Steelcase Think Chair Review

If you are considering the best office chair, keep on reading Steelcase Think chair review of FittingChairs for a detailed look at this chair plus some of the best alternatives to compare it.


Steelcase Think Chair Review Snapshot

Steelcase Think Chair Review

Steelcase Think

Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our understanding of people who sit — and how they sit throughout the day.


Steelcase Think Chair Review: What’s special about its design?

When you’re here to read Steelcase Think chair review, you may need to know how it looks.

In fact, many discover themselves choosing flexibility and alternatives in a swish in terms of ergonomic products, so it must be no surprise that Think is one in every great alternative.

Steelcase Think chair review will show you the overall look.

Steelcase Think chair review

Well, the Think chair has a wonderful look, fashion and intuitive ergonomic capabilities that push it beyond conventional office chairs.

For most all aspects, although the Steelcase Think stool isn’t the best office chair the company has ever produced, there’s no hesitation to confirm that it is actually a Steelcase chair. In other words, with the outstanding design, all the high-give up nice assurances that the corporation have constructed their recognition on.

Aesthetics may be all a matter of personal taste, but in this Steelcase Think chair review, FittingChairs is like the way the Steelcase Think looks.

Think may be the best-looking chair made by Steelcase. Its striking lines make more conventional models like the Leap or even the Gesture look positively mundane. Its design delivers to regularly topping lists of the best office chairs round way to their top rate. This doesn’t involve only design, but also deluxe comfort, and advanced construction.

The Think chair additionally capabilities a hanging modern-day profile, and the lower back of the chair is similarly stunning, displaying off some of chrome steel flexors that represent the chair’s lower back guide system.

“THINK is the chair with a brain and a conscience. It’s intelligent enough to understand how you sit and adjust itself intuitively.”

— Steelcase

Let’s take a look at the overall design of the Steelcase brand. You know, thanks to chairs like the Gesture and the best-selling Leap, the Steelcase brand has developed an enviable reputation in the office furniture industry.

You don’t have to worry about such a design being difficult to install. Relax, it comes nearly completely assembled. With pre-assembled parts, explicit instructions, and a fast overall average time from unboxing to sitting, FittingChairs ranks the Think high score on assembly.

Most of the base, frame, seat, and backrest come completely related out of the box. Hence, it additionally affords an assurance that your chair has been prepared properly.

With this chair, you can enjoy your break time fully because it will get rid of the negative case of everything falling aside due to the fact that you may have forgotten to screw the chair up tight enough.

Its color options also have a minimalist feel. This type of design shows the designers really put their heart into the design. It will make a pop for the inner design of your workspace.

Steelcase Think chair review

The mixture of minimalist look with huge ranging color alternatives is a specific plus. Not every product you can find such great options. The chair comes upholstered in a translucent 3D knitted mesh to be had in 14 different colors.

Furthermore, you may even mix and match colors, deciding on one for the backrest, one for the seat, and some other for the body to create a layout that’s simply a reflection of your unique feel of style.

The Integrated LiveBack System, found on other Steelcase models, takes a dual energy lumbar support with a 4″ adjustment range, and enhances it with a flexible back frame composed of linked flexors which respond to your movements.

Also, if you’re looking for the best big and tall office chair to replace your existing seat, the Think’s 400 lbs weight capacity should fit your view.

Steelcase Think chair review

With this super weight capacity, the Think even qualifies for the ANSI/BIFMA large occupant seating standards. Of course, the Think is a big chair all round, with the following key dimensions showing that it out-sizes many of its competitors by a good inch or two in almost all regards.


Steelcase Think Chair Review: How can it help you improve your health?

Let’s go on this Steelcase Think task chair review by functions Steelcase Think brings to users.

Besides these innovative designs make the aesthetic pop, but additionally they offer top notch ergonomic benefits.

The Steelcase Think is designed to assist users of all different sizes and sitting postures. When you are finding the best office chair, the Steelcase Think review provides you with an ideal suggestion.

Steelcase Think chair review

If so, it meets these supportive goals beautifully.

Compared to other normal office chairs, an optional headrest allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment as well. You know, this headrest support also provides comfort duals when you are in both upright and reclined position.

The lumbar spine support from this chair is also valued highly from Steelcase Think chair review of FittingChairs. A movable plastic-and-steel bar provides its support ability.

