Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Your Wrist? Here’s Final Answer

If you’ve ever experienced wrist soreness, fatigue, you will understand how it can seriously hamper your productivity. Are mechanical keyboards better for your wrist? Find out the answer with FittingChairs!

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands Than Other Types of Keyboards?

Switching to an ergonomically designed mechanical keyboard can be extremely beneficial for those who frequently use a keyboard.

Are mechanical keyboards better for your hands? Well, the answer is definitely Yes, especially when set up and used correctly. 

Mechanical keyboards can be better for your hands and wrists because the switches they use and their ability to be customized specifically to your needs provide a more comfortable operation experience.

Because of the way they are designed and operated, mechanical keyboards are better for your hands than other keyboards.

Also, mechanical keyboards have the advantage of being much more comfortable to type on than standard keyboards. This is because they provide keystrokes that can be highly customized to your specific needs, whereas traditional keyboards do not.

Not to mention, one of the most important features that mechanical keyboard users appreciate is the ability to dial in the ideal distance for key travel by selecting a specific type of switch.

Do you know key travel? It’s a distance traveled by the keycap and key mechanism to register a key press.

When you combine key travel with the tactile feedback built into certain types of keyboard switches, your typing experience becomes not only more enjoyable but also more comfortable.

Mechanical Keyboards Can Help With Repetitive Stress Injuries

Using any keyboard, regardless of type, whether mechanical or membrane, can cause fatigue and wrist injuries if used excessively without stretching.

are ergonomic keyboards better

If you’re a typist, you know how important stretching your typing muscles is for maximizing comfort, performance, and accuracy. It’s better to use ergonomic mechanical keyboards.

Improper keyboard use, regardless of the type, can result in repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid this repetitive strain injury, stretching before and after working on your computer.

In summary, there are numerous advantages to using a mechanical keyboard that a traditional keyboard does not provide.

So, if you’ve suffered from repetitive stress injuries as a result of keyboard use, doing the proper stretches and using a mechanical keyboard could be the answer to getting back to normal life and being able to do your task without pain and discomfort.

Why Do I Need To Use A Mechanical Keyboard?

are ergonomic keyboards better

Mechanical keyboards are extremely popular among users who prefer tactile feedback and audible clicks. However, mechanical keyboards are superior to regular keyboards including membrane keyboards for a variety of other reasons.

Those of us who work at home or play video games know that if we aren’t typing in a comfortable position, these symptoms can appear quickly.

With this kind of genuine mechanical ergonomic keyboard, as opposed to a standard keyboard, you are less likely to cause wrist pain and limb exhaustion. 

Another reason why mechanical keyboards do better than others or why you need to invest in these ergonomic keyboards is that they are available in a variety of styles and layout configurations, but most importantly, they are ergonomic and can be comfortable to use.

You can purchase mechanical keyboards in the layout you prefer to avoid annoying muscle memory mishaps. They can be easy on your hands, depending on the switch you use in your mechanical keyboard.

Some switches, such as Cherry MX Black switches, have stiffer springs that can make them more difficult to operate. Whilst, the Cherry MX Brown switches, provide an excellent balance of gaming performance and typing capabilities.

Many mechanical keyboards come with standard wrist rests, which can help you get your wrists at a natural angle and put your hands and fingertips in the best position for comfort while typing for long periods of time.

Furthermore, they are more customizable and durable than regular traditional-style keyboards.

It’s better to use a mechanical keyboard instead of a regular keyboard or the keyboard that comes standard with your laptop is less likely to cause repetitive stress injuries due to its own design.

Mechanical Keyboards Are More Ergonomic

Although mechanical keyboards come with a variety of different styles and layout configurations, it’s best to own an ergonomic mechanical keyboard which can be handy on your hands.

At this time, you can consider buying mechanical keyboards with any layouts you prefer, so you don’t have to go through any annoying muscle memory mishaps. 

Some mechanical switches like the Cherry MX Black can be more challenging to operate while the Cherry MX Brown will be more proper. Although they’re ergonomic, the latter is a good blend between gaming performance and typing capabilities.

The ergonomic mechanical keyboards are also highly customizable to avoid repetitive stress injuries and more durable than other traditional-layout keyboards. 

