The Knob under Your Office Chair – Essential Things You Need to Know

Read on this article of FittingChairs to get deep insights into the tilt tension feature on an office chair. From now, what is the knob under my office chair is no longer a hard question for you.

What does the knob under office chairs do?

what is the knob under my office chair

Have you ever wondered “what is the knob under my office chair?” means and what can you use it?

It is a fact that many people purchase an office chair without learning carefully about its construction, especially for the tilt tension feature, which can be controlled by the knob under chair. But, what does the knob on the bottom of a chair do?

The knob under office chair is a very essential feature needed for an ergonomic chair, which can support you in reclining demands when you want to take a rest for a while or take a nap in your workplace.

what is the knob under my office chair

Different chairs will have different controlling knob ways. In general, the knob on bottom of chair will provide you the right to decide how much you want to recline on your chair.

What’s more, the tilt tension knob allows you to alter the backrest’s tension or stiffness when reclining. For example, if you tighten this adjustment knob while rocking in your chair, the resistance of the rocking action will increase remarkably.

Common adjustable feature under office chairs

Besides the adjustable knob controlling the reclining function, you also need to get clear about the tilt mechanism under your chair. Here are several common chair adjustments you need to know.

Chair Tilt Tension

what is the knob under my office chair

As we have just mentioned above, the chair tilt tension will allow you to adjust the backrest feature depending on your demands. To use this function, you have to adjust under your chair.

This feature will not only provide you with a comfortable reclining feature but also a flexible rocking statement.

Seat Height Lever

what is the knob under my office chair

Most office chairs have seat height adjustment. This feature will allow you to control the height of the chair that fits your sitting posture and of course make you feel comfortable.

There is no standard for office chair height. Different office chairs will have different office chair heights, depending on the specific features of their customer segment.

However, the typical office chair height above the floor ranges from 16 to 21 inches. According to ergonomic experts, this dimension will be fit most people.

What’s more, if you have to sit for a long time for work, a healthy posture will prevent you from the risk of spinal issues. We highly recommend you find an office chair that allows you to place your foot on the ground with the 90° angle of knees and hips bending.

Tilt lock

what is the knob under my office chair

If you just want to move freely on your office chair, you just need to adjust the backrest knob. But if you have the demand of keeping your posture stable, the tilt lock of your chair will do that for you.

The tilt lock of an office chair is the feature that allows you to lock your backrest and seat into specific reclining or upright postures.

The backrest knob and tilt lock are the two essential features required for an ergonomic chair.

Besides the above information, you can learn the ways how to adjust an office chair to get the right ergonomic sitting posture during long hours working as well as use the maximize the potential function of adjustable features of your office chair.

Tilt tension knob not working – How to deal with?

what is the knob under my office chair

Firstly, you need to test your tension knob statement.

Turn the tension knob to the right until your office chair reclines. Do this gently until you achieve a comfortable level of tension.

Keep in mind not to switch the tension adjustment knob too lose. In this case, sudden weight application results in additional destruction to its tilt mechanism.

Once you fix the tension issue, resume your normal recliner usage.

But if it doesn’t work on, that means your tension is broken and you need to replace the one for your office chair.

Here are replacing tension knob steps that you should learn on:

  • Step 1

By unscrewing or unclipping it from your office chair frame, disconnect any attachments that are linked to this office chair knob.

  • Step 2

Purchase a new office chair tension knob and attach it to your frame by screwing or clipping it back in place, following the same process that you followed with the old one.

  • Step 3

Before checking out your chair, reattach any attachments such as wheels, arms, or headrests.

  • Step 4

Before sitting at your desk for hours on end, sit in your office chair and adjust the tension knob to your chosen amount of tightness or looseness.

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So now, what is the knob under my office chair is no longer a hard question for you. Follow FittingChairs to get more information.

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