Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What Should You Pick?

You are in love with Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller but still consider what support chair pad is fit you more – Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar?

Should you pick Aeron PostureFit or Aeron Lumbar support pad? Which support pad is suitable for your Classic Aeron chair or stools.

Here’s what to look for before you buy your Aeron chair. Now, let’s dive deep into this post with FittingChairs!

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What Should You Pick?

Aeron PostureFit Support

The Aeron PostureFit Support can be an ideal part to provide support for the base of your spine. This type of back support can help you avoid fatigue by helping the spine maintain a healthy shaped curve.

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What Should You Pick?

Aeron Lumbar Support

The Herman Miller Aeron adjustable lumbar pad support is a bar shape, which offers the perfect support for the owner if needed in a smaller region. Buy it for good back now!

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What’s the same?

In general, ergonomics comprises five main aspects: Comfort, aesthetics, safety, easy use, and productivity. Therefore, office chairs have to have all five aspects to be defined as ergonomic chairs.

When it comes to ergonomics, Herman Miller is an exceptional example of design houses producing some of the finest office chairs as of today.

Now, let’s have a quick look at Aeron chairs, in general, to see what makes them ergonomics!

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar
There are 2 options for support pads for your Aeron chairs
Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar
Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar
Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar

In the simplest wordings, both Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit and Lumbar chairs help to support your back and maintain the natural curves of your body. Then, avoiding back pain and poor posture.

These two types of Aeron support pads come from the Herman Millar Aeron lineup, and both of them are only for the Classic Aeron chair and Classic Aeron stools.

In other words, these products are not supported for Herman Miller Aeron Remastered version.

Besides, the Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar are both ergonomically exemplary.

Then, Aeron Lumbar Support vs PostureFit, Aeron chairs, what is better? Which one fits you?

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar

In fact, the first Aeron chairs (or Aeron Classic) were introduced in the early 1990s and instantly became one of the most sought-after office chairs on the market, which had been sold up to millions.

After this success, Herman Miller announced that they had redesigned their iconic Aeron chair in 2016. The new version is called Herman Miller Aeron Remastered.

So, what does remastered mean? In this case, it’s like the new version of the successful one.

Herman Miller spent a few years making small changes and tweaks so that the Aeron remained true to the original design while improving upon what was already there.

And one of the updates comes from the support pad. While the ordinary version has the Lumbar support pad, the remastered own PostureFit one.

However, Herman Millar still keeps the Aeron Lumbar as well as Aeron posturerfit support pads as a chair accessory that customers can buy separately.

Till now, both Aeron Posterfit and Aeron Lumbar are pads that support Herman Millar Classic Aeron Chair and Classic Aeron Stools.

So, which support pad is good for you? Aeron Posturefit vs Lumbar Support?

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What’s the difference?

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar

The Herman Miller Aeron lineup comes with an optional adjustable Lumbar pad support and an adjustable PostureFit support pad to provide optimum support while sitting at work.

So, Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar, which one fits you?

What’s the difference between them?

Support Pad Shape

Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar support

The adjustable Lumbar support pad is a bar shape, which provides the perfect support for the owner if needed in a smaller region.

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit support

Which a square shape, Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit support pad provides support on a larger region of your Lumbar as compared to the Lumbar pad one.


Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar support

The unique point of this product comes from its flexibility. Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar support bar can adjust up and down for very precise support.

This pad can also be flipped over to provide a shallow or deeper support level.

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit support

Even adjustability, Aeron PostureFit support PostureFit pad can’t be down or moved.

However, this square shape has a knob to adjust the precise level of depth of the square pad.

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar – What’s customer say?

Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar!

Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar

Positive review

J. Turner on Amazon: “Finally replaced the old ripped pad.”

“I’ve had one of these in my Amazon cart for years. I just refused to pay for the wildly overpriced options that I saw go by. Recently, I think it was one of the Amazon bots that pointed out I could get one “used” for significantly cheaper than the current new prices. I found these folks advertising a pad in excellent condition and I rolled the dice. It’s awesome — working great. And I even appreciate the instructions that came with it. Never realized that turning it around could give you a different lumbar support experience! It arrived quickly and was indeed in excellent condition.”

