Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2: Which Is the Better Office Chair?

Steelcase has added superb designs and cutting-edge technologies into seats that are reasonably priced. Is the Steelcase Series 2 a far superior option to the Series 1?

Let’s find out with FittingChairs what are differences of Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2.


Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2. The Story Behind

Steelcase is a well-known office furniture brand that has been around for almost a century. You can anticipate unique and futuristic design, cutting-edge technology, similar as Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2.

With the Series 1, Steelcase has made items that are beneficial to both people and the environment.

This chair can sustainable design framework ensures that their goods are created with life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles in mind.

“Steelcase Series 1 office chair delivers on what’s important – performance, style and choice. It retains everything that’s valued in a chair, while making it attainable for everyone.”

— Steelcase

On the other hand, Steelcase Series 2 has created more about the sustainability attributes of the high-performing task chair.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

This provides sophisticated support through a novel geometric design. The wave pattern has been designed to flex in many dimensions for responsive, tailored comfort and fit many people.


Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2. What’s The Same?

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 feature a lot of similarities in terms of design.

Firstly, when it comes to materials, Steelcase Series 1 vs Steelcase Series 2 are both made of high-quality materials.

Both of these items have a clean, sleek, modern appearance that will look fantastic in any office. The Series best chair features a unique geometric design that supports your spine in a very comfortable manner.

Both chairs have a strong feel to them and make it simple to establish a comfortable sitting position.

Not to mention, both have the option of selecting from a variety of stunning colors.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the designs of Steelcase chairs, and this is true for both series. The fascinating thing is that both chairs have a design that is somewhat similar.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

In terms of colors, both the Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 come in a variety of colors.

This is ideal for individuals who wish to personalize and customize their office. You’re likely to find the ideal hue for your needs with so many possibilities to pick from. This makes them look incredibly vivid and exquisite.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 both have a new and outstanding feature called LiveBack Technology of Series 1 and Air LiveBack Technology of Steelcase Series 2 that provides improved back support.

The best Steelcase chair have unique features that allow them to move in sync with your movements. This feature allows you to modify your recline and sit in a more comfortable position.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Air pockets built inside the chairs make them more pleasant to sit in, and both Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 feature them.

In Steelcase chairs comparison, both chairs include mesh backs, which allow for greater airflow than a typical office chair. This function makes the chair even more pleasant to sit in during the hottest months.


Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2. What’s The Difference?

Difference in design

Overall, the Series 2 chairs are nearly 2 inches taller than the Series 1 seats. Besides, there isn’t much of a difference in the size of the two Series office chairs.

If you care about the appearance of your office chair, the Series 1’s mesh and upholstery are available in complementary hues.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Both of Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 are exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. The latter has a more modern appearance and is somewhat taller and wider than Series 1.

The Series 1 chair weighs 29 pounds altogether, while Steelcase Series 2 weighs 36 pounds.

When it comes to the weight capacity of the chairs, both Series 1 vs 2 can handle up to 300 pounds, while Steelcase Series 2 can hold up to 400 pounds.

So, without a surprise, Series 2 comes outstandingly more than Series 1 in this circumstance. Anyway, the chair height and the weight capacity surely outweighed other factors.

Indeed, the Steelcase Series 2 has been designed expressly to foster a healthy work environment, whereas Series 1 does not. Specifically, this chair is created with ergonomic design.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

This is the most significant distinction between these two office chairs.

Related to other design details, the back of the chair, which is slightly different in the Series 2, will be a very apparent difference.

Even though the Series 1 has a curvier design than the Series 2, the mesh back and padded seat should look very familiar.

Difference in adjustments

In terms of adjustment, what’s difference between Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2? Read on!

In fact, the Series 2 has more ergonomic features than the Series 1, and is designed to provide every user with quick, simple adjustments.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Series 1 features an adjustable lumbar support brace, but you can only change the height. Whilst, the optional height-adjustable lumbar of the latter can adjust 3.75″ to provide additional back support and comfortably fit the curve of your back.

