Herman Miller Sayl Review

If you are finding some information related to ergonomic office chairs for your work time, don’t spend too much time. In this post, FittingChairs will dive deeper into the Herman Miller Sayl review. Surely one of them can help complete your ideal setup.


Herman Miller Sayl Review Snapshot

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Herman Miller Sayl chair

This “life unframed” chair is an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics. If you need a productive work station, consider an ergonomic chair like this.


Herman Miller Sayl Review: What’s Special About Its Design?

If you are finding Herman Miller Sayl review, frankly speaking, this is a kind of product you may want to expect from Herman Miller products.

About its design of Herman Miller office furniture, Béhar began by looking at designs that deliver the most with the least. He wondered about a design like engineering principles of a suspension bridge.

“Fewer parts, less material, and still everything a good chair should be”

— Herman Miller

This type of design also means that the elastomer material could be stretched in a way that provides the greatest tension at points where support is needed and the least in areas that would allow for the most expansive range of motion.

Don’t ignore this Herman Miller Sayl gaming chair review to learn more! You know, this chair is impeccable if you need any option with a unique and classy appearance.

From every angle, you will see this innovative design or shape that can not be found in other office chairs.

Not only that, the Herman Miller Sayl also brings to many available color combinations and material choices. There is a fact that even with the unique looking back rest, you should have no trouble picking a colour palette to match your work area.

You can see both the seat back can be configured with different material finishes and colors such as white, blue, green or red.

Herman Miller Sayl review

However, the frame of the quality chair is also just available in either black or a white or crepe color.

Indeed, Sayl is easy to use for your office decor or fit right into your home style when you choose its vibrant color for decorating your space.

Although it’s not a universally perfect office chair for everyone, it still matches the standards of quality and sophistication.

With its pro engineering and attention towards minute details, Herman Miller Sayl has prepared great built quality and design. Besides Herman Miller innovatively delivering a design that screams elegance, this brand also respects the environment.

If you want to know any weak points of the office chair, in this Herman Miller Sayl review, FittingChairs can mention the ratchet mechanism. This part of design occasionally felt a little stiff.

Are you finding herman miller sayl headrest or compare Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron? It can be said that one of the limitations of this chair is no headrest like the Herman Miller Aeron model. It’s not a big deal. But if you have a headrest, it’s still better to lean back.

Herman Miller Sayl can also bring some red flags like fallen bolts, loose pieces or signs of deterioration. That’s even more great!

If a modern and elegant gaming chair is your fetish, in some special space, you might as well consider the Herman Miller Sayl review to pick this chair.

Just give it a shot on your list from this Herman Miller Sayl chair review.

Well, it seems difficult to ignore this awesome office chair. Frankly, it’s one of the best alternatives to Herman Miller Aeron.


Herman Miller Sayl Review: How Can It Help You Improve Your Health?

Keep reading this Herman Miller Sayl review in order to know why it’s good for your health if you choose it.

In this Herman Miller Sayl review, we will point out one of the greatest things for health in Sayl design is proper for those of us that are tall or have long legs.

The adjustable version will give an extra two inches of thigh support over the non-adjustable version. If you are tall but you are into this chair, don’t worry about your legs getting tired, wrong posture or other health issues like other options.

Herman Miller Sayl review

When it comes to materials, Herman Miller uses plastic mesh for this chair rather than traditional upholstery.

It sounds quite weird but it’s kinds of materials really make your health well.

Sayl’s unframed 3D Intelligent back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between support and freedom.

Detaily, this back material is very conforming, allowing the pressure of your back and shoulders to evenly settle into the chair. Also, the backrest has much better airflow than the average office chair.

Herman Miller Sayl review

Even if you have to work for long periods much more comfortably with Sayl, its efficiency can help you avoid physical pains.

The elastic seat cushion is good for health as well. Neither soft nor hard. When you sit down, it does not feel sinking but smooth and perfectly supported. Really a comfortable experience.

