How Much Is the X Chair – Is This Amazing Chair worth Your Investment?

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How much is the X chair?

how much is the X chair

Being founded by Anthony Mazlish in 1994. At this time, the company was known as The HealthyBack Store. The major products aimed to support spinal health such as padding mattresses, pillows, or chairs,…

Since 2016, X Chair started to focus on the ergonomic chair market. They have launched a lot of serious office chairs that provide fully ergonomic solutions for people.

With the mission is towards human-oriented, office chairs of this brand were born to encourage healthy postures, which can decrease significantly your spinal issues.

Moreover, the adjustable dynamic features will be customized to your body no matter how your weight is.

So how does X Chair cost?

The price range of X Chair starts at about just over $300 for the basic model of the office chair. More especially, X-Side, X-Stack are the top 2 best seller products from X Chair in this price range.

The price range from about $850 will include office chairs with fully ergonomic adjustable functions such as X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair, X-Vision, X-Basic, and X-Project.

What’s more, the high-end ergonomic chair including X-Tech Executive Chair, X4 Executive Chair, and X3 ATR Mgmt Chair are the top 3 products from X Chair leading the ergonomic trend in the office chair market.

This brand has launched various office chairs to serve different customer segments. So if you are seeking just an office chair from X Chair with fundamental elements, you will spend about several hundred dollars.

Meanwhile, if your demand is for a luxury chair with fully ergonomic functions and sleek looking, you definitely invest an amount of money that is over $850.

For more information, please visit the X Chair’s website to find out a chair that can fit your demands and budget.

How much is the X chair with heat and massage?

The X-HMT Unit Heat & Massage is one of the best-seller accessories of the X Chair brand. Along with the 4 massage therapy combinations, the heating capability will assure your comfort during long hours of sitting.

How much is the X Chair

More specifically, the X-HMT Unit – Heat & Massage has two massage levels including gentle and power.

About the massage modes, it also has two massage modes. You can totally choose the constant and variable mode depending on your need.

Besides the massage function, the heating feature will provide you with a relaxing muscle session. The warming technology of the XHMT will amaze you with its modern and comfortable design.

One thing that you have to take into consideration is that this massage unit of X Chair can not fit all the office chairs. It is compatible with several exclusive chairs of X Chair brand including

  • X-Basic DVL Task Chair
  • X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair
  • X2 K-Sport Mgmt Chair
  • X3 ATR Mgmt Chair
  • X4 Leather Exec Chair
  • XG-Wing Mgmt Chair
  • X-Side Chair

How much does the X-HMT chair cost?

When it comes to price, many people may feel afraid due to its high-end price. The X-HMT Heat & Massage price range is from $1900 to $2000.

The price fluctuated through the year. The best deal may be available on special occasions or seasons.

Especially, you should consider January of July to buy because the two months before launching the new product of most brands. So many discounts and best deals are available for you.

To have deep insights into the X-HMT Heat & Massage chair, take a look at the pros and cons of this chair.

The X-HMT Unit Heat and Massage from X Chair will not only provide you with ergonomic solutions but also decrease your pressure after a long time sitting for work.

This chair will provide various adjustable features including 4D armrests, seat depth, seat height, and headrest. So, you don’t need to try to adjust because this chair will customize your sitting postures naturally.

How much is the X Chair

The most outstanding feature of this chair is the variable massage function with two levels including gentle and powerful. What’s more, there are a total of 4 massage program combinations.

Full ergonomic features and the massage function are integrated within just one chair. This is totally a wise investment in your life.

Elemax X chair Price

How much is the X Chair

The Elemax Cooling X Chair is the ideal choice for a long time sitting for working. The most specific feature that makes this chair becomes outstanding is its cooling function.

The cooling fans will keep you fresh and comfortable, especially on hot days. There’s will be no room for dis distracted working statement.

The price of the Elemax Cooling X Chair is over $1000. You may feel that it is too high to invest in an office chair. But it will be a wise investment in your life if you look at it from the health aspect.

The Elemax Cooling, Heat & Massage unit is also ordered separately. If you have a different model chair from X Chair and you just want to install a cooling part for your chair. You just need to spend under $300 to get the Elemax Cooling, Heat & Massage unit.

Below is our assessment for this chair.

If you just need a cooling part, you can totally order it on the X Chair website via our recommendation.

X chair 23 price

The price of X3 ATR Mgmt from X-Chair starts at about over $900. X Chair provides you with various options associated with your order such as heat & massage or dual fans, which help to enhance your sitting experiences.

Besides fully adjustable ergonomic features, the X3 ATR Mgmt of X Chair also allows you to control the reclining range depending on your demands with its great SciFloat Infinite Recline. This feature will improve your circulation, concentration, and also your spinal health.

Does the X chair need to be plugged in?

If your X Chair is the X-HMT or the other chairs which are integrated with the heated & message option, they definitely need to be plugged in after four or five hours using.

You should plug in your chair before it reaches the lowest battery level to keep it durable.

How is X chair powered?

Every chair from X Chair is integrated with a heated & massage feature including a charter or a USB cord in the package before being delivered to you.

With the charter, you can plug it into the electric socket until it is fully charged.

With the USB charging cord that you can connect to your computer or any other device during your long working day.

Are X Chairs worth the money?

how much is the X Chair

It is obvious that the biggest obstacle that prevents you from purchasing the office chair from X Chair.

But if you consider from the healthy aspect, sitting for a long time has many potential risks that will ruin your health. So investing in an ergonomic chair is totally worth it.

Among other standard chairs that have the same price range, the X Chair is one of the rare brands that provide you with the heated & massage and also the cooling parts which assure your blood flow and muscle strength.

So in our view, the X Chairs is definitely worth your investment and it will protect your health sustainably. Just spend over $1000 or you will face spinal issues for the rest of your life.

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