Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn’t Dismiss

While most of the ergonomic chairs on the current market always price from $200, in this article, FittingChairs will give you a list of the best office chair under $100.

Below are some ideal options in terms of the best office chair under $100 that FittingChairs have gathered. Read on!


Best Office Chair under $100

Here is a top list of the best office chair under $100:

VECELO Premium Mesh Chair

One of the best picks for the best office chair under $100 is the Vecelo desk chair. Nearly all parts of this office chair will offer you a good deal.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

VECELO Premium Mesh Chair

If you are searching for the best ergonomic office chair under $100 that supports a high weight limit for your workspace, the VECELO Premium Mesh Chair is a top choice.

The foremost thing that will surprise you is the seat height. It may be adjusted from 17.5 to 19.2 inches, even this chair can be used beneath most desks.

This chair comes with a mesh back that allows your skin to breathe while also supporting your upper body. Not only that, the back of the chair also has a recline mechanism, which allows you to change the tilt of the chair to your preferred position with no barriers.

When it comes to the comfy of the best desk chair under $100, you can’t also dismiss its cushion. It is padded for extra long-lasting comfort, and it’s designed to accommodate your body and let you sit comfortably for long periods of time.

The casters of the chair are durable and nylon-encased, so you can spin and move it around without risk of breaking it or scratching your floor.

However, a weak point of this chair is its arms rest. It is quite low that can make some individuals uncomfortable.

Furmax Ribbed Leather Ergonomic Task Chair

The Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair is the best office chair under $100 with plenty of customization choices for working from home.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

Furmax Leather Task Chair

This Furmax chair features a gorgeous all-white design with a range of adjustability options. The padded back and seat are both comfortable, making this a great purchase for those who want the best office chair at a low price.

What are special points of this most comfortable office chair under $100 from Furmax? Its white color is really appealing.

Moreover, this Furmax ergonomic office chair includes a height-adjustable base. It also tilts forward and back for napping.

Thanks to an ergonomic design that supports the lumbar region and a generously padded back and seat, the chair is also very comfortable.

If you are considering the best office chair for lower back pain, you will also see it in some lists.

The leather upholstery is attractive and luxurious. Nevertheless, it’s not surprising when you discovered that it heated up significantly after many hours of use.

Furmax also has a drawback in terms of adjustability. Detaily, this option on our list of the best office chair under $100 is missing a headrest, which could be an issue for those suffering from neck pain.

Frankly speaking, this chair can be worked greatly for computer, gaming, home office, conference room, offering extra comfort for long hours sitting.

AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair is a terrific product at a great price.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair

This chair has a beautiful leather design that comes in three colors, and high-end amenities with a reasonable price. If you want the best office chair under $100, AmazonBasics Classic chair is a terrific chair to buy.

This chair is definitely one of the best office chair under $100 Amazon which comes with a stunning leather design that is available in three colors.

Not only that, it’s also built-in lumbar support which is good for those who are seeking the best office chair for back pain.

What’s more in this option that makes it standing in the top list of FittingChairs? A fully adjustable base for easy height adjustment, and a padded seat and back.

Its chair’s dual-wheel casters are silent, and it was incredibly simple to put together.

Despite the fact that the chair can allow you to lock specific sitting angles in place, it can slant slightly even when secured.

Also, there is also a weak point. It doesn’t offer a headrest, which may be an issue for those of you who are taller than usual.

ELECWISH Office Chair

The office chair offered by ELECWISH is one of the most valuable on our list of the best office chair under $100.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

ELECWISH Office Chair

Elecwish chair comes with an impressive selection of great-looking, comfortable, versatile, and best of all, it’s an affordable gaming chairs.

It can still be purchased with an affordable price and is justified by several outstanding features, including a 5-shape backrest curve for consistent comfort and breathable linen fabric for the back and seat of the chair.

With the diversity of functionality offered by ELECWISH, you may change the height and tilt the back by 30 degrees with an SG3 air rod whenever you need to relax.

