate Program, or any service or information made available via the Affiliate Program.

FittingChairs is not liable for any damages, injuries, or economic losses incurred as a result of using the Affiliate Program.
If any component of the Affiliate Program causes anybody claiming the harm and the Affiliate causing harm or inconvenience, we don’t take responsibility for that situation.


FittingChairs totally has the right to update or modify this Affiliate Agreement at any time, with or without notice. When the adjusted Affiliate Agreement is posted to this web address: https://fittingchairs.com, such changes or revisions will become applicable for all affiliates.

The Affiliate is responsible for periodically reviewing this agreement to verify that its usage of the Affiliate Program complies with this Affiliate Agreement.

If any change is undesirable to the Affiliate, the Affiliate’s only option is to cancel this Affiliate Agreement. Continued participation in the Affiliate Program by the Affiliate shall imply the binding acceptance of such changes.


At all times, the Affiliate warrants and declares that its acts and participation in the Affiliate Program are in full accordance with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, and governmental authority requirements.

If FittingChairs determines in its sole discretion, that the Affiliate’s actions or participation in the Affiliate Program are in violation of any laws, rules, regulations, or governmental authority requirements, Website.com reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program.

This Affiliate Agreement encapsulates FittingChairs and the Affiliate’s full understanding. Any prior contracts or understandings between the parties are superseded by this Affiliate Agreement.

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