8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Sciatica sufferers often need an ergonomic office chair to prevent lower back pain and piriformis syndrome. If you are finding one, the following best office chairs for sciatica of FittingChairs can work for you.

In addition to providing excellent lower back support, the best office chairs for sciatica should promote good circulation under your thighs and legs.

Additionally, when sitting for a long period, it is important to sit correctly and do relaxation exercises.

FittingChairs will let you know 8 best office chairs for sciatica, tips for correct sitting posture, and relaxing exercises you should try.

8 Best Office Chairs For Sciatica

Best Office Chairs For SciaticaIn Short
1. Herman Miller Aeron – Best Overall Office Chair For SciaticaIn spite of its high price, the Aeron is an excellent chair. This chair is designed so that the person sitting on it can move flexibly with the least amount of pressure. See detail
2. Steelcase Gesture – Best Designed Office Chair for SciaticaA beautiful chair! It has a modern minimalist design but hidden inside is a complex structure that gives users a variety of adjustable possibilities. In terms of color options, this chair is the ideal choice if you’re interested. See detail
3. Secretlab Neuechair – Best Value Office Chair For SciaticaFor anyone suffering from sciatica, Neuechair is an affordable option with moderate cost. It is comfortable, spacious, and versatile. See detail
4. La-Z-Boy Delano – Best Office Chair for Heavy People and SciaticaPeople with weight problems often experience sciatica pain. If you are one of them, consider the Delano chair. It can bear loads up to 350lbs. See detail
5. Staples Hyken – Best $200 Office Chair for SciaticaBased on its reliable-looking lumbar support, the Hyken chair was chosen as the best office chair for sciatica in the $200 price segment. See detail
6. Duramont Office Chair – Best $300 Office Chair for SciaticaLike the Hyken, the Duramont was chosen as the best $300 office chair for sciatica because of its worthy backrest. See detail
7. Secretlab Titan – Best Gaming Chair For SciaticaThis list doesn’t have many gaming chairs because they usually focus on something else in their design. For sciatica relief, FittingChairs doesn’t recommend buying a gaming chair. However, it appears that plenty of gamers are interested in this, so if we had to choose a name, we would choose Titan. See detail
8. LeanRite Elite Standing Chair – Best Office Chair for Piriformis SyndromeSciatica sufferers should avoid sitting. Patients are often told that they should leave their sitting desks behind and use a standing desk. The LeanRite chair is designed to support long periods of standing. Obviously not all day long, but we recommend using it in conjunction with a chair to sit. See detail

Herman Miller Aeron – Best Overall Office Chair For Sciatica

When you see the name Herman Miller, you know you’re looking at the best office chair for sciatica with a higher price tag.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron office chair revolutionized office seating with its defining design qualities.

You will also know you’re buying a quality piece of furniture that will last a long time and, most importantly, keep you sitting with a great posture to help alleviate any sciatica pain.

It’s not difficult to believe when you see the Herman Miller Aeron in the category and it’s our pick for best mesh office chair for sciatica.

One point of this chair that you should consider is the sliding posturefit SL. You know, this is the key component to supporting your back while at work. In fact, Herman Miller has been fine tuning this chair over the past 25 years.

Steelcase Gesture – Best Designed Office Chair for Sciatica

When it comes to Steelcase’s line of office chairs, you can’t go wrong with any product from the other brand.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Steelcase Gesture

The Gesture back and seat move as a synchronized system moving with each user to provide continuous and persistent support.

Meanwhile, the Steelcase Gesture is also this brand’s flagship office chair. You can’t ignore this best office chair for sciatica, really. It’s a great option for those dealing with sciatica because it offers a range of motions and contours to your spine.

Not to mention, many parts have adjustability. Take an example, the headrest of this chair is adjustable to keep your neck and upper back in a stable position.

If you keep your neck and upper back straight and secure, your lower back will also be in a suitable position to help alleviate stress or at least stabilize painful sciatica.

About adjustable arms, although this doesn’t definitely help with sciatic pain, it’s a game changer creating overall comfort. The best ergonomic office chair for sciatica also has arm moves 360 like a human arm. It’s effective to own this Gesture for setting in any position that is perfect for all-day typing.

Besides the ability of assisting your sciatica, the Steelcase Gesture comes in a bevy of beautiful colors.

It’s on the sustained side at 72.8lbs, but it can support up to 400lbs, which is quite impressive. As you may not know, Steelcase is always known for modern designs that make office furniture stand out in the crowd.

So, this chair is no different, featuring sleek lines and top quality materials. It’s difficult for you to browse this best office chair for sciatica.

Secretlab Neuechair – Best Value Office Chair For Sciatica

One of the most impressive factors of this best office chair for sciatica is a 12-year warranty and 49-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy from the brand.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Secretlab Neuechair

The NeueChair is an ergonomic chair that includes a degree of flexibility in order to help you find the proper fit.

If you want to know why the Secretlab NeueChair goes beyond our choice for best value. Frankly speaking, it’s fully ergonomic features and is quite easy to use. Its ability to not only help you to sit comfortably, but also balance your body naturally.

