Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron. Which one fits you? Are you in a dilemma about whether you should buy a Herman Miller Sayl chair or an Aeron chair? Find out now with FittingChairs!


Aeron vs Sayl Herman Miller – The story behind

Aeron was designed for a wide range of body types.

Thanks to the extensive research from Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, nearly 30 years ago, Aeron’s launch was pioneering in the office furniture industry.

Decades ago, Aeron chairs changed the perception of what an office chair could do. And now, meet the next generation of Aeron, made with ocean-bound plastic. It’s the exact same chair, but just a little more sustainable.

On the other hand, a little bit different from Aeron office chair, Sayl chair is designed in a way that maximizes the user’s experience when entertaining.

The special gaming edition of Sayl balances ergonomic support and the freedom to move perfectly for gamers who find themselves changing their posture and shifting positions throughout the day.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

And now, when you’re pretty excited about these two Herman Miller chairs? Continue to dive deep into this post with FittingChairs!


Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron. What’s the same?

From the same brand – Herman Miller, Sayl vs Aeron are chairs that grasp ergonomic to the core.

Both Aeron Herman Miller and Sayl Herman Miller were designed for people who want to improve their posture, reduce back pain, and ultimately improve productivity while sitting for a long time, especially for office workers.

Besides, whereas more specialized chairs focus on supporting a specific part of our body, Sayl vs Aeron ergonomic chairs are adjustable and meant to accommodate multiple body types. As such, you often find them in shared workspaces.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

So, what’s the difference between these two chairs? What is the best Herman Miller chair?


Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron. What’s the difference?

Besides similarity as mentioned above, Aeron Herman Miller and Sayl Herman Miller also have their own unique characteristics.

Now, let’s have a quick look at Sayl chair vs Aeron’s comparison!

1. Difference in design

The first difference comes from their design, including design details, dimensions, and materials.

Design Details

The below are some key features of both Herman Miller Sayl office chair vs Herman Miller Aeron office chair listed by FittingChairs:

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sayl work chair makes a big impact with a small footprint. With Sayl chair, at the end of its long life, 90% is recyclable since no PVCs are used.

About the motion, Sayl also features Harmonic Tilt technology, offering sitters a sense of balanced movement and support as they make moves throughout the workday.

Sayl chair’s unique unframed back features elastomer strands that are stretched to provide the greatest tension where support is needed and less in areas that benefit from a greater range of motion.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

On the other hand, in spite Aeron office chair also has similar features, the backrest is designed with fabric, and back support can be selected, which make the Herman Miller becomes more “business” than ever.

Besides, the seat tilt mechanism is unique in this product, which makes Aeron become more strange when compared with others.

Furthermore, Aeron Herman Miller is up to 91% recyclable based on available recycling facilities, since no PVCs are used as well.

Based on design details
Winner: Herman Miller Aeron chair


About dimensions, these two chairs offer obvious differences:

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

As you can see here, Sayl Herman Miller owns 1 size only for all the chairs, while the Aeron office chair is more diverse.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

For some people, the height and weight of a chair determine which one they should buy.

If Sayl chair only applies to 1 size for all types of people, with Aeron chair, you can choose the chair that best suits your body size.

If you are a short person, then you can choose Size A. If you are taller than 6 inches then you should aim for Size C.

There should not be one size that fits all and that’s why Herman Miller Aeron office chair comes in 3 different sizes while Sayl chair comes in only one.

Based on dimensions
Winner: Herman Miller Aeron chair


It is definitely that the material of any chair has a significant role to play in its features.

How can your chair have a great life shell if its material is of poor quality? Let’s check the materials of Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron now!

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

It is clear that the chief components of the Herman Miller Sayl chair model are a sponge and plastic cellular.

The spongy seat does not feel as comfortable as the leather or mesh ones. Besides, while the plastic allows the manufacturer to do a lot of experiments with its design, it may hurt your back since it is quite hard.

However, the interesting here with Say chair is that Sayl is 90% recyclable.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

On the contrary, the Aeron office chair uses pellicle and mesh as its chief component. The seat is also made of mesh that feels quite soft. Mesh is quite durable than the sponge as it can pass the test of time.

The pellicle allows the Aeron office chair to stay cool and maintain the comfortable temperature of your skin.

