Steelcase Series 2 Review: Is It a Great Mid-market Option?

This Steelcase Series 2 review of FittingChairs will point out some outstanding features in terms of its design and adjustability. Read on!


Steelcase Series 2 Review Snapshot

Steelcase Series 2 Review: Is It a Great Mid-market Option?

Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase Series 2 is a task chair that you can personalize with extensive style choices.


Steelcase Series 2 Review: What’s Special About Its Design?

To help you have an overall look, this Steelcase Series 2 review will deep dive into describing its design.

Frankly, the Series 2 is a beautiful and timeless looking chair. Also, it has a slightly modern style brought by its curved back support structure and geometric Microknit back behind that.

Indeed, this Steelcase Series 2 chair review will honor this kind of attractive back design.

Related to color options, it’s available in black or a variety of subtle pastel tones and tints depending on parts as well.

Steelcase Series 2 review

Although this chair has personalizing ability and its appearance will obviously vary based on the choices you choose, overall, the look is simple and small, taking up far less room in all directions than many other chairs.

Despite its compact footprint, the wheelbase contains five arms with double-sided, swiveling castors at its ends, and it feels remarkably solid with little risk of toppling, even when fully reclining the back.

When it comes to the build quality, it will not disappoint you thanks to steel and hard plastic making up the majority of the structural pieces.

While this chair can move side to side or back and forth with a slight bit of deviation between the base and the seat, this does not diminish the faith and highly recommendation of FittingChairs in its integrity till the end of this Steelcase Series 2 review.

There is a fact that it’s difficult to dismiss this chair from the top list of purchasing.

For its design, you can’t ignore the investment from the big brand Steelcase in terms of design in the single curving frame. It surrounds and supports the back and feels exceptionally strong.

Of course, FittingChairs will have no doubts about its dependability.

The plastic trim behind the seat wobbles a little and it has no bearing on the chair’s stability.

For the casters are of the soft sort, which are designed to avoid damaging wooden flooring.

The Steelcase Series 2 weight limit of 400 lbs. has two levels of reclination resistance as well as a fixed position that keeps the back in place upright. You can shift the seat itself roughly 7cm backwards or forwards.


Steelcase Series 2 Review: How Can It Help You Improve Your Health?

Is it comfy to sit in a Steelcase Series 2 chair? FittingChairs will show you how it will help your health through this Steelcase Series 2 review.

If there’s one thing you’d expect from an ergonomic chair, it’s comfort, and for the most part, the Series 2 offers on that front.

Steelcase really developed it to withstand hours of continuous use.

Its combination of adjustments and sensible material choices make it ideal for longer sitting sessions, and the extra features like adjustable armrests and headrests help to make this even better.

“If you want to go down the ergo chair route, it might be worth saving up for something top-of-the-line to really experience the benefit.”

Not only that, in this Steelcase Series 2 review, FittingChairs also emphasize about the qualified improvement. Because the Steelcase Series 2 upholstered is an update of the original Series 1, it’s only natural that its ergonomics have improved as well.

When you are seeking the best ergonomic office chair, don’t ignore these following specific healthy functions thanks to a lot of outstanding specialized characteristics.

Let’s find out details!

Seat base

The seat base is made of an upholstered fabric with plenty of padding, which we found to be really comfortable.

It’s somewhat scooped in the middle and wider at the knee-end than at the back, so it fits our shape nicely and encourages proper leg forward posture.

The Steelcase Series 2 upholstered seat is designed with the seat edge flexible, it bends naturally. This feature is designed to relieve the pressure that builds up under your legs when you sit for long periods of time.

Steelcase Series 2 review

Not to mention, air pockets run the length of the seat cushion, which is another Steelcase exclusive feature. Each air pocket serves to reduce pressure even further.

The air pockets can also move with your body, giving the seat a unique feel. This outstanding feature provides additional comfort and helps your health, which is especially significant after sitting for long hours.

Thanks to its function, leg tingling, soreness, and discomfort will be avoided thanks to a pending seat with air cushions for comfort.


The mesh backrest lets sweat and warm air to escape while allowing cold air to pass through.

When compared to leather choices seen in gaming chairs and some executive chairs – or even solid fabric backing for that matter, it’s worth it.

Steelcase Series 2 review

The breathable mesh this Steelcase Series 2 review is mentioning which significantly allows you to sit for longer periods of time causing no pain.