Not to mention, its armrests can make this chair become the best ergonomic chairs with flip up arms for easy storage. The chair can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Overall, this chair is composed of high-quality materials that will endure a long time and available in seven distinct tones, even though the price is a little pricey compared to other options in this list of the best office chair under $100.

Furmax Office Mesh Chair

This Furmax mesh chair is worth the name of the stylish office chair under $100.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

Furmax Office Mesh Chair

The Furmax Mid Back Office Chair is an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support that you can buy in quantity for all of the rooms in your house or workplace for far under $100.

The Furmax Office Mesh Chair is a reliable product that provides decent lumbar support thanks to an ergonomic design, a breathable mesh back that keeps cool during extended usage, and a thick padded seat.

It’s also available in ten various colors to match the aesthetics of any home office. It’s also the cheapest chair on the list, and it’s easy to put together.

You don’t need to check out the best office chair under $300, not to mention under $100 for more economical options while you are on a plan of saving money.

Although it can lead the top office stools on the market with removable armrests, this kind of a wonderful feature of Furmax chairs is not adjustable, which could be a problem.

YOUNBO Adjustable Office Chair

The YOUNBO Adjustable Office Chair will surprise you with a long-lasting feature that should last you for a long time thanks to the five-year warranty.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

YOUNBO Adjustable Office Chair

This is the best office chair seat cushions that are portable, orthopedic, and extremely comfortable like this. YOUNBO has a new modern cool style, beautiful generous and strong practicability.

This chair has a variety of adjustment points, including an adjustable headrest, rocking mechanism, tilting capabilities, and more, making it a fully ergonomic chair that can accommodate almost anybody.

The imitation leather is appealing, and the maximum weight capacity is up to 450 pounds, which has the highest weight on this list. Of course, you can’t miss this choice if you are seeking the best office chair under $100 for heavy person.

Because of these features, the chair ranks among the best office chairs under $100 on this list. Also, while it offers many adjustability choices, its armrests could not be changed in any way, although they may be totally removed.

Anyway, it is still a sufficiently comfy piece of office furniture to make our list.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

The Hbada office task desk chair will be the next option in this list of the best office chair under $100 making it a terrific space saver.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada office chair is what the best office chair under $100 should be. It’s compact, lightweight, and comfortable enough to help you fly through any task without distractions.

Foremost, this special feature makes this chair a pop of foldable armrests that allow the entire product to be tucked flush against a desk.

Of course, you cannot seek this characteristic in all the options under $100.

It’s also a comfy chair with strong lumbar support, deep seat padding, and a height-adjustable base.

Its attractive sleek design and cool and breathable mesh even when used for long periods of time make Hbada become the best overall office chair under $100 or maybe over depend on timely price and promotion.

Just look at it as an ideal option if you want to consider getting the best memory foam seat cushions, which offer ergonomic designs, lumbar support, pain alleviation, durability, and breathability.

The chair’s maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Anyway, it is otherwise a superb product that is well worth its place on this list.

KOLLIEE Office Chair

If you are finding the best office chair under $100, you can’t ignore this ideal option with the great ability of weight supporting.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

KOLLIEE Office Chair

Built to be long-lasting and comfortable, this mesh office chair can satisfied most people needs. This is a highly ergonomic product making it perfect for those who are looking for a chair that lasts.

This KOLLIEE office chair has a 360-degree rotation and hooded caster wheels that make it easy to roll and pivot.

Also, the seat’s foam cushion is extremely resilient, providing comfort throughout working hours while still preserving its original shape for a long period.

The breathable mesh backrest was also robust and difficult to deform. Overall, the black mesh also covers the product’s back as well as the padded seat.

When it comes to adjustability as well as personalizing your posture, its lever to the right of the cushion allows you to modify the chair’s height by around 4 inches.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

This is the first option on the top list of FittingChairs related to the best office chair under $100. The SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair is definitely a high-quality office product.