Based on materials
Winner: Herman Miller Aeron chair

In brief, based on 3 above factors, FittingChairs decided to rate these 2 products as follows:

Sayl vs Aeron
Herman Miller Sayl
  • Unframed 3D Intelligent back features
  • Ventilated back
  • Unique design
  • Back support is unframed
  • Armrests are too tall

With a higher appreciation than Sayl chair in design factors, we decided to rate this one mark higher.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?
Editor’s choice
Herman Miller Aeron
  • Adjustable armrest, standard tilt
  • A more inclusive chair
  • Designed for the elements
  • Back support can be flexible
  • 8Z Pellicle material
  • Its design looks quite similar to the office chairs

So, based on their designs, what would you choose?

2. Difference in adjustments

Now, move on to the adjustment comparison of the two chairs, have a quick watch this detailed video for a step-by-step guide to adjusting the Sayl chair.

From this video, FittingChairs listed some main key features of the Sayl office chair as below:

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

With the slogan:

“Feel Better. Work Better.”

Herman Miller

Sayl Herman Miller allows you to fine-tune to fit your body and its natural movements.

  • Seat height: Ideally, you’ll set your seat height so your feet are flat on the floor with your knees bent at 90-degree angle.
  • Seat depth: In the proper position, you will have a minimum of three fingers of clearance between the back of your knees and the front seat edge.
  • Tilt tension: Adjust the tension to control the ease with which you can recline.
  • Tilt limiter: If you want to lock in how far your chair will recline, use the tilt limiter to sit more upright (or partially reclined).
  • Lumbar adjustment: The lumbar pad helps support the natural curve of your spine.
  • Arm adjustments: Highly adjustable, so you can get them right where you want them
  • Forward tilt: If you like to sit in a more engaged posture, leaning forward, adjust the forward tilt.

Similarly, the Aeron office chair also has ergonomic core adjustment features:

From this video, FittingChairs listed some main key features of the Aeron office chair as below:

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Which You Should Buy?

With Herman Miller Aeron chair, their ergonomic adjust features are similar to the Sayl chair, including adjustable seat height, tilt tension, tilt limiter, lumbar adjustment (can choose between Lumbar adjustment and PostureFit SL), arm adjustments, and forward tilt.

Therefore, it is clear that based on adjustment, since the Aeron chair is less flexible than the Sayl chair, the winner here is the Herman Miller Sayl chair!

Read our Herman Miller Sayl review to know more special features of this winner!

3. Which one allows personalized?

Aeron Herman Miller, which only allows you to choose back support between Lumbar adjustment and PootureFit SL, and is a lot more convenient when it comes to outlook. The colors that Aeron offers are more or less the same, such as graphite, carbon, and mineral.

They make your office look quite serious and less peppy.

On the contrary, Herman Miller Sayl office chair allows you to create an inspiring home office that’s uniquely yours.

Watch this below video and choose from a variety of colors, upholsteries, and finish options:

Keeping in mind the young generation’s taste, Herman Miller has given their Sayl model some exotic color options with an unconventional design.

Some peppy and eye-catchy colors of the Sayl model are hot pink, rust orange, royal blue, etc. All these colors are vibrant enough to lift up your mood during a boring day at the office.

So, if you want to create your own colorful chair, you know which chair to choose.

4. Difference in price

Different from Aeron chair’s high price standard (usually from $1646 to $1965), Sayl chair’s price has a stratification from $695 to $1215, especially, with only $750, you can totally own yourself the special gaming edition of Sayl.

Though both of these chairs come from the same brands – Herman Miller, there is a slight difference in their price as Aeron is a bit expensive.

But, is an Aeron chair worth it? How important is that price when Aeron really gives you comfort and durability?


What’s customer say

We have collected and selected the opinions of customers who have purchased these two chairs:

Herman Miller Sayl Chair review

Positive review from store.hermanmiller.com

Written by Joshua C. “Super comfy without having to do a ton of adjustments ❤️❤️❤️”

Written by Mabel C. “Very sturdy and comfortable. Easy to adjust settings to your liking. Plus it’s got a great modern look and is made in the USA! Softness is around the medium.”

Written by Dale E. “Best office chair I’ve ever sat in and it’s not close. Absolutely love it. Nice support balanced by a soft but not too soft seat. Adjustability is great. It’s nice that it comes assembled but just be ready to cut up the big box.”

