Steelcase Amia Review

If you want to learn more about Amia from the famous brand, Steelcase, you’ve come to the right place. In the Steelcase Amia review, FittingChairs will gather information and product knowledge to help you decide if it’s the chair you’re looking for.

Find out through this Steelcase Amia review now.


Steelcase Amia Review Snapshot

Steelcase Amia Review

Steelcase Amia

Steelcase Amia is an attractive chair designed to handle long hours of serious sitting. It fits in every environment from home to your workstation. Buy it to have a great experience while using at your office desk.


Steelcase Amia Review: What’s special about its design?

Overally, in this Steelcase Amia review, FittingChairs wants to mention that the Amia series is available in two different models, including standard Amia and Amia Air.

  • Specifications

Both versions have the same specifications below:

  • Overall Height: 16″ – 21″
  • Overall Width: 19.25″
  • Overall Depth: 15.5″ – 18.5″
  • Lumbar Height: 6.25″ – 10″
  • Arm Height: 7.25″ – 11.25″
  • Versatile Design

The Amia is designed by Steelcase Design Studio in partnership with IDEO industrial designer Thomas Overthun. So, it will not surprise you by a lovely look whose design is versatile and customizable.

Steelcase Amia review

The Steelcase Amia can’t concentrate about the look but we would have to say that the Amia offers a sleek, adaptable appearance that merges perfectly into practically any business scenario.

Whether it’s in a conference room or at a personal desk, it’s always fit.

Customers who want to change the style of their chair in the future can do so with ease. There is its personalization. For example, they can upgrade the standard Amia’s backrest to an Amia Air backrest for an extra cost.

Not only that, its material also used to make the armrest caps like a work of art. Its armest caps are pleasant and soft, which is beneficial for avoiding ulnar nerve injury.

Simultaneously, it’s slick enough for your forearms to slide on top of it when you move the mouse, but not so slick that you lose your hold.

Hope you couldn’t ignore these versatile designs of this great Steelcase office chair.

  • High Quality

When it comes to quality or durability, Steelcase products are known for their solid structure. The Amia is no exception to this rule, even with a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds.

As you may not know, this task seating is passed through up to 20 tests under BIFMA testing guidelines or over 80 tests at higher weight capabilities of its own brand to assure the industry’s highest quality standards.

FittingChairs evaluate all the components as high-end. Of course, the chair comes together without a lot of wiggles or loose parts.

Take evidence to show! Currently, Amias that are 15 years old are still being used, resold, and purchased on the market.

Well, Amia is really a very dependable chair.

  • Custom Option

Related to its design, in this Steelcase Amia review, FittingChairs also point out the custom option. How is diversity?

In fact, Amia is also available as a stool, which features a specially built geometric backrest design and Integrated LiveBack Technology for dynamic back support.

Whether you go with any version of the Amia series like the standard Amia or the Amia Air, you’ll always find a wide range of design and material options.

In this Steelcase Amia review, we will list some custom options related to its design and materials:

  • Frame: Comes in three different frame finishes: black, merle, and platinum.
  • Outer Back: Comes in a plastic hue, upholstered leather or fabric alternative.
  • Fabric: Soil-retardant treatment, 3D knit of back, leather, and vinyl.
  • Arm: 3D height-adjustable arms.

When it comes to fabric alternatives, there aren’t many options accessible on the Steelcase website outside of two different fabric options, various colors with each type of fabric, and a few finish colors.

Steelcase Amia review

If you prefer a different color or upholstery than what’s available, or a different base or frame finish, you’ll need to contact your local Steelcase Dealer.

  • Thermal Performance

If you want to know about Amia’s design, it’s also thermal performance.

The Amia is noticeably cooler compared to the Leap and the Please, although it uses the same typical foam padding. This could be because Amia’s seat pan cushioning is thinner.

Also, its simple backrest does not fit your back as snugly as the more flexible chairs, allowing you to breathe more freely. Hence, if you are in a room with over 25°C, you can sit on the Amia for longer periods of time.

Read on the next part of this Steelcase Amia review to know how this chair can help your health if you make purchasing it.


Steelcase Amia Review: How can it help you improve your health?

There are some special factors related to comfort and health in the Steelcase Amia review that make this chair become the top option of the best ergonomic office chair.

“Amia is a hardworking, versatile ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workspace.”

— Steelcase
  • Seat Comfort

Of course, in terms of comfort, FittingChairs will point out the first factor that is comfortable seating.

