5 Best Ways to Cover an Office Chair Without Sewing

Main problem with an office chair is fabric that covers its backrest and seat. After some years of daily using, the fabric loses its fresh appearance and even appear frayed and torn areas.

And if you’re reading this article, you may not know what to do for sewing.

However, fixing an office chair cover takes serious skills and specific equipment, both of which most people don’t have.

Fortunately, in this article, FittingChairs will share with you some ways on how to cover an office chair without sewing.

Why do you need to cover an office chair?

How to cover an office chair without sewing

As mentioned above, a chair cover can get old or wear out over time. So after a long using time, you may need to reupholster its cover.

Aside from that, office chairs are often boring and unattractive, but you can change that by converting your basic office chair into an eye-catching piece of furniture. And you can do it without sewing.

This method is inexpensive and straightforward. It can make your home or office become a creative and fun place.

So how to cover an office chair without sewing? Keep reading to find out!

How to cover an office chair without sewing?

The following are some best methods for how to cover an office chair without sewing.

Use clothes

The first way for how to cover an office chair without sewing that you can try is using old clothes. You can make the most of old clothes that you no longer wear.

This method is both convenient and economical because it costs absolutely no money.

It would be best if you chose shirts that fit the backrest or seat cushion. Then cut them into suitable size pieces and take apart the chair and place your shirt on the backrest or seat cushion.

Or you can use your old skirt to create a new look for your chair.

Once satisfied with the cover, you can reassemble the chair.

However, this solution is only good if you’re using it for a chair at home. It will not look nice and polite in a professional work environment.

How to cover an office chair without sewing

Pillow cases

This solution is quite similar to the first one.

The first step is finding the right pillowcase. Use a pillowcase with your favorite kinds of colors and patterns.

For the backrest, you should use one with an opening at one end. Remember to measure the backrest and pillowcase carefully so everything can fit together.

The seat cushion comes next. You’ll need to measure it to ensure that it fits as well.


Another similar way for how to cover an office chair without sewing is using a blanket.

This one is also easy, convenient, and completely free. You can find an old blanket, or any piece of fabric, then cut it into a shape to fit the backrest and cushion.

Try to keep it neat or the extra fabric that sticks out will turn it into a boring chair.

How to cover an office chair without sewing

Use fabric glue

The next method of how to cover an office chair without sewing is using fabric glue.

If you need to sew fabric, use fabric glue instead. It’s also nice and reasonably priced.

If you are running out of fabric glue and not allowed to head to the nearby store to buy more, you can do it yourself.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to wait until the hot glue dries.

And remember that the adhesive will also come off if you wash the cover in the washing machine.

Buy an office chair cover

The last solution for how to cover an office chair without sewing is also the easiest one that doesn’t require any effort: buy a new cover.

This option is slightly more expensive than the others.

You can replace them every week to maintain your office chair nice, clean, fresh, and safe.

This method allows you to change the color of your seat whenever you like. The models give you a wide range of options.

Remember to get a machine-washable fabric so that you can easily throw it in with the rest of your laundry.

How to cover an office chair without sewing

How to fix the office chair cover?

Your office chair cover might get a few holes or tears after a few washes. You can patch them up by doing some basic sewing.

But it’s easier to use fabric glue. Just take a piece of fabric, big enough to cover the damaged area, and use the fabric glue to stick it on.

There are even iron-on patches that come in all kinds of colors and designs.

Fixing a chair cover is never easier than this!


Using office chair covers isn’t only fun, but it’ll help save money too.

Besides, you don’t need to do any sewing, which saves you the expertise and time needed.

Hope this article about how to cover an office chair without sewing is helpful for your wonder and will, more or less, assist you in choosing a suitable non-sewing option for covering your office chair.

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