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Negative review

Chateae on Amazon: “Far worse than the original”

“My original Lumbar pad came with the chair, which is like 14 years old, but it finally tore and so I decided to replace it. These replacement pads, however, are vastly different from the original one. I’ve had my replacement pad replaced twice already, and I’m still not happy with it.

The original one is far firmer than these replacements, and the plastic bracket is much stronger. The replacement pad would bend within a few weeks of use, and the plastic brackets are not stiff/tight enough that the pad will ride up the rail and you will have to constantly adjust it.

Either Herman Miller’s product are inferior now than it once was 10+ years ago, or they actually use a different product for the original and the replacements, hence the difference in quality. I’ve totally given up on replacing the Lumbar pad, and I’m going to try out the PostureFit .

If that does not work, then I’ll just stick a small pillow as a back support and be done with it.”

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Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit

Positive review

Brian Berger on Amazon: “Worth it.”

“I’ve had one of these in my Amazon cart for years. I just refused to pay for the wildly overpriced options that I saw go by. Recently, I think it was one of the Amazon bots that pointed out I could

“This supports the back from the base of the spine, and doesn’t feel as extreme as the Lumbar support. That said, it does provide all the support needed and it is a nice adjustable upgrade for the Aeron. The previous “old” Lumbar support only has two support settings, and to select between a little support and a lot, it requires removing the support bar from the chair, flipping it over, and reinstalling it. For the PostureFit, the adjustment can be made using a knob for a little support, a lot of support, and everything in between.

The pieces fit on the frame in a way where the original designers apparently planned for this type of addition. There’s a hidden bump/tab that helps align the bracket for the knob. Initially the bracket was a little tricky to get aligned, but it’s because the pieces fit so tightly together. Fits on the Aeron in a way that makes it feel like it came this way from the factory.

Despite what the manual says, the PostureFit kit can be installed with a Philips head screwdriver and nothing else. There are YouTube videos for help installing if you get stuck, but I feel that the written instructions are reasonably written and the illustrations are sufficient.

The bottom of the support is pulled toward the front of the chair by a cable. This cable is held in place by a bracket, but most importantly, the cable passes straight through the mesh back rest. I do not think it is possible to install it without widening a small hole in the mesh back rest. I was very careful during the install, but there is still a small widened area of mesh where the cable passes through.

This means that once you install the kit, even if you remove the kit, there will always be a small hole in the base of the mesh back rest. I double checked the location for mine, and it is so low on the back rest that it is below the seat bottom.

This means it is only visible from behind the chair. If this sort of irreversible change bothers you, this kit may not be for you as replacement back rests can be very expensive.

If you already have a Lumbar support on the chair, I am not sure that this kit is worth the money. In the absence of Lumbar support on the chair, this kit is absolutely worth the money.”

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Negative review

Deidre Lin on Amazon: Not a lumbar support….Supports the lower sacral region only. Too expensive for what you get...”

“So I got this for my Aerion chair which I had gifted to myself a couple of years ago. Needed more Lumbar support in the L4-5 region…so this year I got the additional support package. The directions are horrible and thankfully found a youtube video on how to install in the most efficient manner.
Got the support installed but it IS NOT a Lumbar support by any means. This support is very low and more towards the lower sacral region rather than the Lumbar vertebrae.
The support Does fill the gap between the chair and sacral region which helps give support to the sacral area. (which never bothered me until I got this I know why the sacral area has been bothering me ever since!) However, not very much support is offered at the tightest setting either. Very pricey for what you get.”

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Then, Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar. What is your choice?

The bottom line

In brief, Aeron chairs prove as the most effective chair on days where you sit through most of your day while also maintaining focus.

In case you need something that supports your lower back and helps maintain your posture while working, Aeron Lumbar support is ideal for you. Aeron Lumbar support is also a wise choice for people suffering or prone to back pains and other related issues.

However, if you want something that fits perfectly into ergonomic specifications, hence the Aeron PostureFit chair may satisfy you. 

Last but not least, consider your budget and money efficiency. Make sure you weigh your odds before investing in anything.

The most crucial factor to consider is what your requirements are.

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Hope that this post about Aeron PostureFit vs Lumbar of FittingChairs satisfies your concern!

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