Herman Miller Aeron Size Comparison – Size B vs C

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 Herman Miller Aeron Chair Sizes 

herman miller aeron size b vs c

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is available in three sizes. Sizes A, B, and C are available. Size A is the smallest chair, size B is the normal size, and size C is the plus size model. Which size is the best fit for you?

  • Size A – 5’4″ or less, or less than 150 pounds
  • Size C – 6’3″ or taller, or 230+ pounds (rated up to 300lbs)
  • Size B – Everyone in between

Width between Arms:

  • Size A ~17″
  • Size B ~18.5″
  • Size C ~20.5″

Herman Miller’s brilliant designers devised a discreet way to indicate the size of the Aeron chair. You only need to place your fingers on the backside of the backrest. There are special marks’ or dots. The size of the chair is determined by the dots.

If you feel only one dot, the Aeron chair is a size A. If you detect two dots, the Aeron chair is a size B. If you feel three dots, your Aeron chair is a size C. With a simple touch, you can determine the size of the chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Size Comparison – Size b vs c

Here is the comparison between Herman Miller Aeron B vs C. Check out to see how different the two sizes are?

How Big Is the Aeron Size B?

herman miller aeron size b vs c

The Aeron Chair size B is a supportive, comfortable, and breathable office chair. Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick created the first Aeron Chair in 1994, then Don Chadwick updated it for the B Size in 2016.

Chadwick built an Aeron Chair to stay up with changing office requirements by employing new modern materials and research ideas.

The Aeron size B has an overall height of 41.25” (105 cm), the width of 27” (69 cm), and depth of 27” (69 cm). The seat height of the Aeron size B is adjustable between 16”-20.5” (41-52) cm with arms set at 6.8”-10.8” (17-27 cm) above the seat.

How Big Is the Aeron Size C?

For heights between 1.60-1.98m and weights between 81.5-159Kg

What Is the Difference Between B and C on an Aeron Chair?

herman miller aeron size b vs c
  • Size

In comparison of sizing between Aeron chair B vs C, the Herman Miller size B (medium) may accommodate users ranging in height from average to tall, although the size C (large) is better suited for taller and slightly heavier users.

Because of its various sizes, the Herman Miller Aeron can accommodate a wide range of body types while still providing the necessary posture and lumbar support.

The Aeron chairs are built so that when you sit, your body is in the greatest posture to support your spine and hips. Choosing the incorrect size for your height and weight may negate the aim of the Aeron.

The Aeron Size B casts the biggest net of the three sizes, as it can accommodate more body types than the sizes A and C.

herman miller aeron size b vs c

In a nutshell, if you’re tall but on the lighter side, size B will most likely be the greatest fit for you. Size B is appropriate for those between 125 to 325 pounds, while size C is appropriate for users weighing 295 to 350 pounds.

Another fast technique to determine whether to get Aeron size B or C is to compare your shoulder width to the width of their backrest. The backrest of the Aeron Size B is 27′′ wide, whereas the backrest of the Aeron Size C is 28.25′′ wide.

  • Design and Comfort

The Herman Miller Aeron has been redesigned with a PostureFit SL design and 8Z Pellicle suspension mesh material.

You’ll get the same Aeron design and build quality regardless of size. This renowned ergonomic chair was redesigned, resulting in the PostureFit SL design and 8Z Pellicle mesh, which work together to provide comfort and posture support.

The contours of the Aeron, from the backrest to the seat, are designed to provide hip and lumbar support to alleviate back pain.

herman miller aeron size b vs c

Its mesh fabric is breathable and keeps you cool even while sat for long periods of time. Its armrests are also soft and well-cushioned.

The Aeron has five sets of dual wheel casters that glide effortlessly across the floor. It is normally equipped with regular caster wheels that operate best on carpets, but it can be adjusted to work with hard floor caster wheels as well.

Aside from its unequaled ergonomic qualities, the Herman Miller Aeron is worth every penny because of its durability. The Aeron, which is available in four different color schemes, is designed to withstand years of heavy use.

  • Ergonomic Adjustments 

The Herman Miller Aeron has three locked positions and adjustable lumbar support.

The ergonomic adjustments are the same for the Herman Miller Aeron Size B and C.

 The lumbar support and forward tilt angle are two of its most remarkable adjustable features that you won’t find in your average chair. 

The lumbar support angle can be adjusted to fit your posture and body type. 

In addition, the Aeron has three locking configurations, including a back and forward tilt. Its forward tilt position is useful for leaning closer to your desk.

The Herman Miller Aeron Size B and C have the same arm height adjustment range: 7.5 to 11.5 inches.

 Where they differ is in the range of seat height adjustment, which should be considered while deciding between the two.

The seat height of the Aeron Size B ranges from 14.8 to 22.8 inches from the ground. Meanwhile, the Aeron Size C has a seat height of 15.8 inches and a maximum seat configuration of 22.8 inches.

Guidelines When Choosing the Right Aeron Size for Yourself

herman miller aeron size b vs c

Find the point of intersection for your height and weight to calculate the appropriate chair size.

New Aeron Herman Miller size B vs C chairs have been tested and are warranted for usage by people weighing 350 pounds or less. A-size chairs have been tested and are warranted for usage by people weighing 300 pounds or less.

Herman Miller done an excellent job of making it simple for people to pick the correct size. The Herman Miller Aeron sizing chart below can assist you in determining the correct size based on your height and weight.

Your height is represented by the vertical axis, while your weight is shown by the horizontal axis. See the chart below for a better idea:

  • Buy a size A if: you are between 4’10” and 5’9” weighing between 90 to 150 lbs.
  • Buy a size B if: you are between 5’2” and 6’6” weighing between 130 to 325 lbs.
  • Buy a size C if: you are between 5’3” and 6’6” weighing between 180 to 350 lbs.

That means:

  • Size A – Small roughly corresponds to a petite or slight individual
  • Size B – Medium is more the one-size-fits-all average most adults will select
  • Size C – Large is well suited to big and tall people.

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