Written by Lou H. “Having had “gaming” chairs in the past, they never compared to this gem. Comfort is perfect for my frame and needs. Controls are minimal, but that is all that is needed. Any more and you verge on becoming gimmicky. Love it and have recommended it to others.”

Show more +

Negative review from store.hermanmiller.com

Written by Jonathan P. “Herman Miller’s service is terrible. They delayed shipping for weeks, then had a big sale and wouldn’t honor the price reduction. I guess you can do that when you cater to the elite. The chair itself is just ok. It wobbles on its base more than I’d expect, provides little lumbar support, and feels like the build quality is lacking- like it. Read more about the review stating Mesh a lot of cheap plastic, Office Depot style. Would not buy again.”

Written by Alex S. “The chair came broken (hydraulic cylinder) and was not useable. Chair was returned over a month ago and still waiting on refund…”

Written by Diego A. “I ordered the chair in Neon Green, waited about a week to arrive. When I opened the box, it was the wrong color in white and red. Contacted them immediately but took over 3 weeks to get a refund. Icing on the cake, the chair came with red stains all over it. A joke of a company. Spend your money somewhere else and don’t waste your time dealing witRead more about review stating Hassle-Don’t Waste your Timeh their terrible service and quality control.”

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair review

Positive review from store.hermanmiller.com

Written by Eric T. “I have had back issues for years. I recently changed jobs, I’m a telecommuter (Full Time Remote). The Arron Chair was a must have, not cheap but I no longer finish a day in pain like I did at my precocious job or when working from home.”

Written by Donovan C. “I was surprised by the comfort of this chair. I did have high expectations for comfort, quality, design, and all were significantly exceeded. No doubts for me, this chair is very much worth it and I smile every time I sit in it. Herman Miller delivered earlier than promised, well packaged with no setup. Your not getting it back!”

Written by Jessica T. “Not only is the chair incredible but commutating with customer service was outstanding. They were so responsive and helpful as this was a custom order. And I loved that the chair arrived all set up so I did not have to assemble it.”

Written by Therese R. “I like to write so I spend a lot of time at the computer in my home office. My new Aeron chair makes sitting for long spells very comfortable. While the chair was a bit pricey, the comfort it brings to me make it worth every penny!”

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Negative review from store.hermanmiller.com

Written by Yanni X. “The chair itself is fine, except that I find the medium size ordered was too small for me( I am 5’5”, 68KG). My whole experience purchasing online with HM online was a bad experience. I ordered the chair on Oct 3, received it 56 days later. By the time it was a Christmas sale. HM said it was going to give me a credit for the sales discount they hoRead more about review stating Very slow delivery and poor customer service.noured but it was a lying commitment. No one responded to me when I followed up on the “credit” they promised. I would never order from HM again and will tell all my friends about this bad experience. What a shame.”

Written by Kyle F. “My chair’s delivery has been delayed twice by over two months, and Herman Miller has done nothing but offer me a coupon for 15% off another purchase. For a $2,000 chair, I would expect better communication and better service when delays occur. I have reached out to them multiple times, only to be told that I should contact other departments. The iRead more about review stating Don’t purchase if you need a chairnternal coordination at Herman Miller is horrific, further demonstrated by the fact that my original delivery date was two weeks after my purchase date. I understand supply chain delays, but you should be able to predict your supply two weeks out. If you want to pay top dollar and receive poor service, shop Herman Miller! I hope I get my chair one day”

Written by Ron E. “very comfortable chair, overall…however on the first day of sitting in it, the webbing material on the seat has begun tearing…I have notified the company and they are investigating, they are very responsive and I’m sure they’ll handle it well.

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However, with the negative comments, Herman Miller had quite professional answers and accepted compensation for specific cases.


Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron. What are the Pros and Cons?

After undergoing subjective and objective evaluation (from editor evaluation and customer reviews), here are the pros and cons of Sayl vs Aeron office chair from Fittingchairs.


See more: Steelcase Leap Chair Review


The Bottom Line

After this hardcore battle of Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron, we can find which chair is the winner.

No doubt, if you want some personalization in your chair and your body size fits normal, Sayl is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if your body size is different from the average person, want to choose a chair according to your size, and aim for more comfort, Aeron is suitable for you.

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