The Complete Guide to Use Cable Management Box for Desk

If you have a cluttered desk with cables and wires, you will require a cable management box. This post of FittingChairs will demonstrate the cable management box for desk and how to select the best cable management system for your home office.

What Is A Cable Management Box?

Cable management boxes are components of cable management systems that are used to organize and conceal unsightly cables and wires. 

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are small and mobile, while others are large and permanent.

How Do You Use A Cable Management Box?

Do you ever get frustrated because there aren’t enough outlets to plug in all of your devices? They are used to organize a tangle of cables in an office or home.

Indeed, cable management boxes help keep cables neat and tidy by concealing them. 

It can manage all of your cords by neatly collecting and containing your power strip, mobile device charging cords, and another cordage that clutters your desk and office.  

How to use cable box manager? Most people use them for computers, but they also work well with printers, phone chargers, speaker wires, televisions, and other devices.

cable management box for desk

The best part about using a cable management box is that it helps you organize your wires and keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

Cable Management Box Ideas

If you’ve ever been disturbed by the clutter caused by various cords and cables in your workspace, you’ll need something to deal with all of these excess cables.

Cable organizers are designed to keep all of your cables organized so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way or tripping over them if they’re on the floor.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Some even have USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices while keeping them hidden.

So, there’s no reason to be stuck with tangled cables when you could be working in a cleaner environment.

You can eliminate all of that cable spaghetti by using a cable box manager to organize cables on floors, workspaces, and desktops, making your work environment easier to clean.

How Do You Use A Cable Management Sleeve?

A cable sleeve is something you can use in conjunction with your cable management box. They are an excellent way to collect and store loose cables without tangles. 

how to use cable box manager

A cable sleeve can hold multiple types of cables at once, such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio cables. So, they’re also useful if you want to keep a variety of cables together.

If you need something to organize and protect multiple cables, use a cable sleeve.

After you’ve gathered all of your cables into a cable sleeve, you can place them in a cable box to reduce clutter and keep everything organized on your workspace surface.

How Can You Install A Cable Management System In Your Home Office?

Here are some steps on how to use cable box manager for setting up a cable management system in your home or office:

  • Step 1. Choose a location where there will be room for cables to run. This could be beneath a desk, behind a television stand, or near a wall outlet.
  • Step 2. Locate a location for the power strip. Check that there are enough outlets to accommodate all of your devices.
  • Step 3. Position the power strip in the center of the area where the cable management system will be installed.
  • Step 4. Connect the power strip to the back of the cable management box. The power strip should be positioned away from the wall.
  • Step 5. Turn off any appliances or electronics that could cause interference.
  • Step 6. Connect each device to the appropriate power strip port.
  • Step 7. Connect the power strip to an electrical outlet.
  • Step 8. Position the cable management box on top of the power strip.
  • Step 9. Cut any extra wires from the power strip.
  • Step 10. Thread cables through the box’s holes.
  • Step 11. Wrap the cables around the cable management box to secure them.
  • Step 12. Repeat steps 8-11 until all cables are connected.

If possible, use a cable clip to keep cables hidden when not in use. These are especially useful for mobile device chargers that must still be plugged in.

If you must leave cables exposed, make certain that they are covered and out of the way so that they do not interfere with your work or cause an accident.

Don’t forget to check everything on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear and replace it as needed.

Are Cable Management Boxes Safe?

Yes! They’re made of sturdy plastic and metal, so you can be sure it is safe.

The only time you should be concerned about the safety of a cable management box is if there are any sharp edges or points, or hard angles that will cause your cables to be severely bent or potentially causing breaks in the line.

All of your outlet plugs and cables should be fully seated in their respective power strips. If you have any concerns, carefully read the instructions before opening the package. 

Is There Any Way To Keep My Cables Organized Without Using A Cable Management Box?

If you don’t want to use a cable management box or a cable sleeve, you can always use a few rubber bands to hold the loose ends of your cables together.

Of course, you could leave them hanging as well although it doesn’t look good.

If you don’t want to use a cable management box or a cable sleeve, you should get velcro tie-downs or zip ties to ensure everything is securely fastened.

cable management box for desk

Additionally, cable clips can be used to secure your cables to your desk, walls, or furniture.

You won’t want them dangling around where they can get tangled, where you don’t know what they connect to, or where they can easily pull something off your desk.

Which One Should I Buy?

There are numerous types of cable management boxes on the market today. 

While some are intended to be placed beneath desks, others are intended to be placed on top of tables. Some have built-in storage spaces, while others do not.

It all depends on what you require and what works best in your particular situation.

Where Can I Buy A Cable Management Box?

A cable management box can be purchased from any hardware store or online retailer. 

They come in various sizes and shapes. Some are made of plastic, while others are made of metal, and still, others are made of wood or decorative material.

Some are intended to be portable, while others are intended to be stationary. According to the purpose for which it’s intended, you will find out the size and shape of the box.

We recommend the following cable management box ideas:

Setting up your cable management box system will depend mostly on what you need. This article of FittingChairs has shown guides for cable management box for desk. Hope our guide will work for your home office!

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