How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last? Guides You Should Know

Do you know how long do mechanical keyboards last? In this post, FittingChairs will go over everything you need to know about mechanical keyboard lifespan and what distinguishes mechanical keyboards from other types of keyboards.

Do Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer Than Regular Keyboards?

Most mass-market keyboards are made of inexpensive plastic and rubber and are intended to be easily replaceable. Following that, these low-cost materials deteriorate rapidly over time, rendering the entire keyboard a toss-and-replace commodity.

Do mechanical keyboards last longer? Yes, it can last longer compared to other regular keyboards. Actually, mechanical keyboards are far more durable than most people realize.

how long do sticky keys last on mechanical keyboard

In comparison with membrane keyboards, the latter typically wear out after only a few years of use. Why? Mechanical keyboards are constructed with individual switches rather than membranes, so they are less prone to wear and tear and do not wear out as quickly as membrane keyboards do.

Mechanical keyboards outlast other keyboards on the market because they are constructed with physical switches, metal casings, and high-quality plastics that are chosen for performance and durability over time.

Besides durability, mechanical keyboards are great because they provide both tactile and audible acoustic feedback. 

Indeed, it’s over other keyboards that go far beyond the tactile sensation, precision typing experience, auditory and physical feedback, and RGB lighting features.

They are designed for durability and performance. The mechanical switches alone are designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of keypresses, and that’s just the switches!

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, consider one with Cherry MX switches rather than those made by other companies. These switches are known for their durability and dependability under heavy use.

Why do Mechanical Keyboards Last So Long?

You might have already had your answer regarding whether do mechanical keyboards last longer, but why?

Mechanical keyboards outlast other types of keyboards because they are built to withstand heavy use and abuse.

In fact, many manufacturers strive to create keyboards that are built to be durable and high-performing, so they do not break down as easily as cheaper models.

Passing over its old design since the “dark ages” of buckling spring keyboards in the 1970s and 1980s, several different designs are improved with its own set of unique features and benefits.

Not to mention, they’re also made of durable materials that are resistant to wear and tear, so they don’t need to be replaced as frequently.

With this ergonomic design, they will fit comfortably in your hands and provide a good typing experience.

Furthermore, if your mechanical keyboards are highly modular, which means that if something does wear out or break, you can replace it or upgrade it if you don’t like how it currently works.

What Parts Can You Replace On A Mechanical Keyboard?

how long do mechanical keyboards last

When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, several parts are easily replaceable if your mechanical keyboard is hot-swappable.

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Besides, mechanical keyboard switches and keycaps are among the items that can be swapped out or replaced. 

Generally, the mechanical parts that connect the keys to the keyboard circuit board are known as switches. To get the most out of them and make them last longer, they should be lubricated at least semi-regularly to keep them from sticking when pressed down.

How about replacing keycaps on mechanical keyboards? The plastic pieces that cover each key and display the character on top are known as keycaps.

Many keyboards use black keycaps, but some manufacturers offer colored alternatives, and some, such as some double-shot keycaps, can be illuminated with an RGB key switch.

Furthermore, one of the best features of many keyboards is the availability of detachable cables. Thanks to this, you don’t have to replace your entire keyboard if your power or charging cable fails.

It is relatively simple to repair a mechanical keyboard. All things you need will be a hot-swappable keyboard, a key-puller tool, and a new key switches. 

Keep in mind that if your keyboard is not hot-swappable and you want to replace the components, you must do the following steps:

  • Step 1. Solder and desolder them from the PCB. 
  • Step 2. Simply remove the switch plate and slide off the switch to replace it.
  • Step 3. Solder the replacement switch into the PCB. 
  • Step 4. Tighten the screws and replace the switch plate.

What Features Make a Mechanical Keyboard Last Longer?

Mechanical keyboards last longer because they are made of durable materials and are designed to withstand wear and tear. Of course, because mechanical keyboards are made of durable materials, they last longer.

how long do sticky keys last on mechanical keyboard

In general, the majority of mechanical keyboards have metal cases and PBT keycaps. Metal cases are durable and water-resistant, and PBT keycaps are scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

Besides materials, consider getting a splash-resistant mechanical keyboard if you’re looking for one. Splash resistance ensures that the keyboard will not be damaged if it is accidentally dropped in water.

Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is that they do not require batteries. Over time, batteries degrade, causing keys to stop working. Because mechanical keyboards operate through direct contact between the switch and the key, they do not require batteries.

Another feature that makes mechanical keyboards last longer is that the power and connectivity cables are removable. With a detachable power cable, you won’t have to buy a new keyboard if you lose or damage the cable.

Mechanical keyboards are built to withstand heavy use and to be used for extended periods of time.

While there are many different types of mechanical keyboards available, the Cherry MX Red switches and the Kailh Brown switches are the most popular. Both are excellent options, but the Cherry MX Red switches are likely to be the most popular.

How Long Do Gaming Keyboards Last?

Depending on each kind of model and usage, gaming keyboards can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

The most important factor to consider when determining how long your gaming keyboard will last is the number of expected keypresses over a period of time.

As previously mentioned, the mechanical switch is designed to withstand 50 to 100 million keypresses, so it’s unlikely that your keyboard will ever fail due to this factor alone.

Some keyboard switches are specifically designed for gaming, while others are designed for more traditional roles such as typing and programming.

A gaming keyboard may be configured and set up differently than other types of mechanical keyboards. This also means that a gaming keyboard will have features such as dedicated macro buttons, game mode settings, and special lighting effects.

There are different types of keyboards, but they will all use the same basic mechanical keyboard switch, just with different features.

Mechanical keyboards are preferred by most gamers over membrane keyboards because they feel better and last longer.

Mechanical keyboards require a great deal of force to activate, so they don’t last long, while membrane keyboards are less expensive, but they aren’t as good. The latter tends to fail faster and frequently after only one year. 

How Long Do RGB Keyboards Last?

Regarding whether do mechanical keyboards last longer, how long do RGB keyboards last?

RGB keyboards have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years, depending on how much you use them. Of course, the switch type you select will make the most difference in the life of your keyboard.

how long do RGB keyboards last

Foll[owing that, the more you use it, the more stress and load you put on it, so if you spend a lot of time on your keyboard, it will last longer. Even though nothing lasts forever, they should last more than long enough for you to get all you can out of them before you need to replace anything.

Regular maintenance is always a good idea, so keep your RGB keyboard clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth on a regular basis. To remove any dirt or grime, you can also use a cleaning solution such as Simple Green products.

Above are our answers to how long do mechanical keyboards last. It’s definitely a durable and high-quality option compared to others. Don’t forget to comment if you want FittingChairs to suggest some ideal deals for ergonomic mechanical keyboards!

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