Why can you ignore this best office chair for sciatica pain with some great ergonomics factors?

Secretlab with the lumbar support will work well for those who suffer from sciatica pain. Simply adjust the sliding piece on the back to suit the curvature of your spine. This option has a relatively low weight capacity at about 250lbs with a bit narrow size which could make it uncomfortable for those with larger frames.

Anyway, this is still the best office chair for sciatica that is proper for your money. The materials it’s built with are extremely high quality and it has a nice modern look to it.

La-Z-Boy Delano – Best Office Chair for Heavy People and Sciatica

When it comes to La-Z-Boy Delano design, it’s big and tall. In other words, it’s wide enough that it accommodates big size people to sit for longer hours.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

La-Z-Boy Delano

The La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is upholstered in soft bonded leather with rich, solid wood arms and base for a distinguished look.

Also, the seat waterfall edges formed in a sloped method that assists to leave the leg hanging comfortably and letting the blood circulation to move around. Well, it’s good that extended sitting should not form the cramps and tension building around the leg muscles.

Those armchairs are also made of real mahogany, which is a very sturdy wood. Moreover, its ability to recline is extremely important for those who deal with sciatica pain.

One of the most top benefits of a larger chair is a larger weight capacity. With its 55lbs weight, it can support up to 350lbs worth of weight. You can feel secure because this chair undergoes rigorous BIFMA testing.

Staples Hyken – Best $200 Office Chair for Sciatica

Staples Hyken is also a good choice on the top list of the best office chair for sciatica. Detaily, for those experiencing lower back pain with a tighter budget, don’t ignore this excellent choice.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Staples Hyken

Featuring a high-quality frame and upholstery, this chair offers durability, and adherence to ANSI/BIFMA standards delivers reliable performance and safety.

At glance, it doesn’t look as sleek as the more expensive Steecase or Herman Miller options. But, the number of adjustment options on this chair will allow you to tailor for your lower back pain. The adjustable tilt tension features a wide range of seating angles, allowing you to hone in a seating position perfectly.

This back design will fit those who are into a chair that keeps your cooler throughout the workday. The tight mesh also aids in back support, offering a great tool for you to sit all day long.

Related to some downsides of this chair, it belongs to the adjustable arms. Although they go up and down flexibly, they don’t swivel for full 360-degree control. According to some customer reviews, the armrests don’t come down low enough for complete comfort.

With a cheap budget, this chair also can’t hold as much weight as its more expensive counterparts. The chair itself only weighs 28lbs, making it one of the light options on the list of the best office chair for sciatica by FittingChairs.

Duramont Office Chair – Best $300 Office Chair for Sciatica

As mentioned in the heading, you can guess why FittingChairs brings the Duramont to the list of the best office chair for sciatica. This is because its price is under the under the $300 level.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Duramont Office Chair

The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable is an overall fairly unimpressive office chair that scored in the lower portion of the group.

The Duramont Office Chair is packed with a variety of adjustments to support your lower back and keep you productive during the day with its ability for sciatica support.

Let’s dive into some of its features:

  • Recline

You know, those dealing with sciatica pain need a chair that can recline a bit. Don’t worry, the Duramont will fit your demand. The back also has a sliding adjuster to perfectly give you some lumbar support where you need it most.

  • Mesh back

It has not only the recline thanks to recline ability but also mesh materials. Any chair with mesh backing does a great job of keeping your back cool, even if your office or home runs a bit hot.

  • Weight capacity and assembly

In terms of weight capacity, the Duramont Office Chair can support someone who weighs up to 330lbs. Well, this is really a great capacity in this price range. FittingChairs finds this ergonomic office chair quite easy to use immediately thanks to its ease of assembly.

  • Great warranty

It has not only an outstanding design or ergonomic features but also a great warranty. Duramont is such an affordable chair that you can buy that offers a great five-year warranty. Moreover, if you don’t like this chair, you can return it with no questions asked within 90 days.

Now, we will dive into the weak points. Some have pointed out the design of the back can feel a little odd. The seat cushion might also push up between your legs, depending on your height.

Secretlab Titan – Best Gaming Chair for Sciatica

Secretlab Titan is a great option to support your back and prevent your pain from getting worse.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

Secretlab Titan

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 combines multiple proprietary technologies and design innovations for a new level of personalized support and performance.

Indeed, the Titan is a competitively priced chair depending on your choices in material. Of course, there’s a $500 difference between a baseline leather and a more premium NAPA leather and a very outstanding looking SoftWeave fabric option.

When you are purchasing, Secretlab certainly gives you three different color choices on top of those material options.

This chair is designed for those between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 7 inches and who weigh 290lbs or less.

Besides, this Titan is great support and comfort is its patent-pending cold cure foam mix to help with your overall posture, and still provides enough cushion for outstanding comfort.

LeanRite Elite Standing Chair – Best Office Chair for Piriformis Syndrome

Many customers have reported that LeanRite Elite has been very helpful in helping them deal with sciatica pain.

