SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair Review

SIHOO is a brand that provides furniture designed with advanced intelligent engineering concepts for the study, work and entertainment of users. Its products include engineering chairs, intelligent desks, children’s study desks and chairs.

Many people must care about SIHOO office chair. In this article, FittingChairs would like to share with you the SIHOO ergonomic office chair review. Let’s get started!


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SIHOO ergonomic office chair review: What’s special about its design?

Here are the product details and design that our SIHOO ergonomic office chair review wants to share with you.


The SIHOO chair has a classic office chair shape with an interesting flair. The silhouette of the chair from the front is smooth and sleek with natural looking curvature in the main body of the chair.

The side profile of the chair is mesh panel that makes up the back of the chair supported by the exoskeleton-like framework.

Overall, the framework gives this chair a clean, modern and minimalistic look.

Product details

Headrest45° rotation
BackrestHigh density mesh
Seat panAdjustable seat height
Armrests3D adjustable armrests, PU surface material
Features3D armrests, adjustable lumbar support and headrest
Gas liftSteel
MechanismSingle lever control mechanism
WheelPU nylon castor
Chair legAluminium alloy base


The SIHOO office chair comes with a very ergonomic design, as well as a very comfortable seat cushion that’s made out of a breathable mesh material.

The chair comes with a detachable headrest, so you’ll be able to get rid of it if you feel like you don’t need it.

Its armrests are also padded, and can rotate for 360 degrees, meaning you can have your hands lay on them and still be able to type freely.

Build quality

The SIHOO chair falls within the range of a budget office chair. The metal base is robust and elegant. The casters actually helped prevent the chair from unwanted drifting on the uneven hardwood floor.

The upholstery on the SIHOO office chair can best be described as highly breathable but coarse.

On the upside, the largely mesh covering does an excellent job of keeping one cool, especially the back area. If you live in a hotter climate or tend to sweat a lot, this material is your friend.

The chair only weighs 35 lbs after all. The adjustability controls and silver looking cosmetic pieces are all plastic for example.


The standout feature of the SIHOO ergonomic office chair is its breathable mesh back. You usually only find this on much more expensive designer offerings.

The breathable mesh allows for more airflow than a leather chair would, meaning you won’t have to deal with any sweaty backs or a warm seat cushion.

The mesh fabric and is perfect for people who get stressed and a bit sweaty when meeting deadlines, as the air can circulate through all the little holes.


SIHOO ergonomic office chair review: How can it help you improve your health?

Keep reading the SIHOO chair review to see how it can help you improve your health.

When it comes to adjustability, the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair can comfortably accommodate your office chair needs.

The back of the chair can tilt back from an upright 90 degrees to a comfortable 120 degrees, allowing you to take shorts rests from spending hours at your desk.

SIHOO ergonomic office chair review


The headrest has a 45 degree tilt angle as well as 3″ height adjustability, which is very comfortable to relieve tension from your neck.

Armrests adjustment

The armrests are adjustable in three ways. You can move them up and down, forward and back, and even tilt them in and out.

All these adjustable features are great for changing this chair to suit your needs, and even changing the armrests throughout your workday to accommodate for aching arms or wrists from typing.

Lumbar support

The lumbar support of SIHOO ergonomic office chair is designed according to ergonomic, able to adjust lumbar support to suit different height.

W-shaped seat pan

The W curved shape seat pan allows you to sit comfortably for long hours.

The chair has ergonomic adjustments that you need to support your back and that brings to you the comfortable feeling during long sitting hours.


SIHOO ergonomic office chair review: Customer review

Here are some of the SIHOO review of the customers on Amazon:

Positive reviews

Francisco Bolivar: “Best Desk Chair For Your Budget.”

After researching tireless hours on the web for a desk chair that offers the features for lower back support, comfortable sitting, high & adjustable arm-resting, head support…The web is so saturated with so many chairs and companies offering you the starts & moon with chairs that do not meets what they promise. Also found desk chairs with these features with a high price tag – were very expensive & over price. I wanted a comfortable desk chair that would support my lower back and long sitting hours. I took a risk with this chair and did not disappointed. I think the cost of this chair is relative for what it’s offering. I didn’t wanted to post this review not until I have experiencing the chair for a couple of weeks.

If you want a desk chair that will not break your bank, I think this would be a good choice! Here is what I rate this chair with:

  • Comfortable sitting
  • Good lower back support
  • Adjustable Armrest is also comfortable
  • Head rest is comfortable
  • Good looking Desk Chair

Other Comments:
If you want a chair that reclines 180 degrees, this is not your Chair. However, this Chair will help keeping your sitting posture. I do like the chair that I will be buying a second chair for my wife. Life changes with COVID, we both need to work from home now.

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WinWin: “Very comfortable and sturdy!!!”

Got this for myself as Christmas present, it’s a great chair. Very comfortable. All the armrests, and headrests are adjustable. The seating and backrest are made of durable and flexible polymers, making it very cool to sit on for a long time, no sweats at all.

All parts in the box were individually plastic wrapped, manual and instructions were clear and very simple. Took me about 20 minutes to assemble everything. This chair is pretty heavy, so i would recommend the ladies should not try to assemble it yourself, ask a guy to do it.

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Negative reviews

A.C.: “Terrible Lumbar Support.”

The small lumbar pad sticks into my back at a off angle, no matter how I adjust it, causing significant discomfort. This chair is sold under other names, and I have read other reviews stating the exact same. A deal-breaker for me, it honestly seems extremely poorly designed in that regard.

If the chair is being used less than an hour at a time, it may be less noticeable. For longer sitting periods, it can actually get painful in my experience. Your experience may vary, but I have experienced the lumbar support as significantly lacking. Also the lumbar support is adjustable by a cheap friction adjustment that is constantly slipping in my experience.

Additionally, the chair I purchased arrived with the leg-rest portion with one side about a full inch higher than the other side. This is very poor quality control, and is not the type of damage that would happen in shipping.

To conclude, I feel the construction and design of this chair are sub-par. It may work for some, but could be a source of unwelcome issues for others.

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Alexander B.: “Extreamly hard. Not worth $200.”

This is the first time I’ve ever written a review. My S/O has a Herman Miller Aeron chair, and I thought this one looked very similar for less than half the price! “Half the price, half the comfort” turned out to be true. It is very VERY hard. I cannot stress enough how this chair has no softness to it at all! The plastic bits (arm rests, lumbar support, etc.) are really very painful! The mesh is rough and doesn’t conform to the shape of your body at all! The bits that move make a really cheap plastic “CLUNK!” noise at every movement. They sent 3 different pairs of wheels for some reason? And yet the wheels don’t seem to roll, but rather just scrape across the hard wood floor. If I had bought this chair for $75 or less I may not be as upset with it, but I would still return it even at that price. $200 is a ridiculous price to pay for so low quality of a chair. You’d be better off saving up a few hundred more and investing in a Herman Miller Aeron chair. Those are MUCH more expensive, but $200 is no low price to pay for junk! If you’re really looking to invest in a good chair, this ain’t it!

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Bottom line

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair is a sleek and practical chair. With the clean black and silver colorway, it will effortlessly fit into any home office setting without having to worry about clashing.

The frame is made from steel, so is sturdy and supportive of the chair as a whole.

Besides the good points, this chair also has some shortcomings, and it’s not suitable for anyone.

With all the criteria and features that we have mentioned, we think that the SIHOO chair is a great option for your office.

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Hope that this article about SIHOO ergonomic office chair can help you have a deeper look at this product before purchasing it so that you won’t regret about your choice.

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