While the Herman Miller Sayl adjustable arms comes standard with fixed armrests, you can consider this chair upgrade to adjustable armrests.

Moreover, this design of Herman Miller enables you to move the lower back support of the chair exactly where you need it.

With due consideration to every necessary quality that makes a gaming chair outstanding, the Herman Miller Sayl chair such that you can spend hours without your chair posing any discomfort at all.

The build of the chair is focused to provide ultimate comfort and durability. This brings an awesome quality to the backrest’s chair.

You know, its armrest is perfectly placed besides being adjustable. Having your arms at the right height for your desk and typing will dramatically improve your comfort and avoid troublesome typing ergonomics.

Don’t just look at its appearance at glance! Read on this Herman Miller Sayl review, you will know that the build of the backrest might appear to be flimsy and simple, but it’s really the most supportive of all.


Herman Miller Sayl Review: Customer Reviews

Below are some Herman Miller Sayl reviews from customers on Amazon:

  • Positive reviews

One of most customers reviewed on Amazon, “Great “entry-level” ergo chair”

Got this during the pandemic for WFH. Tried a cheaper new chair in late spring, realized you need good support, you just have to pay more, for better or worse. The version I got had the pre-installed lumbar support and arms, which I think are must-haves.

Overall very happy – I like the recline-spring control and the lumbar in particular. The one thing that’s “meh” is that if your shirt is untucked the grippy back material can pull it up, and since there are no gaps/openings in the back, it’s hard to pull it back down discretely during a video call.”

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As per customer Theseus, he said “Odd/Compelling Appearance, Quality Construction”

First, a warning — these Sayl chairs come with and without features. You DO want adjustable arms and adjustable seat depth and adjustable lumbar! Pay for those features, I say.

This chair sort of places your butt in a “basket” that holds you, and the weird modernistic plastic “mesh” curves inward a bit at the bottom, and if you can’t customize it, you aren’t getting the full experience. Plus, then you get to drive yourself crazy by adjusting and re-adjusting all the features to find perfection. This thing weighs a ton! In a good way. It moves and spins and travels great.

However, when you lift it you realize just now heavy the materials are. This has “honest” engineering. It is mostly plastic and metal. It doesn’t try to lean towards luxury with soft hydraulics, leather, or cushy-ness. I liked it at first. Now I love it.”

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Herman Miller Sayl Review
  • Negative reviews

Besides compliments, some customers have negative reviews for this chair. Below are some top critical Herman Miller review from customers on Amazon:

Amanda Finch said that “Arrives broken”

“The bottom-of-chair adjustment mechanism is not correctly assembled, and is falling off. To return the entire chair is infuriating.”

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Or customer Forrest Flesher ranked it 3 stars and pointed out “Comfortable, but NOISY”

…The first thing I notice when I sat in this chair out of the box is that anytime I even slightly shift my weight, there is a VERY loud clicking/popping noise from under the seat. The chair also rocks a little bit on its axis, which is fine, but the sound that comes along with it is irritating.

In addition, while the adjustable armrests are nice, I find that I can’t really use them, because they also make loud/obnoxious/repetitive noises whenever any weight is placed on them.

In the end, I find it pretty much impossible to sit in the chair in any position without it making some really obnoxious squeaking, clicking, popping, or scraping noises…”

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Should You Buy The Herman Miller Sayl?

If you are still using a cheap office chair, FittingChairs highly recommend purchasing an ergonomic chair like Sayl. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Sayl if it’s over your budget.

Anyway, we think you should buy it. You not only get the comfort, but also the aesthetics and the premium look.

If you are like me who spends most of the time at home staring at his computer, Herman Miller Sayl is for you. This will be the center of attraction for your space.

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Fitting Chairs have shared the Herman Miller Sayl review for you. Hope you will choose your own ideal option that fits your budget. Don’t forget to follow us to get more handy information.

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