Here are some ideal options in terms of mechanical ergo keyboards with ergonomuc features you can consider to set up for your home office:

Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

ergo mech keyboard


  • Split keyboard design
  • Tenting angle, wrist and palm support
  • Backlit keys
  • Smart wheel
  • Cherry MX Brown switches

Razer Huntsman V2 TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard

ergonomic mechanical keyboards


  • Quick and clicky keystrokes
  • Large wrist rest
  • Backlit keys
  • Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

Mistel BAROCCO Wired + Wireless Bluetooth TKL Split Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical ergonomic keyboard


  • Split design
  • Neutral angle
  • Low articulation force
  • Backlit keys
  • Wired or wireless
  • Cherry MX Red switches

Mechanical Keyboard Design

Are ergonomic keyboards better? Absolutely yes, but not all mechanical keyboards are created equal in terms of ergonomics. This is due to the fact that not every mechanical keyboard user has the same requirements.

The major feature that also makes mechanical keyboards so popular is how adjustable and more outperformed than other keyboards.

Users who rely on ergonomic keyboards with mechanical switches for comfort and hand health, on the other hand, prefer mechanical keyboards with one or more of the following features:

  • Mechanical keyboards are typically smaller and contain fewer keys than standard keyboards.
  • Ergonomic mechanical keyboards can be split and adjusted on a desk, resulting in better posture.
  • Tenting angle – Tenting keyboards are high in the middle and slope down on the sides like a tent, reducing strain on the wrists and forearms.
  • Negative tilt – Ergonomic keyboards frequently tilt down in the back to raise the wrist side and make it more comfortable.
  • Curved edges – Curved keyboards fit our hands and allow our fingers to rest naturally.

These aforementioned factors are not available on the typical mechanical keyboard, which is flat and rectangular. However, even standard mechanical keyboards are comfortable to use.

Different mechanical keyboard layouts prioritize hand and forearm comfort by designing key paths that reduce muscle strain.

Mechanical Keyboards vs. Membrane Keyboards

mechanical ergonomic keyboard

Mechanical and membrane keyboards are the two primary options when it comes to keyboards.

Membrane keyboards have a layer of membrane beneath the keys. Membrane keyboards are much quieter than mechanical keyboards due to this middle layer. 

However, it is less responsive. Because there is no mushy layer of rubber in between, mechanical keyboards respond instantly to key presses. There is a significant difference in response time.

This kind of keyboard also lacks switches, keycaps, and customization options that mechanical keyboards do.

When it comes to hand health and comfort, someone who uses a keyboard for hours at a time will most likely prefer mechanical. While this may appear to be a simple preference or convenience, it can contribute to overall comfort and wellness after hours and hours of typing every day.

Even though mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards, their incredible reliability and durability make them well worth the investment.

Mechanical Keyboards Reduce Wrist Stress and Finger Travel

Mechanical keyboards can give auditory force and immediately register key presses due to their physical switches.

Whilst, mechanical gaming keyboards are preferred by gamers because they can press multiple keys at the same time and each one will be recognized.

Whether you work all day in the office or play video games for fun, a keyboard that reduces the amount of work you have to do is better for your hands overall.

Instant Key Presses

Mechanical keys are higher in height than membrane keys. To press each key and complete each typing task, your fingers do not have to travel as far.

Because the mechanical switches are so responsive, skilled typists make fewer errors. The intent behind each keystroke is carried out.

The less time spent correcting errors caused by lag and unresponsive keyboards, the less damage a person’s fingers, wrist, forearm, and shoulders will sustain during the course of a workday.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Mechanical keyboards are preferable for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Especially, when set up correctly for you, using a mechanical keyboard instead of other less ergonomic keyboards can do a better job of warding off the condition before it becomes too severe.

Mechanical switches provide a more fluid and accurate typing experience which will lessen the damage done to a person’s wrists.

Besides, those who use mechanical keyboards do not need to press hard due to the fact that increased efficiency and responsiveness.

A mechanical keyboard will frequently include a large wrist pad or an optional attachment designed to reduce wrist strain while typing. 

In fact, you may not notice how tired your wrists are until it’s too late, wrist rests are essential in preventing a repetitive strain injury. So, equipping a wrist pad is essential for this case. 

For short, switching to a mechanical keyboard, especially an ergonomic mechanical keyboard can help to alleviate the pain of the condition and ease the transition back to work.

Through this article, FittingChairs has answered for you whether are mechanical keyboards better for your wrist, how a mechanical keyboard compares to other traditional keyboards and how they can work best for you. Share if you find this article helpful!

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