4-Step Guide on How to Make Office Chair Higher Easily

Is your office chair sitting too low for comfort? In this post, FittingChairs will show you creative ways on how to make office chair higher instead of getting a new chair. Read on!

Why It Is Essential To Adjust The Office Chair’s Height

Why do you have to be confused with how to make office chair higher? Below is an explanation.

Changing your office chair permits you to change the angle of your hip joint while seated.

The angle of your hip joint is one method for controlling the level of the bend in your lower back.

When you sit appropriately, muscles, for example, your quadriceps and hamstrings work appropriately shielding you from back torment.

Chiropractors also stress the importance of changing your office chair to the right tallness.

how to make office chair higher

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At the point when your chair is in the appropriate position, it can forestall muscle weariness and deadness. Likewise, ergonomic things like ergonomic chairs will keep dissemination issues and expand under control.

Your feet ought to be level on the floor with your knees at a 90 degree angle. This guarantee that you change it appropriately is to stand before your chair and set the seat to simply beneath your kneecaps.

Assuming your knees are higher than your hips while you are seated, your chair is too low, which isn’t good for your hip joints at all.

The outcome is regularly lower back torment.

What Do You Do If Your Chair Is Too Low?

Assuming your knees are higher than your hips while you are seated, your chair is too low? You have not yet had any reply about how to make office chair higher yet?

how to make office chair higher

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Relax! A chair with a customizable seat pan tackles the issue for each and every individual who sits in it.

How To Make Office Chair Higher

Identify The Proper Height

Simply sit on your chair and see whether your feet stay level on the ground. Also, analyze your knee position. Look! Assuming your knees are over your waist, this is certifiably not a proper sitting stance.

Not only that, sit on the chair and measure the distance between your knee and the floor.

Try to sit in the right position when taking such an estimation. Now note the contrast between the two estimations you have taken.

This is the right tallness your chair should be set to.

In case you need to know how to fix a sinking office chair for your ergonomic chair or sinking gaming chair, just refer to some helpful steps for a lifting movement that permits the seat to rise.

Detach The Seat From The Bottom Of Your Chair

Before working on how to make office chair higher, take it to an area where you can work on it perfectly. Well, it is encouraged to put a fabric or towel to secure the chair’s padding.

Then, at that point, take a screwdriver to open the mounting screws that hold the seat to the bottom piece of the chair.

how to make office chair higher

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The sort of these screws will rely upon the model and brand of your chair.

However, most office chairs accompany a widespread sort of mounting screw. If there are little nuts that protected the seat with its lower part, open them by utilizing an Allen wrench.

Raising The Height With Wood Pieces

If you really want to apply how to make office chair higher a couple inches, you can do it by putting a wooden piece between the seat and the lower part of the chair.

However, to do as such, it is crucial to use long screws or nuts.

Just use a drill to make an opening in a 2×2 inch wooden piece. It will assist to pass the screws through.

Append the seat with the bottom piece of the chair while setting these wooden pieces in the middle of the seat and the lower part.

Now you will feel that the chair is raised to your required stature.

Raising The Height Of A Chair With A Threaded Post

If you have an old office chair that accompanied a strung post to make the tallness adjustments, the process of raising its height is slightly different.

First, put the chair topsy turvy and grease up the strung post.

Take a cloth and clear the extra oil to keep away from the chair slipping while at the same time dealing with it.

This will likewise assist you with cleaning the soil and trash that might have collected following quite a while of use.

In fact, the soil can make it difficult to lower or raise the chair tallness.

how to make office chair higher

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Here are a guide of the last steps on how to make office chair higher:

  • Step 1. Place one of your feet on the base.

It will keep the chair from moving right or left.

  • Step 2. Turn the chair clockwise or anti-clockwise to make the tallness adjustments depending on the situation.

For example, if you want to raise the tallness, turn it anti-clockwise.

  • Step 3. Keep on raising the stature of the chair by turning it.

Of course, if that it has arrived at the ideal tallness, stop turning the chair.

  • Step 4. Sit on the chair and realize the distinction in the tallness.

Use An Extra Cushion

Adding an extra layer of seat cushion to your office chair is the simplest way for how to make office chair higher. This might range from a simple throw pilow to a high-end office chair pad.

Check out these following office chair cushions, which will not only make higher but also comfort to your seat.

This removable cushion can not only make your chair higher but also your maximum comfort to be productive when and where you need it most. It’s designed to work with the natural form of your body to provide ergonomic support.
SnugPad Coccyx cushion will not make you dissapointed with an innovative design that relieves pressure on your coccyx or helps back pain.
ComfiLife Gel is one of the most comfortable gel memory foam cushion on the market that made of premium quality materials.
The best memory foam coccyx pillow from Sleepavo can become an ideal option for making your chair higher. Its ergonomic design will bring comfort to you in any setting.

Get a Height Extension Kit

Besides many options on how to make a office chair higher, you can also do it by installing a height extension kit.

Below are the following extension kits that are simple to install:

The height extension kit of OFM is worth buying with full of a steel foot ring and height extenders. It will work perfectly for increasing your seat height from 5″ to 6.”

Can I Make My Recliner Into A Lift Chair?

Of course, you can transform almost any recliner into a lift chair, thanks to a patented universal lift frame that attaches to the bottom of recliners.

how to make office chair higher

Source: Office Solution Pro

The electronic seat lifting framework is a completely assembled steel frame attached to the chair’s base in minutes with 4 U-fasteners.

What Happens If Your Chair Is Too High?

Once in a while, your chair or work area may be too high without an adjustable choice. Do you need to know how to make office chair higher anymore?

In such a case, think about utilizing a footstool to prop and rest your feet instead of leaving them hanging all day long.

Utilizing a footstool will diminish tension on your legs and feet, which may decrease foot pain at the day’s end.

Anyway, adjusting the height correctly will literally take a strain off your back. So, it’s better to go through 3 simple steps on how to lower an office chair.

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Regardless of what you decide to do, there are plenty of options on how to make office chair higher. FittingChairs hopes you will pick your own answer properly. Whether all you need is an inch or two of additional space, a simple cushion or some new wheels are always plenty.

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