Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

Armrests on office chairs might sometimes get in the way, so you may not use them at all. In these cases, an armless office chair can be a good choice.

Let’s find out the best armless office chairs with FittingChairs now.


Types of Armless Office Chairs

It’s helpful to know what to search for in order to discover what are the best armless office chairs that fits your demands. Here are a few different kinds:

Standard Armless Chairs

This is a conventional office chair without armrest. They normally have regular backrests and caster wheels.

However, they don’t have all of the advantages that other types of armless chairs do.

Compact Armless Chairs

This is a more compact version of an armless office chair, which is a wonderful option for those who work in a small space.

This kind of armless office chair will fit below almost any desk. However, because the seat will have a short depth and be less wide than other types, they may be less comfortable.

best armless office chairs

Flip-Up Arm Chairs

This chair has arms, however they may be flipped up to make an armless office chair.

This means you can quickly stow it and get closer with desks in an armless posture, of course, you can also use it with the arms down.

Ergonomic Armless Chairs

This is an armless office chair that is more adjustable and comfortable than the others.

They also come with higher backrests, a headrest and maybe an adjustable lumbar support. They can recline, and they include tilt tension and tilt lock options.


Benefits of Armless Office Chairs

The following primary benefits that the best armless office chairs can bring to you compared to standard ones with arms:

  • Space-saving: If you have a small office, an office chair no arms can save you a lot of space by allowing you to slide your chair under the desk when not in use.
  • Get a little closer: Armless office chair allows you to scoot closer to your work area without the arms disrupting.
  • More economic: Armless chairs are frequently less expensive than chairs with arms because they require fewer materials and resources to manufacture.

Best Armless Office Chairs

NOUHAUS Office Chair with Flip Up Arms – Best Ergonomic Armless Office Chair

If you’re looking for the best armless desk chairs to double as your primary office chair for all-day sitting every day, the NOUHAUS is at the top of the list.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

NOUHAUS Office Chair with Flip Up Arms

The ErgoFlip mesh chair with flip-up arms is a terrific choice for those who want the best of both worlds including arms and no arms. Buy it to experience comfortably!

When it comes to its color options, the ErgoFlip is available in four colors including black, blue, burgundy, and gray in the mesh parts of the chair and arms.

Whilst, all other parts are in black.

With all of the features this chair has to offer, and its superior ergonomics, it’s easy to know why it’s ranked first in this list of the best armless office chairs.

This ergonomic armless office chair has a headrest, aluminum wheelbase, and folding arm pads, just as NOUHAUS’s more expensive Ergo 3D Ergonomic Chair.

Besides, the flexible mesh back adds to comfort and breathability. The wonderful design and softness of the armrests, and the smooth working rollers are what you might need.

You also get a spare pair of rollerblade wheels in case your current ones break, which is a nice addition.

The armrests, last but not least, are flippable, allowing for a variety of pleasant postures. It will support your arms as you type if you lower it.

Amazon Basics Low-Back Chair – Best Budget Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Low Back Office Chair is a straightforward swivel task chair that would look fantastic in your home office.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

Amazon Basics Low-Back Chair

If you’re on a tight budget, the AmazonBasics low-back chair is probably your best chance for an ergonomic armless office chair.

This armless task chair comes in black, blue, green, and yellow and is one of the most basic caster-wheeled office computer desk chairs available.

The chair is lightweight, weighing just under 17 pounds, making it easy to transport from one location to another.

Because the AmazonBasics armless office chair is made of mesh, it allows for far greater air circulation than PU leather office chairs. It also means your back will always stay cool as you work.

When compared to other armless office chairs, the low back task chair also features a smaller backrest.

Not only that, it has an adjustable chair height lever located at the bottom of the seat cushion, as well as a tilt control knob located near the bottom of the seat cushion.

This adjustable feature allows you to alter the amount of force required to recline the mesh adjustable swivel computer chair.