8 Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain for Sitting Long Hours

LeanRite Standing Chair

One of the Amazon customers even wrote in a review that LeanRite Elite “cured” their sciatica “in less than two weeks” – after having suffered with it for seven months.

The risk of sciatica rises for those who are physically inactive and sit for long periods.

LeanRite Elite provides ‘standing support’ (for glutes and low back) to aid in transitioning from sitting to standing

Start by bracing your lower back in the ideal position by using an adjustable lumbar support for sciatica relief.

Seat height adjustment ensure granular control of your weight distribution.

This chair can help you in a sideways or sideways position, encouraging movement. Multiple positions – a combination of sitting positions proven to reduce low back pain.

What Is Sciatica?

Before knowing what is the best office chair for sciatica, let’s FittingChairs know a bit about sciatica pain.

Sciatica is a kind of ache that radiates alongside the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches out of your lower back via your hips and buttocks and down each leg. You know, sciatica affects not only your body but also your working productivity.

Detaily, this pain most commonly takes place whilst a herniated disk, bone spur at the backbone or narrowing of the backbone compresses a part of the nerve.

Usually, while sciatica often occurs in middle-aged people, now this disease is tending to be younger due to unscientific working and living habits. Choosing the right office chair sciatica might work well.

best office chair for sciatica

Source: Core Health Chiropractic

So what is the best office chair for sciatica?

Choosing the Best Office Chair for Sciatica?

When shopping for office chair good for sciatica, you have a number of features and requirements to look into before making a purchase. Here is a guide for you to choose the top-of-the-line ergonomic office chair.


Of course, one best office chair for piriformis syndrome should have ergonomics features. You know, the ergonomics of a chair are most essential, especially for those who have sciatica pain.

When it comes to ergonomics, you might consider some following kind of factors:

  • Adjustable Lower Back Support

This is typically a curved plastic plate that wraps around your back that slides up and down. Obviously, for sciatica, this adjustment will play a part in assisting you work longer without having pain.

More expensive chairs will often feature full back support and ultra-comfortable headrests.

  • Recliner

Similarly, this is a type adjustment that helps you relax during work time. The ability to recline can help you stretch your lower back while sitting and comfortably adjust.

best office chair for sciatica

Source: Nilkamal Furniture

  • Adjustable Armrests

A 360-degree swivel to allow you to use your keyboard and mouse in the most comfortable position according to your wishes. This will also help cut down your chances of carpal tunnel. More expensive office chair models will feature more detailed adjustments, like 360-degree adjustable armrests, or fully adjustable back supports.

It’s not the lack of knobs that control is located under the chair’s seat. But some models figured out that it’s more convenient to include knobs or paddles under the armrests that control things like height.

  • Lumbar Support

In terms of sciatica pain, some kind of lumbar support is critically important. Typically, this support will be controlled by a knob, while other chairs simply mold their mesh back in a similar way that provides adequate lower back support.


It will be related to seat comfort, back comfort, and armrest. Obviously, people want an office chair that is comfortable. If we didn’t, we’d be OK sitting on a slab of stone like a normal chair.

In terms of comfort, don’t forget to look for mesh backing for your back to breathe and keep you cooler. A pair of cushioned armrests with metal or hard plastic that makes typing much more comfortable.

Build Quality

Quality materials are important as any chair — both expensive and cheap — will eventually wear out. Research the materials listed in a product description. A tip is going with the chair with the least amount of plastic, as it wears out the fastest.


Ergonomic office chairs can vary significantly in price, with the cheapest models around $200 and the most expensive models flirting with up to $2,000.

best office chair for sciatica

Source: MyConcept Hong Kong

If you want to buy the best office chair for lower back pain and sciatica with a much higher quality and likely a better looking chair, you can certainly find an office chair that works for you and is affordable.

Remember to stick with your budget and research as much as you can to find your own option can not only help your sciatica pain, but also looks nice in your office.


What Kind Of Chair Is Best For Sciatica?

As FittingChairs mentioned before, a chair that has ergonomic features includes solid lumbar support, armrest, recliner is the best option on the list of the best office chair for sciatica.

What Position Is Best For Sciatica Pain?

There is a fact that there isn’t a perfect position that will cure your sciatica. Instead, stretching and physical activity is the only cure. Following it, proper sitting will prevent your pain from getting worse.

best office chair for sciatica

Source: Minnesota Valley Surgery Center

Let’s sit up straight, keep both feet on the floor, and position your hips and knees at a 45-degree angle. It’s better to add a small pillow under your hips or lower back that can help alleviate any stress around those ligaments, and on the sciatic nerve.

How Do You Sit In An Office Chair With Sciatica?

Keep in mind not crossing your legs and keep your hips and knees bent at a comfortable 45-degree angle. If your chair has wheels and a swivel, it’s important to use it firmly as opposed to constantly twisting your spine in different directions.

See more:

After reading this article of FittingChairs, we hope you will find it easier to know the best office chair for sciatica.

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