8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn’t Ignore

To minimize back pain or exacerbating scoliosis, FittingChairs highly recommend using specialized office chairs. Keep reading to learn more about the best office chairs for scoliosis sufferers.


What Is Scoliosis?

According to NHS, scoliosis is where the spine twists and curves to the sides. It can affect people of all age, from babies to adults, but most often starts in children aged 10 to 15.

Especially, if you’re seated for long hours, the strained muscles generally tend to become even harder. Of course, you will find sitting in an upright position challenging.

Hence, it’s not hard to understand that it turns strenuous for someone having scoliosis to take a seat down for long durations of time. Even this influences the productiveness of the individual.

best office chair for scoliosis

If you are here, you may want to know the best office chair for scoliosis pain. Read on!


Do Ergonomic Chairs Help Scoliosis?

Before learning the best ergonomic office chair for scoliosis, it’s essential to know whether ergonomic chairs can help your scoliosis or not.

Commonly, a good posture can help you reduce back pains. Besides mastering on how to sit in a chair with scoliosis, you will need something more!

Yep! The ergonomic chair for scoliosis will help people with scoliosis. You know, they alleviate the pain completely.

With its specialized design, the height of an office chair scoliosis chair is designed in a way that can be easily manipulated following the pain withinside the back, neck, and shoulders.


What Is The Best Office Chair For Scoliosis?

Here is the top list of the best office chair for scoliosis that you may need:

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

In the top list of the best office chair for scoliosis, the first one is the SIHOO ergonomic office chair.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

5 ergonomic adjustabilities of this computer chair help you to find the most comfortable seating position for a long term sitting.

Well, it’s a fact that this chair is much more affordable for the common. But that does not mean that it becomes less competitive than its fellows. It even stands at the top of the list.

The main reason must be mentioned is the ability of lumbar support. You know, this best type of chair for scoliosis has a lumbar pillow that intrinsically gives safety and comfort for the spine.

The SIHOO office chair also has a particular characteristic of a swivel headrest that rotates 360 degrees. You can sit comfortably in any position because it is supported from the top of the spine down for high quality comfort and support.

Indeed, it also has realistic support for the spine.

Its benefits do not stop there. There must be many other things that make it the preferred choice on the top list of the best office chair for scoliosis back pain of FittingChairs.

best office chair for scoliosis

Another important thing to mention about this great chair is its ergonomics. You know, this chair, encouraged with the aid of the Ergonomics Applications Association.

Detaily, this kind of ergonomic seat is constructed on a layout that has the backrest equal with the human backbone.

This brilliant characteristic lets in for a tighter from the backbone to the chair healthy and facilitates launch the spinal pressure.

SIHOO office chair is not only state-of-the-art in its 120-diplom backrest adjustment, but also possibly even alternate their sitting positions and their operating enjoyment during the day with a clever handrail design.

When it comes to materials, this best chair has a lengthy durability thanks to polymer PP cloth. It may also easily be adjusted to fit your interest.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

With the best office chair for scoliosis back pain like Steelcase Gesture, you don’t have to worry about sitting for lengthy periods.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Gesture is the first office chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. Get it now.

For all ages, sitting too long may be tough, especially, it’s unanimously a nightmare for scoliosis sufferers.

The Steelcase Gesture with the 3D live-back technology, which is designed to flex the movements of your spine and body. That’s great if you want to move back and forth flexibly and smoothly. This 3D technology provides you a good way to take an extra active sitting method where you move whilst seated.

Of course, it’s not just that. In addition, the edge of the seat can bend across the perimeter, which may relieve the strain factors from below your thighs. These ergonomics benefits are really suitable for office workers, especially during work from home because of the current distance.

best office chair for scoliosis

Right from the start, Steelcase has been a great brand with the added benefits of their design. One of the Gesture’s unique aspects is that it has air pockets under the seat foam to allow enough airflow to the person.

The truth is that you will be hard pressed to find any best office chair for scoliosis that offers this great support. With this, no more having to fear your getting too warm and being uncomfortable to take a seat down on too long.

In addition to the above factors, the reason FittingChairs rated this chair highly and included it in the top list of the best office chair for scoliosis is because the fabric is 100% polyester upholstery due to the fact that it’s very tender and breathable.

