Best Wall Colors for An Office You Won’t Want to Miss

Decorating walls of your office or home office in your style has a certain effect on your motivation and productivity while working. In this article, let’s discover what color is best for office walls together with FittingChairs.

What is The Best Color for Office Walls?

Colors used to paint in your office should be able to help you relieve stress and stay focused on your work. Therefore, choosing a color which is well-known for the positive psychological impact is essential when it comes to selecting a color to paint on your office walls. Earthy neutrals and warm grays and whites are some colors which can be used for this purpose.

Blue is a calming hue if you want to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. This atmosphere is so suitable for a home office.

Gray is the ideal neutral color. It is actually against commitment so it will not select between white and black.

Off-white brings a clean feeling which is not too clinical like in the hospital. It offers more warmth.

Tan and brown are two hues matching well with furniture in the office or home office if the furniture is made of wood.

These are some of best color for office walls you can consider. Keep in mind that natural colors in earthy tones are the best for home offices since they have a calming vibe and you won’t feel frantic when staying in spaces colored in those colors. Colors like those are really effective in supporting your productivity at home offices.

Some other hues can be listed are forest greens, gray blues, eggshells, deep navies. Oranges and teals are two colors working well in home offices and they are not the very first choices when it comes to best color for office walls so you might feel surprised.

Eventually, you need to think of the demand of yourself and people who work together with you when choosing the color to paint on your office walls because in the end, you and they will spend time in that space so make sure everyone feels comfortable and inspired to work in there.

Good Colors for An Office

what is the best color for office walls

Best color for office walls is based on what you want to achieve in that working space and what kind of jobs you are doing. However, the priority is to find a color having positive psychological effects.

So what is the best color for office walls?

That color should bring comfort and motivation for you to work. It shouldn’t look too conflicting to how your working space is designed and arranged.

If you work in an office with other colleagues, gather their opinions and find the color everybody feels fine with it. If you work alone at home or remotely, just go for the color you like. No one knows yourself better than you. To enhance peaceful atmosphere, choose pale greens and olives. To raise your blood pressure, choose colors in the red tones.

Select the Best Wall Color for Home Office

best color for an office

Colors can have a significant impact on the job you do as well as your performance in that job. Below are some examples of colors and their benefits and what kind of jobs they will fit.

  • Yellow: promotes creativity and imagination. It is suitable for those who are content writer, creatives, graphic designers and work other creative jobs. Saffron Ivory and Bicycle Yellow are two shades of yellow which can work well.
  • Orange: boosts creativity and energy. It is also suited for people working creative jobs. Mango Punch and Knockout Orange are two examples.
  • Teal: enhances positivity and productivity, great for editing jobs when people need to think positive and quick. Fiji and Vintage Teal are two options you can consider.
  • Green: fosters concentration and balance, great for those who work in auditing or accounting jobs which require precision and focus. Webster Green and Jungle are two options.
  • Blue: increases productivity and relaxation. It is helpful for stressful jobs. Blue Dragon and Drenched Rain are two colors you can consider.

It is useful if you know to use the color wheel. You can find the complementary and contrasting colors of one hue and have more choices. Having your office walls painted in one solid color might not look so aesthetic so you need to mix different colors to create good effect.

For example, blue is one common color for office and home office walls. Blue in light shades are positive and calming but blue is a cool tone. Having too much blue in your working space will decrease the warm shade you need. Therefore, you need to mix blue with a little of orange which is the complementary color of blue.

Besides, you need to notice some hues which can reduce your workflow such as:

  • Black can bring a heavy atmosphere to your working environment.
  • Too many gray can make you feel sterile in your workspace.
  • Dark or deep brown can make your office become old-fashioned and small.

You will spend a lot of time at the office so combining different colors in a smart way to promote your productivity at work.

Not Every Paint Color Works for Every Home Office

good colors for office walls

Choosing colors is important and requires a little knowledge of aesthetic, because if you choose the wrong one, it can effect you in an obvious way.

If you easily feel anxious, red is definitely a no. Painting too much purple can make the atmosphere become indulgent. Purple is perfect for designs and logos but in your home office, or it can make you obsessed over your profits or make you feel luxurious and relaxed and want to take a nap than focus on work.

A color can be a good choice for this person but not for the other. It can be a great option for this working space but not for the other one. Consider the demand of each particular environment and people to make the right decision. Lighting in your home office is one of the important factors. For instance, if your office has many windows, you might want to have a darker-colored wall. On the contrary, you can opt for clean and lighter-colored walls to increase the room’s brightness.

Choose the Home Office Wall Colors You Like

From what we have shared, our aim is to tell you that the most crucial thing is selecting the wall color you like.

Home office is where you work every day so you need to get motivation and energy when working in here. Of course you also need to consider other factors such as lighting, but apart from that, the priority is how much comfortable you feel with that color.

Hope that with this article, FittingChairs has helped you to know how to choose best wall color for home office. You can take some colors we have recommended in this post into consideration and decide which one is right for you.

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