The Steelcase Think recline controls are also very intuitive.

It can be locked in a variety of positions, such as upright position, half or even full recline via weight activation.

It can also provide full recline with a resistance-boosted setting, ensuring that the chair back is always supporting you even as it gives way to reclining. Well, that’s so great for your health.

Steelcase Think chair review

Besides the Steelcase Think headrest, it also brings lumbar support. This kind of support is easily adjustable as far as its placement.

Thanks to the aforementioned flexors, the chair’s seat and lower back alter dynamically with the user’s movement. Of course, this will allow the front fringe of the seat to lessen pain at the lower back of the user’s knees.

For those who want to use it for normal cases, which significantly will also increase comfort over lengthy durations of time. If you have to sit too long, a normal office chair is definitely not enough. Of course, you need some ergonomic options like Steelcase Think.

In this Steelcase Think chair review, when it comes to one of the most important things that assist your health, we want you to look the seat padding of Think from the front side perspective. It allows relieving stress under the user’s thighs and legs no matter their weight or position.

Indeed, the Think gets off to a great start with a uniquely adjustable seat and completely adjustable armrests as well.

This comfortable ergonomic chair from brand Steelcase that presents most sitting consolation and smooth, supportive padding. It’s no wonder that FittingChairs has a positive Steelcase Think chair review like that.

Not only that, in this Steelcase Think chair review, we want to mention that if you use the 3D-knit version, you can also order a backrest that’s covered in fabric, which might temper the hardness of the plastic ladder. Look! Keep in mind that it doesn’t look as good as the 3D-knit version.

Speaking of airflow, the chief advantage of a mesh backrest is coolness. Of course, the Steelcase Think does not disappoint. Think far! During hot seasons, if the room temperature is exceeding 27°C, the Steelcase Think was 25% cooler to sit on than the Steelcase Amia.

Besides this Steelcase Think chair review, if you want to know reviews of Steelcase Think vs Leap or Amia, the others seem a bit better compared to Steelcase Think stool.


Steelcase Think Chair Review: Customer reviews

  • Positive reviews

According to customer Arthur T, Steelcase Think is “Very comfortable

I bought this for my wife since she works from home, and she absolutely loves it. She says it’s very comfortable and supports her back very well. She’s shorter than most, so the lack of headrest wasn’t a deal breaker. For others that need full support, opt for the headrest.

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Or Travis dean, another customer said “This chair is amazing! It’s the series 2 think chair

“This chair is the series 2 with lumbar adjustment and the multi directional arm rests. It doesn’t specify and I was afraid I’d get the chair with not adjustable features. But it’s the series 2!

First of, this chair is incredibly comfortable and glides smooth on carpet and hardwood. The adjustable arm rests are amazing. I’m 6’2″ 250 pounds and the chair fits me like a glove. Did it mention comfortable? Way better than my Ikea (pictured) chair I paid $300 for”

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Steelcase Think chair review
  • Negative reviews

An anonymous customer ranked this product 1 star “Not the same – arrived broken

“Not as Pictured, The back support was plastic not metal as in the previous version and what is shown in the pictures. Arrived upside down and the back was cracked at the top, Dirty handprint on the seat.”

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Should you buy the Steelcase Think?

Are Steelcase chairs worth it?

With the Think chair by Steelcase review, FittingChairs want to say this ergonomic office chair may not be the best office chair Steelcase has ever produced, but it’s still an ideal option that meets all the exceptionally high-quality standards.

While its adjustability is not better than the Leap or Gesture advanced ones. It may make it a cheaper and better option for some people, especially, the self-adjusting smart design of the Think really does a great job.

The stool is smart, simple to use, made out of sustainable materials, and designed for people who sit for a living.

Besides comfortable seats, a bigger-than-average size and outstanding design choices will make you say yes. When you want a chair that offers the most value, the Think may not be the best option, the Leap and Gesture provide it for you.

However, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing office chair that supports a variety of shapes and sizes with simple adjustments, you should buy it and the Steelcase Think really is worth what you pay for it.

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In this Steelcase Think Chair review, FittingChairs set out to finally answer most questions on many people’s minds when they consider design or what they receive for their health. Don’t forget to follow us.

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