Knoll Regeneration: The Better Update

The update of the Knoll Generation chair is the Regeneration. Read this Knoll ReGeneration review from FittingChairs to dive deep down in its design and features.


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Knoll ReGeneration review: What’s special about its design?

For your information, Knoll is a premium brand that develops modern designed office chairs with high-tech engineering.

In terms of quality, it’s on par with other premium brands such as Steelcase and Herman Miller.

The Knoll ReGeneration is the latest addition to its line of mesh-backed desk chairs with the name Generation.

The chair looks simple and modern. It looks similar to the Herman Miller Aeron and the Sayl chair. The S-shaped backbone also resembles the Mirra a lot.

Compared to the Generation design, the ReGeneration is lighter, more compact, and less expensive.

Knoll has also upped the TreeHugger quotient.

The ReGeneration uses materials constructed from a number of eco-friendly sources. Corn by-product for the flex back, 35 environmental fabrics, aluminum, recyclable plastics and more are among these.

In details, the elastomer net on the back of the chair makes use of corn by-products, and the foam in the seat cushion is partially sourced from soy-based materials.

The structural design is very minimal, using as little plastic as possible and eschewing the shell that manufacturers commonly use to cover the innards.

The stylized contours of the chair compliment any modern desk or office space.

Knoll offers a number of ways for you to customize your chair before you buy. The’re various types of fabrics for the cushion, the flex back netting comes in different types and the base, or feet, come in dark plastic or polished aluminum.

It’s quite stable, sturdy even if you move and fidget a lot. The wide lower back supports you effectively while sitting straight up or sitting at an angle sideways.

The brand offers a 10-12 years warranty, similar to what Herman Miller and Steelcase offer. The generous warranty period speaks volumes of the durability and construction of the chair.


Knoll ReGeneration review: How can it help you improve your health?

The Knoll ReGeneration provides many ergonomic features to support your back and posture.

Comfort seat

The seat has a cushioned padding. It feels a bit firm on the buttocks. But the thin cushion seems to hold up pretty well.

If you’re looking for firm support, you might find the seat of the chair comfortable.

However, it’s not the type of cushion that will cradle your butt, since the shape of the cushion is pretty much straight. This allows you to sit in the chair sideways.

Knoll ReGeneration review

Back and lumbar support

The ReGeneration is made from a very flexible material called onyx. The backseat has an S curve and it follows each of your movement.

The backseat feels kind of thin but it’s very supportive. If you try to bend the backseat with your hand, it won’t break.

The netting design of the backrest is breathable. The chair also features adjustable lumbar support. There’s a thin bar at the back that you can move up and down to adjust it.

Since it’s flexible, you can move almost any way you wish or sit in any position you want.

One of the most prominent features of the ReGeneration is the 270-degree sit flex design. This allows you to sit in a sideway position and still get that support for your back.


The chair initially comes with armrests that can be adjusted up and down. It’s made of plastic so it may be a bit uncomfortable for many people.

Seat height

You can also adjust the height of the chair, the depth of the seat cushion. Making adjustments is super easy using the levers under the seat.

Aside from the adjustable lumbar support, the Knoll ReGeneration also offers the footring. You can adjust its height as well.

See how to adjust the Knoll ReGeneration in the following video from BTOD:


Knoll ReGeneration review: Customer reviews

The following are some Knoll ReGeneration reviews on the Fully website.

Positive Knoll ReGeneration reviews

A Knoll ReGeneration review from Leah: “I’m very happy with this chair.”

I bought this chair along with the Jarvis bamboo standing desk almost a year and absolutely love both. Will the HAG Footring and StepUp accessory will work with this chair? Even with the desk at it’s lowest position, my short legs could use a footrest and this looks perfect if they are compatible.

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Daniel: “Very comfortable with great Lumbar support.”

I’ve tried a lot of chairs for work and home use and this is by far my favourite. Setup was super quick, less than 5 mins. This is the first chair that actually supports my lower back and has proper lumbar support. I would definitely recommend this chair to anyone who has issues with lumbar.

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Negative Knoll ReGeneration reviews

Nancy: “Really dislike the chair.”

While I had high hopes, I was very disappointed when the chair arrived. The chair feels low quality and cheap. The back is a hard plastic material that feels uncomfortable. The arm rests are also hard Plastic, not soft at all, and have pieces of plastic protruding from where the Plastic was melted together. For the price I expected much higher quaRead more about review stating Really dislike the chairlity. Instead it actually brought me discomfort.

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Knoll ReGeneration review: Should you buy this chair?

The ReGeneration is one of the most flexible office chair. And the flexibility does not only from the thin material. It’s made from skillful engineering as well. And it’s a greener option too.

If you are looking for a modern and comfortable office chair, the Knoll ReGeneration is a good option.

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Hopefully, this Knoll Regenaration review of FittingChairs can help you have a deeper look at this chair and make your best purchase.

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