HON Volt Task Chair – Best Armless Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

This ergonomic armless office chair is highly recommended for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable chair.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

HON Volt Task Chair

The Hon armless task chair is also one of top selection for the best well-rounded chair. You will be pleased because not only is it affordable, ergonomic, but also well-built quality.

The high-quality materials of this chair will give you a luxury feel, as if it were much more expensive.

Whether you’re short or tall, the chair will comfortably accommodate you. The 18-inch wide seat is a welcome change from many armless chairs.

It’s also incredibly ergonomic, any swiveling or tilting works perfectly.

It also includes a clever and useful feature called synchro-tilt, which supports your lower back perfectly. Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive features on this chair.

The Hon armless task chair is also an excellent alternative for taller persons, as the pneumatic seat adjustment allows for easy adjustment.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair – Best Designer Armless Office Chair

This armless desk chair comes in up to 15 various colors with a soft leather upholstery. That sounds really amazing for those who are seeking office chairs with color they love.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair

The Flash Furniture mid back executive office chair is definitely more of a budget-friendly option that’s still high-quality.

In fact, the majority of Flash Furniture office chairs offer good adjustability, and this mid back black model is no exception.

This ergonomic armless office chair features pneumatic seat adjustment for easy seat height adjustment, as well as a tilt tension control knob at the bottom of the seat cushion.

The swivel ergonomic chair has good back support and is a good choice for your home office.

Frankly, the Flash Furniture mid back is the best office chair for scoliosis, whilst, it should help you keep good posture when seated and has just enough adjustment options to make you comfortable.

Despite the absence of lumbar support adjustability, the chair’s back support system helps the lumbar spine maintain its natural form.

One of the most outstanding features you may see much in the best armless office chairs is a plush seat cushion with a waterfall edge design.

This design improves blood circulation while also relieving pressure on your lower legs.

Especially, the padded flip-up armrests of the executive swivel chair provide an additional platform on which you can comfortably rest your arms.

An ideal option on the best armless office chairs, on the other hand, does not offer comfort for tall people which could also strain the eyes and back. If the height is above 5.9” ft, then the arm rest remains low.

Serta Essential – Best Armless Task Chair No Arms

This armless office chair is also recognized as one of the best armless office chairs with wheels to choose, especially for those who searching for something a little different.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

Serta Essential Chair

The Serta Low Back office chair is an outstanding option of the best armless computer chair for your home office. This chair will not disappoint your expectations.

This ergonomic armless office chair is much better designed than the vast majority of office desk chairs in its class, and it is also very affordable.

It comes in up to three different colors, you can choose what color options you love that fits with your work space decor.

The Serta chair made of faux leather and mesh fabric for skin breathability and a stylish design, can be just what you need to sit comfortably for many hours every day.

Of course, its armless office chair designed to make it simple to fit this chair under any type of desk, and the seat height adjustment lever allows you to quickly find the optimal working posture.

Also, the waterfall design on the seat cushion of the swivel task chair is important because it maintains circulation circulating between your thighs and legs.

Extra thick 3″ foam is used inside the cushion for optimal comfort and breathability, and the heavy-duty design is built to last, supporting up to 250 lbs.

Because of its solid alloy steel frame, the Serta heavy duty office chairs without arms has a respectable ability to handle the weight of the ordinary user, with a weight capability of roughly 250 pounds.

OFM ESS Collection Office Chair – Best Leather Armless Office Chair

This is one of the best armless office chairs that comes with an upscale appeal to any interior design at a cheap price tag.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

OFM ESS Collection Office Chair

If you’re looking for the best armless office chairs that will save you room while also providing your home office an exquisite aesthetic, the OFM ESS chair might be just what you’re looking for.

Thanks to its smooth and supple leather sitting surface with adjusted stitching features, it becomes an ideal option that you shouldn’t dismiss.

Moreover, the OFM ESS leather armless office chair has a heavy-duty 5-star base for durability, and the product is covered by the OMF Essentials 5-year warranty in the event of an accident.