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair is worth to stand on the list of the best office chair for scoliosis.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

This chair features a nicely padded black mesh backrest and seat. You will get a comfortable and pleasant seating experience with it.

Perhaps its best feature is its affordability than most of the chairs in the market and comes with desirable features on it.

First, FittingChair will review its seat. It is the fact that it provides a comfortable and positive feeling for users thanks to the fact that it comes with several layers of padding for everyday use. The cushion is also one of smart ways for you that can easily adjust the height of the chair, depending on your requirement.

best office chair for scoliosis

With the Modway office chair, you can also tilt backward or forward without a hitch. You know, an essential factor that the best office chair for scoliosis should have is a passive lumbar support that offers additional support and comfort for your spine region.

It also comes with adjustable arms as well as a one-touch chair button to adjust the height of the chair along with a lock system and tilt tension. You can adjust the seating to an excellent vertical position for good posture.

This best office chair for scoliosis also comes with the ability to hold more than 330 pounds.

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

Serta Hannah is definitely a desk chair for scoliosis. It might be appropriate that one of the most trusted brands in back support and minimizing back pain or scoliosis would expand their product in this direction.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

Bring a touch of classic sophistication and ergonomic support to your home office.

Well, it’s a Serta Style Hannah microfiber office chair. This option is one of the best office chairs for scoliosis. Why? It’s equipped with a fully padded chair that offers plenty of cushioned soft support from head to knee with a padded headrest.

While other office chairs often rely on a simple mesh upholstery, this pick opts for a buttery soft microfiber finish. Not only that, this desk chair for scoliosis is also available in seven colors with a variety of individual options. You know, even the cushion of armrests covered in the same microfiber.

It’s no coincidence that this chair stands out for its kind of microfiber material like that. It is suitable for many users but not for all. If you’re the type who sweats easily, you may find that the microfiber and plush chair can leave you running hot with prolonged use. This is one of the minus points when using this best office chair for scoliosis.

However, do not ignore it because of the above. This scoliosis office chair features full adjustments in the seat height, arm height, and general height.

best office chair for scoliosis

More specifically, this is a great mobile chair with five castors and 360-degree swivel support. You are sure to have a fun experience with this chair.

Besides, you can adjust the height of this chair from 40.25 to 44 inches as well. While the seat height can be adjusted from 18 to 21.75 inches, the arm height can be shifted from 26 to 29.75 inches.

The good height adjustment as well as great lumbar support to correct any back problems you may have. Did you find it worthy of its place on this list of the best office chair for scoliosis?

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big And Tall Chair

La-Z-Boy is another option on the top list of the best office chair for scoliosis that are known for creating comfort.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big And Tall Chair

The layered body pillows offer enduring comfort, and the fixed padded arms provide extra support for your shoulders and upper body.

In fact, if you prefer a sleek leather look to your office, then their Trafford chair is perfect for you thanks to its functions and aesthetics.

Frankly speaking, FittingChairs bij attracted by the pick features flexible air technology with lumbar cushions that automatically pivot as you move. Well, all for you to get the proper support from every angle.

The La-Z-Boy Trafford chair is designed as a big and tall chair, which means that it’s ideal for larger or taller people who normally struggle to get comfortable in standard-size office chairs. This chair really stands out because of its ability to accommodate up to 400 pounds.

best office chair for scoliosis

Furthermore, you’ll feel well-supported with the deeply layered foam body pillows, 360° swivel capability and waterfall seat edge that helps to promote circulation in your legs.

Alera Aleel42me10b Elusion Chair

The Alera ALEEL42ME10B Elusion Chair is also ranked on our list of desk chair for scoliosis.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Alera Aleel42me10b Elusion Chair

It combines a timeless design with premium comfort to add a refined look to any office space.

What makes this the best office chair for scoliosis back pain? Let FittingChairs read on. For you, this is a multifunction chair that comes with adequate back support and is adjustable.

The first plus point to mention is the seat. It comes with a forward tilt that you can adjust and a cushion made up of memory foam. The mesh material at your back that offers you breathing space during those hot summer days.