If you are starters coming to this Steelcase Amia review, the front of the seat will surprise you. It is extremely flexible, allowing you to move and sit comfortably in a variety of positions.

Not only that, it also has no rough edges on the seat and is really comfortable to sit in. Because of these features, you can sit in the chair in several positions, including cross-legged.

While we value highly the Steelcase Amia office chair in terms of comfort, it’s quite stiffer than other high-end office chairs and softer than other high-end office chairs.

Steelcase Amia review

If you don’t like these kinds of firm office chairs, of course, the Steelcase Amia tool could be the chair for you. Because it’s notably softer than the seats of the Leap and Gesture in the same brand, making it a good option to chairs that cost more than $1000 and feature a firm seat.

  • Backrest Comfort

When it comes to the chair equipped with the great ergonomic features of famous brand Steelcase, you can’t ignore the backrest comfort.

Definitely, backrest comfort is also the second category of comfort that FittingChairs evaluate in this Steelcase Amia chair review.

When glancing at this backrest, you may see that it has a flexible mid-to-high back design. It’s true. Because of the plastic material used, the backrest in a conventional Steelcase design can move, flex, and stretch.

This chair surely becomes an ideal option for those who are seeking the best office chair for back pain. This is a reason in cases some often search for Steelcase Amia back pain.

Indeed, this Amia offers the Live Lumbar Technology in the lumbar area that provides several flex points and a height-adjustable lumbar system.

Steelcase Amia review

In this Steelcase Amia review, FittingChairs also wants to say that the backrest to be both pleasant and supportive of the lower back.

However, it’s not good at everything. Besides the backrest comfort, it also relates to the back height adjustment and lumbar depth adjustment. This is a drawback of Amia when they are two features that the backrest lacks compared to its competitors.

Sometimes, we think Amia may not be the chair for you if height and lumbar support adjustment are something you’re searching for in an office chair.

  • Armrest Comfort

In Steelcase Amia review, we will also mention another factor that is armrest comfort.

Frankly, the armrests on the Amia are identical to those on the Leap v2, one of the top products of Steelcase.

Following each personality, you can choose between armless, height adjustable arms alone, or fully adjustable arms when making your purchase.

Overall, although this is a Steelcase mid-market chair, you’ll still receive the brand’s greatest arm package and more arm flexibility than practically any other chair on the market.

Especially, the fully adjustable arms with height, width, depth, pivot, and unique articulating action seen in extremely high-end chairs like the Steelcase Gesture.

The arm pads are soft. It’s easy to rest your arms on, and doesn’t have any sharp edges to irritate your forearms and wrists. Not to mention, these pads are soft, but they are also extremely durable.

Besides introducing the adjustability of this chair, in this Steelcase Amia review, we want you to know how to adjust in a more intuitive way.

Here is an instructional video on the adjustability of the Steelcase Amia chair:

  • Ergonomics

To know the overall ergonomic characteristic of this chair, FittingChairs will mix the scores for seat, arm, and backrest adjustment.

This chair has a seat height adjustment range of 16-21 inches, which is ideal for most individuals. Or you’ll have depth adjustment, which is ideal for shorter or taller users because it keeps the seat within 2-3 inches of the back of your legs.

With Live Back Technology of this Amia, you’ll also receive a lot of armrest adjustments and height-adjustable lumbar support. The chair features excellent reclining tension settings and an upright lock position.

Steelcase Amia review

Multiple position lock, back height adjustment, lumbar depth adjustment, and forward seat tilt are some characteristics that this chair lacks.

There are several features that are lacking in contrast to other high-end chairs, which is why the chair costs $700 instead of $1200 like the Leap or the Gesture.

Although Amia lacks some of the economic abilities seen on the Leap and Gesture, it offers the same recline function.

It has a fantastic synchro tilt mechanism that is quite comfortable to recline in.

A note from the Steelcase Amia of FittingChairs! If you want to rock back and forth or recline constantly when seated, this chair isn’t for you, but it works well for those who sit in static positions.


Steelcase Amia Review: Customer reviews

  • Positive Reviews

Written by Carole A Whitcomb on Amazon, “NO more pain!”

“I had been having back pain and sciatica for several months. I traced it to my office chair. Went searching for something better and found this chair.