Top of the Best Office Chair under $100 That You Shouldn't Dismiss

SMUGDESK Ergonomic Office Chair

Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair is definitely the best office chair under $100 with lightweight and mesh back, adjustable height and a thick sponge seat pad for comfort.

This great chair will offer you both comfort and breathability at the same time.

Also, the SMUGDESK is equipped with a ventilated mesh backrest, a comfy memory foam seat cushion, soft armrests, and an integrated lumbar pad that helps maintain posture.

Its assembly ability was simple, with everything you needed included in the package. Moreover, a budget-friendly price will make you can’t ignore it.

Of course, there is no product that can be good at all aspects. SMUGDESK, too.

Though the best high back office chair under 100 from SMUGDESK is well-made and can hold weights of up to 300 pounds, its dimensions make it impossible for anybody over 6’2″ to sit comfortably.


Buying Guide For Best Office Chair Under $100


When it comes to an essential feature of the best office chair under $100, considering the maximum weight a chair can support.

In this list, FittingChairs has given some options that can accommodate to 250 pounds. This implies that even if you don’t require the chair to support a lot of weight, it won’t break quickly.

Assemble ability

Whether you have to pay over $300 or the best office chair under $100, pick any option that can’t make you won’t have to battle with assemble ability.

With every option in the above list of FittingChairs, they always come with all the necessary tools and screws and can usually be assembled in under 30 minutes, with some requiring as less than 15 minutes.


When you need the best office chair under $100 to sit for long periods of time, a chair that allows your skin to breathe is a must-have feature.

Of course, following that, it needs to come with a mesh back, which is a breathable and easy-to-clean material.


If you’re prone to back and neck problems, you’ll want to choose a chair with a lot of adjustment options.

Height, headrest height, armrest position, and lumbar cushions are all commonly adjustable features of modern office chairs.

Finding the precise suitable specifications for your body will assist reduce pressure and let you sit for longer periods of time without agony.

At least, looking for a chair with strong lumbar support if the chair doesn’t have a lot of adjustment choices.

best office chair under $100

Additional Features

Many of the chairs listed above by FittingChairs all come with extras like caster wheels that work well on both carpet and hardwood floors, breathable mesh backrests that keep your back cool.


Should I Buy an Office Chair Under $100?

In fact, buy any certain option in terms of the best office chair under $100. It will not only offer you some outstanding features but also fit your wallet.

If you want to avoid back, neck, and lumbar pain, you must find an ergonomic office chair that will assist you in maintaining proper posture.

However, while certain chair models are rather costly, requiring you to pay more than $200, there are other good-quality chairs that are not as costly.

Overall, these best office chair under 100 dollars above all have features like height adjustment, tilting back to relax, flipping up the armrests, and a mesh back and ergonomic design.

As a result, if you’re searching for an excellent office chair at a reasonable price, these are the chairs to consider.


FAQs of Best Office Chair Under $100

Why are office chairs so expensive?

An ergonomic task chairs or office chairs will be backed by years of research and development.

Because the expense of research and development is integrated into the final product, it’s easy to understand why these chairs are usually more expensive.

Furthermore, you are paying for a chair that is designed to relieve pain and stress in your body for sitting long hours.

How much does a good quality office chair cost?

Depending on the build quality, adjustability, and other great features, office chairs can cost anywhere from $100 to $1500.

A high-quality ergonomic chair with a 10-year guarantee, personalization possibilities, and at least four extra features should cost between $350 and $800.

Is it worth it to get an expensive office chair?

Choosing a more expensive office chair that lasts a decade or longer will save you money over buying a $100 or $200 chair that you will have to replace every few years.

Furthermore, compared to lower-priced chairs, these expensive chairs offer more personalization feature and better adjustments.

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FittingChairs have mentioned some outstanding options belonging to the best office chair under $100. Hope you pick a chair that is right for you. Don’t forget to comment if you find it interesting.

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