Practical Step-by-step Guide for Cleaning Office Chair Fabric

When you use regularly, fabric office chairs can attract dirt, lint, food spills and other stains on a regular basis. The good news is FittingChairs will help you master how to clean office chair fabric.

How To Clean Office Chair Fabric?

Fabric is the most ordinarily used and most affordable material for upholstering office chairs, you know.

By this way on how to clean office chair fabric, however, you can get out of significant amounts of residue, soil and grime after the long term.

This is often highlighted by the bright colours used to cover office chairs and requires an escalated cycle to adequately clean.

Of course, if you really want to apply how to clean old fabric office chairs, make certain to go through the accompanying steps:


Before you continue doing how to clean office chair fabric with wet cleaning items, make sure your chair has been completely tidied and vacuumed.

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This will remove any dry soil or flotsam that may be perched on the surface of the chair, allowing a more intensive clean.

how to clean office chair fabric

Source: Maharaja Bed Mart

Check the label

Before you go in with cleaning items, always verify whether there are any labels or codes for detail that are present on your chair.

These codes or lables can indicate whether your chair can be treated.

This can be a kind of water-based arrangement (“W”), or a dry-cleaning dissolvable (“S”).

Whenever you’ve checked which items are suitable, it’s recommended spot-actually looking at the arrangement on a small or unnoticeable part of the chair to guarantee it doesn’t cause any issue.

Clean the fabric

If your chair can be cleaned with a water-based arrangement, a clean, damp fabric, with warm water and liquid soap is a straightforward yet viable choice.

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In the case that you’re tackling a particular stain, always make sure you’re utilizing a dabbing movement rather than scouring.

This could be because this gentle way could compel the soil further into the fabric.

how to clean office chair fabric

Source: Ofice Solution Pro

If you’re cleaning your chair with a without water dissolvable or dry-cleaning item, make sure you’re doing as such in an open and much ventilated room.

Use a dry, clean material and again, smear any stains to remove them.


Regardless of whether you’ve used a water-based ‘W’ or dissolvable based answer for cleaning, you ought to always leave the chair totally air dry prior to moving onto the subsequent stage.


Whenever you’ve cleaned the fabric, vacuum one final opportunity to guarantee the chair is liberated from any soil or residue.

how to clean office chair fabric

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Because these things may have been lifted by your cleaning item.

Wipe the arms and legs chairs

Dampen a material with warm, liquid soap or an all-reason cleaning item.

Afterward, wipe over the non-fabric parts including the legs, armrests, and underneath of your chair.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Office Chairs?

To begin with, test a small, subtle area of the chair like the underside of the seat.

For what? To make sure the cleaner will not harm the fabric. This is also similar to how to clean an office chair fabric.

Then, at that point, delicately rub a couple of drops of the alcohol into the stain, without saturating the fabric.

Remove buildup with a damp material and let the fabric air-dry. The alcohol can dry rapidly as well.

how to clean office chair fabric

Source: Real Simple

How To Clean Stubborn Stains And Spills?

Spills and stains happen to the best of us. Before panicking, know that there are a few simple steps to take.

Check the care tag

First, check the care tag of your chair.

This will tell you if certain products can be used, such as bleach or hot liquids.

There are a few symbols to take note of such as S for using a solvent-based cleaning solution, AW for using a water-based solvent solution or SW for using any type of cleaning solution.

Spray with either dry or water-based cleaning solvent

Spray it on the fabric surface. This will act as a shield so any liquids aren’t absorbed into the fabric.

Clean and rinse it

Take a wet cloth and gently blot the spill.

Keep in mind not to rub as this will spread the stain and make it penetrate deep into the fabric’s fibers. Instead, gently blot these spots, absorbing as much of the spill as possible.

Rubbing alcohol might help

If you’ve tried everything but still can’t get rid of that nasty stain, rubbing alcohol may help.

However, don’t just pour the whole bottle on right away.

how to clean office chair fabric

Source: National Business Furniture

Instead, take a cotton ball and test on a discreet area of your office chair. Sometimes, rubbing alcohol can discolor the fabric.

Hopefully, the rubbing alcohol will work to bring up any stain, leaving you with a fresh-looking office chair.

How To Get Rid Of Smell?

Besides knowing how to clean office chair fabric, you may also learn how to get rid of its odors.

While there are a lot of fabric deodorizers on the market, many of them can contain harsh chemicals.

Luckily, there is an easy DIY remedy you can attempt with baking soda. Here are steps:

  • Step 1. Shake a touch of baking soda on the fabric of your office chair.
  • Step 2. Allow the baking soda to rest for at least 60 minutes to absorb the smells.
  • Step 3. Take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum every unwanted smell up.

Anyway, regardless of whether you’re refreshing you old favorite fabric chair by cleaning, applying on how to reupholster an office chair is also a DIY plan that can have a major effect.

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There is a simple guide on how to clean office chair fabric from FittingChairs. If you are interested with this post or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave it for us.

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