16 Essential Standing Desk Accessories You May Need to Stay Productive

Standing desks are a great way to get more active and improve your health, but you’ll need the right accessories to be comfortable while working from home. This great list of standing desk accessories of FittingChairs is for you.


There are several benefits to using a standing desk. This ergonomic desk is one of the best things you can do for your health while working from home, but it also has its own set of unique challenges that must be addressed.

Using ergonomic solutions ensures that you are in the best possible position to perform at your peak while remaining healthy.

Regardless of the type of standing desk you have or the material it is made of, you can benefit from these various accessories to complete your home office.

The following list will assist you in locating the appropriate accessories for standing desk when setting up your home office design:

Foot Rest

standing desk accessory

Of course, when you need any accessories for standing desk, the footrest is probably the accessory you use the most, next to your anti-fatigue mat.

The ability to rest your feet while sitting or standing makes a significant difference in your level of comfort.

Refer our great list of the best office chair with a footrest to sit comfortably during the working time!

Anti-fatigue Mat

standing desk accessories

Standing at work all day is exhausting and painful. So, you must select the proper type of mat to stand on.

Till the end, whether you use standing desk accessories, comfort is an essential consideration.

Anti-fatigue mats should be firm but soft enough to provide support when standing for extended periods of time. Whereby, a good anti-fatigue pad supports both your feet and your back.

Balance Board

Balance boards are specially designed to provide the best balancing function possible. Even while working at your standing desk, this kind of standing desk equipment helps to improve your fitness, strengthen your muscles, and improve your balance.

You should always choose the most durable office balance board that will provide an excellent balancing function for a long time.

Using this standing desk accessory increases your activity level at work, which promotes productivity and good health!

LED Desk Lamp

accessories for stand up desk

LED lighting in your home office has numerous advantages than you thought.

You can adjust the brightness and color of the light, and you can even use them to create a really cool atmospheric effect by lighting different parts of your desk and walls.

Ergonomic Office Chair

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Of course, you won’t have to stand 100% of the time using the standing desk. Investing in a high-quality ergonomic desk chair is one of the best investments you can make to improve your posture and overall health.

It’s critical to find an ergonomic office chair that fits your body type, height, and budget.

Anyway, don’t ignore some ideal options of the best drafting chair for standing desk.

Desk Organizer

If you’re spending hours upon hours on your computer.

To keep your pens, pencils, and markers organized, we recommend purchasing a small desk organizer. This way, you won’t lose anything and they’ll be easy to find when you need them.

On the other hand, more specifically, you can choose uplift desk accessories on Amazon to serve better.

standing desk accessories

Cable Management System

You’ll need a way to organize the cords under your desk.

For the best accessories for standing desk, you don’t want cables protruding from your desk. It can cause a variety of issues, including cords becoming unplugged accidentally while raising or lowering your desk, being pinched, and more.

Managing your cords and cables is important, so invest in a good one that will fit your desk.

Keyboard Tray

Some people adore them, while others despise them. On the other hand, it is something else you should think about for your standing desk.

Keyboards should be placed on your desk at an ergonomically correct height, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Many users prefer keyboard trays because they raise your keyboard and mouse to the proper height, which keeps your hands and wrists in the proper ergonomic position, which is good for your health.

Ergonomic Gel Wrist Rest

These are excellent for relieving pressure points on your wrists and hands. They also aid in the prevention of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Headphone Stand Or Hanger

Grovemade is well-known for its headphone stands. Others prefer to store their headphones on a desk hanger.

It is beneficial to keep them off your desktop surface and clean your work area in either case.

standing desk organizer

Monitor Stand Or Desk Shelf

You should definitely think about getting a monitor shelf for your standing desk. Monitor shelves allow you to elevate your computer screen off the surface of your desk, eliminating the need to strain to see your monitor, whether it’s up or down.

Furthermore, many offer additional desktop storage options, either underneath the shelf or with cubby holes to store items.

Monitor Arm

You can attach a monitor arm to your desk so that your monitors are completely elevated off the surface of your desk, freeing up a ton of space and making it much easier to keep your desk clean and organized.

Desk Mat

Instead of a boring and simple mouse pad, a desk mat, such as those available from Grovemade, is an excellent addition to your standing desk. The accessories for standing desk will make excellent mouse pads and provide a soft cushioned surface for your desktop.

Also, they help to prevent scratches and stains, which is especially important if you have a real wood desktop surface.

Storage Cabinets

Do you require additional storage? You can purchase a storage cabinet, such as the IKEA Alex cabinet, to provide extra storage space while also fitting neatly underneath your standing desk.

Comfortable Shoes

The shoes you wear at your standing desk make a significant difference. Shoes should be easy to walk around in.

The fact is that sneakers are a fantastic idea. If you work from home, you can wear slippers or another type of comfortable shoe that won’t hurt your feet.

Shoes that are more formal, such as dress shoes for men or heels for women, are a bad idea because they will cause you to hurt if you stand in them.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes while working at a computer is not recommended. Always keep a pair of comfortable ones on hand at your desk.

Foam Roller For Your Feet

Foam rollers are great for your feet arches and for stretching your lower leg while standing at your desk.

A more flexible body is one that is more comfortable. There are numerous types of foam rollers available, so choose the one that works best for you.

High density foam rollers are light in weight and firm in texture. Soft foam rollers are less expensive than high density foam rollers. Soft foam rollers are excellent for relieving aches and pains.

Well, the best way to improve your workspace ergonomics is to equip you with some standing desk accessories. Through this article of FittingChairs, hope you ever found out your choice to stay productive.

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