How Many Switches In a 65 Keyboard? Complete Guides

Have a 65-key hot-swappable mechanical keyboard and want to upgrade your switches but aren’t sure how many switches in a 65 keyboard? FittingChairs will guide everything you need to know for upgrading your keyboard.

How Many Switches In a 65 Keyboard?

How many switches do you need for a 65% keyboard? Depending on the configuration and layout of your keyboard, a 65 percent keyboard typically has 67 to 70 switches.

It could be up to 70 switches because some 65-keyboards allow you to split the spacebar, allowing you to use up to 70 switches in total.

If your keyboard has a split spacebar key, you’ll need at least two more switches to enable the split feature. Even if you don’t need to split your spacebar, having backups and replacement switches on hand never hurts.

So, when shopping for new switches, it’s best to plan on purchasing 70 switches for your 65% keyboard.

how many switches in a 65 keyboard

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How Many Keys Are on a 65% Keyboard?

In most cases, a 65% keyboard has 67-68 keys.

The number 65 in percentage refers to the size of the keyboard in comparison to a full-sized keyboard. It’s not a number of keys.

This figure may vary slightly depending on the keyboard’s manufacturer’s configuration specifications.

As mentioned before, some 65 keyboards allow you to split your spacebar. 

Although this may affect the number of keys, it’s not significant. Upgrading can also be influenced by the size of the keys used by the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers use smaller 1.5u keys between the left arrow and the spacebar, whereas others use a sequence of 3 1u keys.

In that position, for example, the Durgod Hades 65% mechanical gaming keyboard employs three sequential 1u keys, while the Drop ALT uses the 1.5u keys.

If the sizing terminology appears strange, it is actually quite simple. 1u stands for one unit. This is the typical, square-ish shape of your alphanumeric keys (A-Z, and 0-9). 

Generally, 1.5u denotes 1.5 units, 2u denotes two units, and so on. All of the key sizes start with 1u and work their way up.

How Many Stabilizers Does a 65% Keyboard Use?

After finding out how many switches in a 65 keyboard, do you want to learn more about stabilizers?

In general, a 65% keyboard will have 4 to 5 stabilizers for the buttons.

Frankly speaking, a super compact keyboard like the 65 keyboard packs a lot of punch in such a small frame. However, because the space is so limited, some manufacturers use a right shift key that is larger than 1.75u. 

Note that 1.75u is a standard shift key size for most keyboards. 

It gives you a nice, full and complete look, but it also means you’ll need to get another stabilizer for that key to avoid performance issues.

how many switches on a 65 keyboard

Most standard 65% keyboard layouts only have stabilizers on the spacebar, enter key, left shift key, and backspace key.

To improve the performance of your keyboard, you can purchase a variety of third-party aftermarket stabilizer kits. 

Keep in mind that stabilizers aren’t all the same. While some are plate-mount, others are PCB mount, so make sure you get the right set for your keyboard.

Till here, you might have already known about how many switches in a 65 keyboard as well as keys or stabilizers. FittingChairs hope this article will help you alot in upgrading your desired keyboard.

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