How about the central part? The Alera continues to offer users ample lumbar support and the seat contours to your body shape.

best office chair for scoliosis

With positive aspects, you can also adjust the armrest, and they come with polyurethane padding. When you sit on the seat pad comes with premium upholstery and a waterfall edge, you will feel free and comfortable. Similarly, its arms are tall and flexible as well.

Workpro Quantum 9000

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 has plenty of adjustment features to let you take control of the way you sit.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Workpro Quantum 9000

This ergonomic chair has a nylon frame with a steel under-core for enduring strength and durability.

Adjustability is definitely a crucial part of reducing back pain and ensuring a healthy posture. Look! You will be wiser when choosing this one of best chairs for scoliosis.

The best office chair for scoliosis also has adjustable seat depth. This is extremely helpful for people with long or short legs. It allows you to maintain good back support via the entire seat cushion and alleviates some of the pressure on your knee joints and your pelvis area.

best office chair for scoliosis

Also, don’t ignore a 3D armrest with the ability to pivot, a height-adjustable backrest, and a robust tilt mechanism. The Quantum 9000 has an adjustable backrest to cater to people of all sizes which also helps you focus better while working.

However, one of weak points is that its lumbar support area isn’t adjustable.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

On this list of the best office chair for scoliosis by FittingChairs, the Herman Miller Aeron is also an ideal choice for anyone who has scoliosis.

8 Best Office Chairs for Scoliosis You Shouldn't Ignore

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron has been remastered in practically every way, resulting in a piece that better supports people and the types of work we do today.

Anyway, it’s best to have a chair to relieve the tension in your back and promote a healthy posture rather than a normal office chair. Or, you can check out our top pick of best office chair for back pain to discover which one is the best for you.

Then you will not be able to ignore this Herman Miller Aeron chair. When it comes to ergonomics features, it has their patented 8Z pellicle suspension backrest and seat that provides eight zones with varying levels of tension to relieve the pressure points in your back.

Besides, FittingChairs also like this Aeron office chair in terms of characteristics, especially a wide range of tilt angles that you can choose from. These tilt angles let you change your posture based on your activity. While you can tilt your chair slightly forward if you want to be completely focused, you can also tilt backward if you plan on taking a nap or relaxing.

best office chair for scoliosis

A fully adjustable armrest lets you rest your arms, which removes the burden of having to hold it up or having it set awkwardly on your desk. This chair indeed offers many adjustment options. With this part too, you can adjust its height, depth, and angle to ensure you get your arms in the right position that feels most comfortable to you.

Not to mention, this mesh material is not only breathable to allow airflow but also very flexible, which allows users to freely move around in their seats.


Best Office Chair For Scoliosis FAQs

What Makes The Office Chair For Scoliosis So Unique?

This is a kind of office chair that is especially designed for scoliosis. Generally, they are made of the finest materials to give your back a comfortable posture for log hours of sitting.

Most of the chairs designed for scoliosis and back pain patients are made of mesh for better airflow. Not only that, they are equipped with the lumbar support to make the best office chair for sitting long hours.

Are mesh chairs better for your back?

When it comes to mesh material, comfort is easier to discuss in ergonomic terms. You know, the best office chair for scoliosis back pain should contour to your body to spread your body weight across a larger area. This will reduce the pressure that your hips, buttocks and spine incur. Although mesh may stretch and sag over time a bit, a softer cool mesh will give your better experience.

Is A Gaming Chair Good For Scoliosis?

Gaming chairs are not only super stylish, comfortable, but only definitely a gaming chair is the best chair for scoliosis.

best office chair for scoliosis

This chair comes with a slim-enoughed shape that provides full support to the lower back and shoulder blades. It can ensure an upright position and freedom of movement. Unlike traditional office chairs, gaming chairs are ergonomic and adjustable enough for giving proper balance and support.

Is Lumbar Support Good For Scoliosis?

Almost the best office chair for scoliosis should have lumbar support. They are also good for scoliosis users due to the fact that they assist and prevent the progression of scoliosis.

The list of top pick related to the back support for office chair of FittingChairs can help you choose the best one for yourself.

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Have you determined the best office chair for scoliosis yet? Just consider these above options of FittingChair to improve your working condition.

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