What are Benefits of Using a Standing Desk?

People might have been so used to sitting desks but lately, standing desks have taken step by step to become trendy in the market as well as popular choices of consumers. Let’s see what are the advantages of using a standing desk together with FittingChairs.

Advantages of Using A Standing Desk

If you have to sit at your desk to work most of the time, a standing desk is really helpful for you.

Not only providing a new style of working but a standing desk also brings benefits for your health if you work from home.

Standing Helps to Lower Chances of Gaining Weight

using a standing desk

To control your weight and keep it from increasing, there are many ways. Common ones are eating healthily and doing exercises. But you might not know that using a standing desk can also help to reduce the chances of gaining weight.

Standing at your desk to work can help burn more calories than when you sit. It also trains you to form some healthy habits in daily life.

It might take you a short amount of time at first to get used to standing while dealing with your work, but when you can get the hang of it, you will feel that your body and your health are strengthened since you need to use more muscles.

Compared to when you sit, your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles are more active when you stand and they will get stronger and firmer.

You also burn more calories when letting your muscles exercise more. Therefore, you will lower the opportunity of gaining weight.

You can start with a small amount of time standing and then raise it higher day by day. Or you can find ways to balance your time of sitting and time of standing to get used to standing during the first time.

Standing May Reduce Sugar Levels in Blood

The less you don’t move around, the longer it takes to burn calories in your body, which is not good for your health.

Normally, there is sugar in your daily diet. If you don’t move around and just sit or lying after your meals, sugar level in blood will increase and it can cause harm for your health in the long run.

As we have said above, standing can help to burn calories faster than sitting. Sugar level in blood will also be lowered if you stand more than sit.

Standing While Working Can Reduce the Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

benefits of standing while working

Sitting for too long doesn’t produce any benefit for you. Muscles being passive for many hours can create some bad effects to your body.

Some studies have shown that standing while working reduces cholesterol, sugar in blood and body weight. Therefore, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If possible, you should take some cardio exercises to improve your health.

Standing Desks Help Reduce & Get Rid of Back Pain

If you sit to work for long in a day, you will surely suffer from back pain. It might not happen right away but you can feel the pain gradually. Office workers are those who being well aware of this problem.

Standing can help reduce back pain.

If you change from a sitting desk to a standing desk, you will see the difference in a short time. Together with doing exercises, your back pain will be reduced and maybe gone.

Standing Desks Can Enhance Energy Levels And Your Mood

standing desk health benefits

Furthermore, using a standing desk can enhance your energy and lift up your mood.

There is a magical link between physical health and mental health. When your physical health is in good condition, so is your mental health.

For example, when you have a painful back, you wouldn’t feel good and it’s hard to keep a happy mood. On the other hand, when you feel full of energy, you can smile all day long with everybody.

It can be said that using a standing desk can not only relieve stress on your body but also stress in your mind.

Standing Desks Might Help You Be More Productive

benefits of standing and walking

Some people have shared that they feel more accomplished and productive when standing than when sitting.

Actually, there is not any difference between working when standing and working when sitting in terms of typing speed.

But people have said that they feel more comfortable when standing because they feel less stress on their muscles while standing. That comfortable feeling might be the factor positively impacting their productivity.

Standing Can Also Help You Expand Your Life Expectancy

standing desk good or bad

Due to the positive healthy advantages standing brings, you can believe in a longer life.

Standing provides a lot of benefits when it can reduce the amount of time you sit or don’t move around.

We understand that some jobs require you to sit in a long time to finish the work. Graphic designer, programmer, web developer, attorney and so one are some examples. But if you want to expand your life expectancy, you need to be more aware of your health condition. Getting your body moved and be active is really important in maintaining a good health.

You Can Burn More Calories While Standing

Calories come from what we eat and absorb into our body.

Your weight will gain if you absorb more calories than you burn them.

Your weight will lose if you burn more calories than you absorb them.

And standing while you work can effectively burn more calories than sitting.

Some studies have revealed that you can burn up to 1000 calories in only one week by standing instead of sitting.

Standing Desks Can Help Fix Your Posture

benefits of standing while working

It is easy to sit in a wrong position for those who don’t know the proper way and that results in back pain.

Standing is easier and it can help to correct your posture.

Using a standing desk whose height can be adjusted can improve your posture effectively.

When you stand up straight, you have your arms at the right angles, your eyes at the appropriate level, your back straight, all of those form a great posture and you will not feel uncomfortable.

Remember to adjust the height of your standing desk to a suitable level, it is really crucial.

An anti fatigue mat can be used while you stand to help absorb shock, making it easier on your legs.

Standing Desks are Good for Circulation

Standing desks make people stand up, have a more active position so they are good for circulation.

Your blood will flow better if you are in an active position for a long time.

You should know that function of vascular will be impaired after sitting for 6 hours.

Standing is helpful since it has positive impact on circulation and lowers the chance of blood clotting.

Hope this article has helped you know some amazing standing desk health benefits. Follow us FittingChairs to get access to more useful tips for productive working from home.

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