A Guide to Working From Home – What You Need to Have and Prepare for WFH

Choosing to work from home, there are a lot of things you need to know to prepare so you can ensure you have enough equipment to support your working. This article of FittingChairs will be working from home guide for you.

Choosing Supportive Softwares & Apps

When working remotely or from home, having the suitable softwares and apps on your laptop is really crucial to guarantee your work will be done in time.

To make sure you succeed when working from home, look for these following things to get the right apps and softwares.

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Simple to Use

Currently, there are so many softwares and apps in the market to support us in doing our jobs. Because of this, you might not know which one is right for you and to find the right options, it requires you to spend a lot of time experiencing a certain amount of those apps.

Some apps and softwares are easy to use but some are not. They might cause you confusion while using. Therefore, always remember to opt for the ones easy to use.

Able to Accelerate Your Performance

A good and supportive app or software should be the one to support you in work with the highest speed. If it is a software which is complicated to use and once you use it to support your work, you have to go through many steps to get your work done, it is not considered a good software.

You should select the apps and softwares which can help you to work faster.

One important thing to have control of your work is to have an effective task management system. Some web-apps such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana and so on are some useful ones to help you keep trace of your projects. These systems allow you to store documents and things. They also allow you to assign other members to each project, keeping everyone in charge of work.

Alter to Your Workflow

An app or software which can adapt well to your workflow is also important.

If you have to work with emails often, you can try Slack instead of Gmail. Or you can change from Microsoft Office to Google Docs to create documents.

You should choose the one that doesn’t make you to change your habits in work so you won’t have to spend time getting used to it.

Reduce Your Workload

Dealing with more than one project at once might be a common situation for you when working from home.

You might forget what you were doing the week before, what you need to do next week and so on.

Go for a software which can help you to smartly keep track of multiple projects at once, since having things organized is essential while working.

Choosing Tools & Equipment

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Equipment when working from home might not be as sufficient as when you work in an office. Some companies provide their employees with the equipment but in some cases, you have to prepare them by yourself.

Below are 3 important things you need when working from home.

High-speed Internet Connection

A high-quality and high-speed internet service is the priority. When working from home or remotely, almost every projects will be sent via Internet so you have to make sure you have a really good Internet connection to complete the tasks well.

Having your own Internet setup in your area might not easy since it depends on where you live. If you live in a condo or apartment, you can share the network connection with other people but the quality is usually not so good.

A Good Laptop

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Beside other equipment, laptop or PC is one of the main tools you need to work from home.

Every tasks in your projects is processed by laptop. Sometimes, you might need to use it more than 15 hours a day. Therefore, getting a strong laptop is vital. You should consider a laptop with 8GB RAM at minimum and a quad core processor.

To make sure you won’t run out of storage space in your laptop, select the model with a high storage ability.

Good Earbuds or Headphones

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When you work from home and your job requires you to often attend online meetings or video calls, having good headphones or earbuds is another thing you need to do.

Good Internet connection and high-quality headphones will ensure that you have effective calls and meetings with your coworkers. Every ideas or opinions will be conveyed correctly, no information will be missed when you join the meetings with these equipment.

If you live with your family members or your friends, headphones or earbuds can help a lot if they might distract you when they talk too loud.

Things To Do When You Work From Home

Working from home provides certain benefits. But it also brings some negative effects if you don’t know how to deal with some challenges when working from home.

We would like to give you some tips to help you maintain good performance as followings.

Build A Fantastic Home Office

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One thing which might give you the interest and motivation to work from home is creating your own working space at home. You can decorate it in your favorite style to make sure you have the most inspiration when staying in there to work.

Consider some best color for home office walls to paint.

Set Some Rules for Other People in Your Home

In case you live together with your roommates or your family, it is important to let them know you need a decent working space and privacy when you work and they need to keep their voice down or pay attention to their action so they won’t disturb or distract you.

Don’t worry this will make them feel bad or annoyed. If they care for you, this is not a big deal.

Create Healthy Routines and Habits

In addition to keeping high productivity, don’t forget to keep yourself healthy. This means that you need to create healthy daily routines and habits. Getting up and moving around are two simple things you can do to get your blood circulated.

Don’t be so obsessed with the deadlines or profits and skip the meals. You need to absorb enough nutrients to provide energy to both brain and muscles of your body.

Dress in Your Own Style

One prominent perk of working at home is you can dress in your own style. Clothes is also a factor which can give you motivation in working so you can make use of it.

It is your choice to wear anything you like as long as you feel comfortable with it.


You will not have many chances to talk face to face to your colleagues and that can lead to loneliness and isolated mood.

Try to keep in touch with them as much as possible, via text, chat, video calls or social media. Or if you don’t talk to your coworkers, talking to your roommates or family members can also help.

Going Out

Working from home is partially like working remotely. You can get your job done wherever you want. Going out to work can bring new atmosphere and give you more inspiration to work.

You can choose a coffeeshop or a co-working space to sit and work as long as it provides stable Internet service. Also don’t forget the power outlets in case your laptop runs out of battery.

You can read more about how to work from home to get some more useful tips.

In conclusion, FittingChairs has explained things you need to prepare when you want to work remotely at home. Wish you have productive hours at your own home with this work from home guide. Don’t hesitate to follow us since we will come back with more sharing posts of the topic working from home.

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