First of all, I am 5’4″ and most chairs aren’t designed for short people. My former chair seat was hitting the backside of my knee so I tended to scoot forward which then made me slump. No more. I have the seat adjusted so I can sit up straight with my back against the back of the chair.

The adjustable arms allow me to get right up under my desk and adjustable height means my feet are flat on the floor like they should be. Sciatica and back pain ended the first day I used this chair!”

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Customer NES also ranked 5 stars “Extremely adjustable, very comfortable.”

“Keep in mind I’m a 5’2 woman so I appreciated that I could sit with my back actually on the backrest instead of having to scoot all the way to the front so that my legs could touch the floor.

The ability to adjust almost every aspect of the chair was appreciated and made it so comfortable I could fall asleep on it. The arm rests swivel so you can have them at an angle if you want to. It’s such a worthwhile investment! I know there are other chairs at this price point that may be better for taller people, but at least in my case, I don’t worry about backpain anymore.”

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  • Negative Reviews

On the top critical reviews, customer Dan ranked this chair “Not the best chair for 5’2 people”

“I did A LOT of research on chairs for shorter/petite people. I am 5’2 with a small frame so pretty much no office chair fits me. The Steelcase Amia is on every list of chairs for short people and I read/watched many reviews on it. Unfortunately this chair was disappointing.

Chair Height: My feet can lay flat on the ground but my knees are not at a 90 degree angle. Note that your desk also has to be lower than normal so that your arms can comfortably reach across.

Arm Rests: Very adjustable but doesn’t lock so they just move around all over the place.

Lumbar Support: It’s fine, but not impressive. The arch doesn’t extend far enough to meaningfully support my back.

Chair Back: The chair back isn’t straight, but leans back so you’re never really sitting at 90 degrees. My 5’6 partner felt that the back was too short for him without a headrest.

Wheels: Very smooth gliding.

Comfort: My biggest gripe is it’s just not that comfortable for sitting on for 8 hours. The cushion is not plush, but on the firmer side. Also note if you like sitting cross legged, this chair is not comfortable for that at all. My body was not happy sitting in this chair for 8 hours.

Conclusion: This chair is fine, but not worth $770. It’s not comfortable.

I got the refurbished chair from Madison Seating for $350. Return shipping was $40 and UPS charged $3 for not printing out the label myself.”

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Written by a customer whose nickname DragonStormGoddess “Not good for long periods of sitting, not worth $700.”

“My work purchased these chairs to replace all the old mismatched chairs in our entire 313,000 sq ft office building. At first my coworkers and i were excited about them, they looked nice, sleek and modern, fully adjustable, ergonomic, but now that we have been using them for a couple years I can honestly without a doubt say that I hate them and I do not see how they are at all worth $700 a piece.

Other coworkers of mine have resorted to finding some of the remaining old chairs we had and a few have brought in their own much cheaper but much more comfortable chairs. These chairs are ok for sitting for short periods, but definitely not through an 8+ hour work day.

The backrest is ok, but the seat has very little cushion and I find it really puts a lot of pressure on my lower back with how it is shaped. The armrests are nice and I love that they slide forward and turn inwards and outwards but they don’t make up for the uncomfortable seat. my ridiculously old(20+ yrs) and ugly fully adjustable office chair my mom brought home from her work when i was 13(now 32) and her job replaced their old chairs is more comfortable for the simple fact i can adjust the angles of the seat so that it angles up slightly, which relieves pressure off my spin and hips when having to sit for long periods.

And again, the $700 price??? for what? its not fully adjustable, its definitely not leather. Save your money, find a nicer chair for far less, there’s plenty of them.”

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Should you buy the Steelcase Amia?

Anyway, from any significant points FittingChairs have mentioned before, we believe you should buy it for many reasons.

Whether you’re purchasing an office chair for yourself or for your staff should influence your decision. It will also be determined by how much you are willing to pay and the qualities you require.

The Steelcase Amia office chair is a versatile, comfortable, and highly adaptable chair. The Amia is an excellent alternative if you want a budget-friendly chair with top-of-the-line features and ergonomic adjustments.

The Amia also has additional characteristics than the Series 1 or Series 2, making it ideal for people who have back problems or are shorter or taller than typical.

The Steelcase Amia is a great purchase because of its lifetime warranty, which prevents you from squandering money on a lesser alternative every few years.

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In this article, FittingChairs have given Steelcase Amia review in terms of Amia’s design, its adjustability and how it can affect your health. Hope this article can help you in choosing your own chair.

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