In terms of the armrests adjustment, with Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2, you can adjust to a significant degree. They swivel and may be moved in and out, forward and back, up and down.

More especially, the armrests of the Steelcase Series 2 are upgraded. The 4D adjustable arms of this chair can work better in supporting the user’s neck and shoulders, even as they change tasks, move.

Besides, the reclining resistance and tilt tension of the Steelcase Series 1 can’t be adjusted independently. They’re both integrated into one knob, and there are only three options to pick from.

Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

About Series 2, three comfort settings to conform to every user’s personal sitting preferences including an upright back lock, a full recline with weight-activated tension and a full recline with weight-activated tension and boost. Read this post for more essential information about the Steelcase Series 2 review.

The Series 1 also includes an adjustable seat depth and is generally simple to adjust for most people. Whilst, this feature of Series 2 adjusts to position the seat forward or backward to accommodate various leg lengths, even locking in place.

Difference in price

Are there difference in price in comparison of price between Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2?

Depending on the type and where you buy it, the Steelcase Series 1 is just slightly cheaper than the Steelcase Series 2.

In addition, neither of these seats comes with headrests in the standard model. If you need, you may purchase an extra headrest for roughly $70–$80 whether you choose one between Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2.


Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2. What’s Customer Say?

Here are somewhat customer said on Amazon about Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2:

Steelcase Series 1 Review

Positive Review

BooZeR reviewed 5 star: “Very Comfortable. Durable. Competitively priced.”

“I got the version of this chair (purple) that was much cheaper than other colors and it looks great and is extremely comfortable. My back pain is almost all gone after using this chair for only a couple of weeks. I’m actually buying another one I like it so much. I’m a bigger guy and I feel like I have a decent amount of room even though the chair is fairly compact. Arm rests pop out nicely and are very adjustable and are made from durable but soft material. Do yourself a favor and get this chair.”

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Nick G. said “A very comfortable great looking compact desk chair”

“I purchased this chair to replace a high quality office desk chair which had a low back and was basically aging and not easy to adjust anymore. I must say that I am very particular about quality vs price. Although I was not willing to spend well over a thousand dollars on a Herman Miller Aeron chair, I didn’t want a cheap $179 poor quality uncomfortable chair either.

This Steelcase Series 1 fits right into my budget and is really worth the $415 price. The mesh back with lumbar support is very comfortable and the seat is a firm cushion with very good quality fabric like my old chair. You can lean back and still feel fully supported. I must say it fit right within all the metrics for me. (BTW, I’m 5’10” and 230 lbs. ) I would definitely recommend this chair!”

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Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Negative Review

G. Palaia: “It wasn’t for me but it is stylish.”

“I bought this chair because I sit at a desk for many hours every day and was starting to develop back pain. I was hoping a more premium chair (I know this is kind of entry level but I find it really hard to justify spending more than this) would solve my problem.

I really wanted to like this chair because it is really stylish but I continued to have back pain. I also didn’t like how the arms were too adjustable (the pads can shift from right to left and back and forth but do not lock so they’re almost moving around which to me just kind of defeats the purpose of them being adjustable).

I might take my review with a grain of salt, though, because I found that mesh chairs in general just do not provide enough support to keep my back in correct posture. The lumbar support on this one was difficult to adjuster and didn’t really change that situation for me.”

Doug 5: “Not what I expected – most likely will return – if possible”

“I bought this chair on reviews saying this was one of the best ergometric chairs. I disagree. First off the chair comes completely disassembled – without assembly instructions. Luckily the assembly is semi-intuitive. It does contain an adjustment guide. It I had been able to try this chair in a store I would not have purchased it.

This chair is sold as comfortable and highly adjustable, it is not. I find the chair uncomfortable and the adjustments limited.

1) Height adjustment is only really good adjustment.

