Mastering on How to Remove Wheel from Office Chair Wheels like a Pro

Casters can help your office chairs become more versatile. It will allow you to roll around on wheels instead of being stuck in one place. Luckily, FittingChairs will reveal to you an easy process on how to remove wheel from office chair.

Are Office Chair Casters Universal?

No, office chair casters are not universal. 

For the question related to how to remove wheel from office chair like that, while most office chairs come with a standard 2″ to 2.5″ wheels, there are office chair casters that are up to 3″ size. 

how to remove wheels from office chair

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Nevertheless, the stem of most of these casters is bigger. The size 7/16″ X 7/8″ inches will be the only exception of IKEA chairs. 

The IKEA chairs, you know, have their own sizes and do not support like other standard casters.

How To Remove Wheel Base From Office Chair

Below are easy steps for removing the wheel base from office chairs:

  • Step 1. Take some newspapers or a drop-cloth to prevent any grease from getting on your floor types. 
  • Step 2. Turn the chair upside-down.
  • Step 3. Lay the chair with the back touching the floor
  • Step 4. Hold the clip in the center of the base. 
  • Step 5. Use needle nose pliers or a flathead screwdriver to bend its base slightly and slide it off of the piston.
  • Step 6. Remove the washer on top of the base around the piston.
  • Step 7. Pull out the base by pulling and turning counterclockwise simultaneously. 

How To Remove Wheel From Office Chair

Bring It To Upside Down Position

To begin with how to remove wheels office chair, you may need to turn the chair over and make the wheels face the air. 

Of course, the top of the chair ought to be on the ground. From that, you can have a more clear perspective on the base side and access better. 

how to remove wheels from office chair

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In case the chair is too significant then ensure you find support from a companion to flip around it. 

Eliminating Of Threaded Stem Caster

The following stage of the process of removing wheel from office chair includes a strung stem. 

If your caster is secured with this type of screw, then, at that point, just curving it ought to be sufficient for eliminating. 

Keep in mind that you need to curve the thing in a clockwise way. 

In the event that clockwise movement makes the caster move, then, at that point, then keep on going and it should be sufficient. 

How To Remove Stem From Caster Wheels?

A few casters don’t permit unscrewing, in fact. 

For this situation, a grip stem is a system that you want to handle. Apply some lubricating oil on the space where the chair meets the caster. 

Also, you need to put one hand on the chair leg. Place another hand on the caster. 

Now give it a pull. You can utilize a spray oil for this process. 

This is available in most tool shops. If there’s no budget possibility, then, at that point, use gloves or a towel to grip things better. 

how to remove wheels from office chair

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In certain chairs, rather than the stem system, a turn plate may be utilized. 

Basically, this remains with a chair leg and square examined shape. You can utilize a screwdriver to get this plate out assuming that is the situation. 

How to remove wheel from office chair while utilizing a pry bar or screwdriver in case of no budget?

Sometimes, you know, the caster might be excessively rusted. What’s more, this might prompt deterrents for eliminating it with pulling out. 

In the present situation, you should utilize a wide level head screwdriver. Additionally, you will require a nail pulling space including a pry bar. 

About this pry bar, its opening ought to be sufficiently extensive to hold a caster stem. Generally, the stem is somewhat in excess of 13 mm. 

how to remove wheels from office chair

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Where the caster meets the chair, you will embed screwdriver’s head here and you start to turn it continuously. Just do the running bit by bit and you’ll see that the caster is beginning to move up. 

Don’t forget that it ought to be creating some distance from the chair.

This doesn’t occur with turning movement then, at that point, have a go at pivoting. You need to attempt different points here. So that more influence can assist you with hauling the caster out of the chair. 

For how to remove wheel from office chair in no budget case, utilizing a pry bar to eliminate caster wheels from office chairs is the following elective you should attempt after screwdriver. 

Keep doing it! Use power to haul the caster out. 

How To Replace Caster Wheels On Office Chair?

You can easily replace the office chair caster wheel. 

Also, this is a more inexpensive way rather than replacing the whole chair. 

When you replace a good caster wheel, it will cost you somewhere in the range of $20-$30 instead of at least $150. 

Hence, it is a better option to replace a wheel rather than to replace the chair. 

how to remove wheels from office chair

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Refer to these ideal deals in terms of office chair wheels replacement:

This high quality heavy-duty chair office chair caster wheels are made from industrial-grade steel. It NEVER scratchs or damage your floors. Buy it to upgrade your chair.
This office chair wheels from the Office Oasis roll very smoothly and swivel much more easily than standard cheap plastic wheels.
STEALTHO high-tech elastic urethane office chair wheels will make movements easy and noiseless.
Replace your old office chair wheels with options from UNIQ. It allows you to glide silently and smoothly without damaging or scratching any flooring.

Here are the steps for replacing if you have a grip type caster:

  • Pull the caster out with your hands.
  • Apply some pressure between the wheel and the chair base to pop out the wheel.
  • Take the new wheel.
  • Attach its stem into the empty socket, and apply some pressure to secure it.

With a threaded stem wheel, the steps will be a little different. After that you will have to unscrew the broken wheel from the chair base, re-screwing the new wheel there. 

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Through this post, FittingChairs hopes that you have already mastered how to remove wheel from office chair. 

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