Lumbar Support

It’s simple to find the optimum extension position to support both your legs and your spine thanks to the option to move the seat base forward and back.

In Series 2 features, you’ll find the ensuing comfort transformative once you combine this with the adjustable lumbar support.

This Steelcase Series 2 lumbar support chairs have a built-in feature that allows them to respond to your movements and move with you. This allows for additional recline, which improves the overall comfort of the experience.

The change is undoubtedly the improved back support on the new Steelcase Series 2, making it an excellent study chair.

Air LiveBack Technology

If you’re familiar with other Steelcase chairs, you’ll notice that they all include LiveBack technology, Steelcase’s unique feature of ergonomics.

This ergonomics feature is made out of flexible innovative geometric design that allow it to move in multiple directions for your tailored spinal support.

Steelcase Series 2 review

Tension and Recline

Beside Air LiveBack, this Steelcase Series 2 review will also talk about the dynamic tension and recline settings.

This chair has an ability to respond by automatically producing resistance during reclining once you’ve sat on the chair and gone about your normal workday.

The reclining resistance can then be increased as needed.

Related to Steelcase Series 2 vs Leap or Series 2 vs Gesture, one of the most characteristic features that make this chair helpful for users is that the seat and back of the Series 2 work in unison.

This is just like the Gesture, so when you lean back, the seat pan slides forward. Also, the underneath comfort dial can be used to adjust the degree to which they move.

In fact, a synchronized tilt mechanism that will maintain your back and seat aligned so you don’t feel unstable while sitting.

Anyway, this Steelcase Series 2 review will recommend just using it in its upright posture all the time.


Steelcase Series 2 Review: Customer Reviews

Below are some Steelcase Series 2 reviews from customers on Amazon:

Positive Review

MadeofStars highly recommend Steelcase Series 2 with compliment Should have spent the money sooner”

“This is a great chair. The seat is comfortable and the back is supportive. It can go quite low to the ground so my feet can actually sit on the floor and the arm rests can move inward so my arms can rest on them. I should have gotten this chair years ago but I tolerated what was available in my office.

When work-from-home started last year, I suffered in a cast-off chair of my husband and felt like a child in a grown up chair. Now I have a chair that fits me (female, 5′ 4″). It was pricy but worth every penny.”

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William R Hurth has written on Amazon “Great Chair for WFH”

“I can’t speak highly enough about this chair. Super high quality, extremely easy to assemble (watch the video), and extremely comfortable. Don’t be fooled by some of the cheaper options promoted on Amazon. Many of them are of very poor quality and won’t be a viable option for anyone that is using the chair all day while in WFH mode. Highly recommend Steelcase!

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Steelcase Series 2 review

Negative Review

Injustus ranked this chair 1 star on Amazon “Not made for the human body”

“I’m confused as to how anyone could sit in this chair for more than 2 minutes and enjoy it. The seat part itself slopes downward, making you slowly slide out of the chair and forcing you to get up and reposition itself every few minutes.

I’ve sat in countless office chairs over the years, most of which were probably cheap $70 Staples chairs, but never in my life have I been this uncomfortable. I boxed it up for a return within 45 minutes.”

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Written by Justin, “Terrible product support”

“The lumbar part of the chair did not show up. Called the manufacturer and they said I have to make a claim through Amazon. There doesn’t appear to be a way to do that. I just want them to send me the piece. I don’t want to send this huge chair back, and get another one.

Especially if that one doesn’t have the lumbar support, but there’s no way that I can find out if it will or won’t have it. Maybe if I write a review I can get a hold of someone…”

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Should You Buy The Steelcase Series 2?

The Steelcase Series 2 is a wonderful option for who looking for the best office chair for back pain at a lower price point.

For the most part, all the useful customizability possibilities also means that you won’t have to pay much.

This chair can serve as a great task chair, an ultra-adjustable ergonomic throne, and anything in between.

In the Steelcase Series 2 review, FittingChairs would like to recommend more subtle in look than other gaming chairs,.

This chair isn’t for you if you want to lock it back at any angle other than vertical, but if you’ll be using it mostly upright with the opportunity to lean back fixedly, your worry is meaningless as the chair is superbly comfy.

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In this Steelcase Series 2 review, FittingChairs have provided you with some essential information related to its design or function that is good for you. Hope this article might be helpful to you.

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