2) Back adjustment has only three options – locked upright, stiff full recline and lighter full recline. Locked upright is very uncomfortable. There is no ability to control range of back tilt which is excessive – feels like 35+ degrees.

There is no control of forward tilt short of full upright. Back has strong tendency to throw you forward. As a result I am always pushing back to get into and stay in a comfortable position.

3) The seat depth is problematic. I am 6′ 2″ and with full seat forward it only comes to mid-thigh. Full back I seriously doubt it would be usable by 6 year-old.

4) Arm rests – Were difficult to install. I had to really work them to get the height adjustment to work properly. The worst is the hard elbow pads. Yes they move in and out and rotate but they float and have no positional lock. I am 75 and need the armrests to get in and out of the chair.

As soon as you try getting into or out of the chair the elbow pads move out and rotate making for a VERY unstable situation. I have to be careful getting up especially. Personally I feel this chair should be recalled as hazardous until the elbow pads can be locked in place.

5) The chair is designed to be toollessly snapped together. Once, snapped together several parts, like the arm rests, cannot be unsnapped. This makes disassemble for return impossible. Not sure how I could return if I cannot disassemble. Steelcase normally makes very good office furniture but this one is an exception and it is overpriced for what you get.

I am going to give it a week and see if I adjust but will most likely send back.

UPDATE – The more I use this chair, the less I like it. I will attempt to return even though I cannot disassemble it.”

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Steelcase Series 2 Review

Positive Review

A customer MarbletownKH reviewed the Steelcase Series 2 on Amazon “So far, I’m impressed.”

“Received the chair this afternoon and my first impression is that it is both comfortable and supportive. The chair is highly adjustable. The cushion is supportive and thick and the plastic back support is cool temperature wise and angled nicely.

I am really happy with it! I was considering the leap version but this was more cost effective and seems to have all the features I was interested in.”

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Anon: “Worth it”

“Solid, supportive good quality foam in the seat, rolls well, adjustable arm positions, adjustable seat depth and height.

Chair could use more adjustments to customize to your body but that’s what going up in the product line would get you.”

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Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2

Negative Review

An anonymous customer review 2 stars for the Steelcase Series 2 “Decent chair…poor packing…poor delivery…unsanitary.”


  1. Box arrived open
  2. Box arrived covered in layers of dirt/dust/filth
  3. Chair was covered in thin piece of paper, arm rest covered in additional thin paper, gas cylinder in a smaller separate box…all four pieces were free to move around the big box unsecured crushing/smashing into each other the entire way.
  4. Box arrived late (especially since I had to pay an additional shipping rate, despite having Prime Membership).
  5. Little to no instructions of how to assembly and use chair. Does not specify what 1 vs. 1a is nor what 1 b is? on the assembly kit. No instructions on use of chair.


  1. Once cleaned off using many, many wipes and other sanitizing things…the chair is easy to put together.
  2. Chair is initially comfortable and seems supportive.

Considering that I am paying over $500 (plus an additional delivery fee) for this chair…they should have better wrapped/insulated the individual pieces so that it did not move/rattle the entire way within the delivery box (it’s no wonder it arrived open). Nor should it be covered in heavy layers of dirt. The chair itself seems decent, seems supportive, seems comfortable and easy-ish to put together…can’t say I recommend buying it on here though.

Will revise post if anything changes and after utilizing the chair over a longer period of time.”

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Niyaliza: “This chair is not worthy the price”

“This chair was very expensive and not comfortable at all.”

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Steelcase Series 1 Vs Series 2. What Are The Pros And Cons?


The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that the Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 are the best office chairs.

But which office chair is the better of the two? Although the Series 1 has a lot of nice features, why stick with an older model when there’s a newer one available?

FittingChairs would go with the more advanced Steelcase Series 2, which is the more expensive one. It may cost a little more than the Series 1, but it is well worth it.

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If you are interested in the best Steelcase chair, we hope this article of FittingChairs related to Steelcase Series 1 vs Series 2 comparison will help you partly.

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