It is also sufficiently durable to handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

When it comes to the ability of creating comfort, this chair’s adjustable height will most likely meet your work preferences. Additionally, the extra thick seat cushion will keep you comfortable all day.

Although it lacks angle and seat depth adjustments, this no arm office chair is comfortable and for those who are big people.

Office Star Adjustable Draft Chair – Best Armless Stool

The Office Star armless office chair would be ideal for elevated workspaces such as standing desks.

Best Armless Office Chairs: Top 7 Models for Any Budget in 2022

Office Star Adjustable Draft Chair

The Office Star draft chair is one of the best armless office chairs that’s ideal for use with a standing desk or other high work surfaces.

It has a simple-looking high chair that’s adjustable in the appropriate places, with an armless design. It is designed to accommodate users with heights ranging from 24.75″ to 29.75″.

Anyway, the level of support and flexibility provided by the Office Star, on the other hand, is what makes a pop.

The backrest can be adjusted in height to provide lumbar support exactly where you need it.

Another good feature is the seat, which may be adjusted in depth. These aren’t usual characteristics in drafting chairs. When seated for a long time, the mesh seat has a permeable back to avoid back perspiration.

When it comes to comfort, the seat is well-padded, and the lumbar support is meant to keep the user’s spine aligned and decrease muscular fatigue.

Seat height, back height, and footrest may all be changed to get the perfect fit for each user.

The Office Star chair’s chrome footring is height adjustable. Because if you would be positioned too high to reach the floor, this feature relieves pressure on your thighs by providing support for your feet.

The two wheel casters on this draft chair will also allow it to glide smoothly on carpets and hard floors.


What to Consider When Buying a Office Chair Without Arms?

Choosing the best armless office chairs isn’t straightforward, especially when various elements must be taken into account in order to obtain the highest level of comfort.

Consider these following essential points before making purchasing:

Easy Movement and Versatility

This factor is quite essential for choosing any desk chair no arms. It provides for a variety of sitting and working positions.

If you’re someone who likes to move your chair around, an armless chair would be a better option. They are typically lighter, more compact, and easier to move.

Possible Adjustments

An ideal chair on a list of the best armless office chairs can allow you to change the chair’s height to achieve the most comfortable position when sitting at a desk.

best armless office chairs

Because armless chairs are smaller and less expensive, you can’t recline or adjust the angle.


Of course, it’s still important to consider when choosing a desk chair, especially desk chair no arms. You should not purchase a chair that is not ergonomically designed.

Many like armless office chairs because they foster a particular type of posture.

Ergonomic factor in the best armless office chairs should includes:

Seat Cushion & Padding

When shopping for ergonomic office chairs, make sure the seat cushion has enough padding to avoid being too hard, but not too soft that it loses its shape over time.

Lumbar Support

Although lumbar support isn’t always pleasant, it’s vital to keep your spine in the proper position throughout the day.

The best armless office chairs with lumbar support should undoubtedly be high on your list of potential new chairs.

Waterfall Front Seat

Although it’s not one of the most important features of an ergonomic armless office chair, you should pick a waterfall front seat.

This feature alone will aid your blood flow while decreasing stress on your legs and lower body.


best armless office chairs

When you spend a lot of time sitting on an office chair, it’s critical to allow your skin to breathe.

The majority of the options you should look at is mesh fabric on the backrest or seat cushion to improve air circulation, which reduces sweat and keeps you cool on hot days.

Capacity and Size

Because armless chairs are smaller than regular chairs, you should pay special attention to both the weight capacity and dimension of your new armless office chair.

Because you will be stuck with an uncomfortable chair easily, before making a purchase, we recommend double-checking the dimensions and maximum weight capacity of the chair you’re considering.

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In this article, FittingChairs has listed ideal options of the best armless chairs that fit above criterias. Hope this buying guide will help you in selecting the best armless office chairs.

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