What’s Good about Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat?

If you are working with a standing desk, no matter at your home or in your office, trying using a stand up desk anti fatigue mat can be really helpful. We will tell you the reasons why in this article. Let’s get to know them with FittingChairs.

What is A Standing Desk Mat Anti Fatigue?

Anti fatigue mat for standing desk was born to prevent pain of muscle and joint from standing in a long time.

Anti fatigue mats which are ergonomic have ergonomic design and a cushioned layer on the surface. They offer a constant stimulus for activation of muscle, increasing blood circulation in your lower body.

These mats promote their users to move around, bringing many health benefits including reducing back pain, foot pain and stress.

When you stand on your feet for a long period of time, you will feel fatigue and pain in your muscles and joints. They want to take a rest.

Anti fatigue mat for standing desk was first used in industrial workspaces, now they also become popular in conventional home offices and offices.

Standing desk anti fatigue mats are made of many types of materials such as rubber, gel, memory foam, carpeting and vinyl.

Is An Anti Fatigue Mat Necessary for A Standing Desk?

anti fatigue mats standing desk

Anti fatigue mats are extremely beneficial to your physical health. They will give your muscles and joints great support when you have to stand for long, make you feel at ease and stable at your standing desk.

They will help to prevent pain in your back, neck and foot.

When you sit throughout the day, your back and the whole of your body want to take a rest. This is the same case when you stand all day. Your feet will also want to relax.

Anti-fatigue mats give your feet comfortable place to rest on. Therefore, it is really necessary to use anti fatigue mat with a standing desk while you work.

Do Anti-fatigue Mats Really Help?

standing desk mat anti fatigue

They do really help. The direct positive effect they have is on your feet and legs.

If you used to stand at your standing desk and work with none of anti fatigue mat before and now you have one, you will feel the difference clearly.

Using standing desk floor mat can help to ease the discomfort and pain which derive from spending too much time on your feet.

Pain or discomfort in your lower, upper legs and the lower back will be improved when using anti fatigue mat.

Reasons Why You Should Use An Anti-fatigue Mat for A Sit-stand Desk?

anti fatigue mat standing desk

Anti fatigue mat can be used with both standing desks and sit-stand desks.

Following are some reasons why you should use one.

Offer good support. The cushioning on anti fatigue mats makes it simpler to support your body weight when you stand to work, your leg muscles and lower back will be helped a lot.

Ease pain due to standing. Standing for too long can lead to sore feet and pain all over your body. When you stand, your lower body has to hold your upper body’s weight, which can cause you discomfor after hours. Anti fatigue mats can relieve that stress.

Help you stand comfortably for longer. When you use anti fatigue mats, your body is supported better and you will be free from aches and pain. Therefore, you can stand for a longer time to work.

Improve your blood circulation. Standing is good for your blood circulation and using an anti-fatigue mat can foster that circulation while making sure you feel comfort on your feet.

Help you be more productive. When you are in a good physical and mental health condition, it creates chances for you to be more productive.

Encourage good posture. Standing on anti fatigue mats to work fixes and encourages your posture naturally. This will be helpful for your energy.

Do Anti-fatigue Mats Have Different Types?

Anti-fatigue mats have a lot of different types on the current market. They provide various sizes, shapes and materials. Some models come with exceptional features such as heating pads or massage rollers.

If you like a much higher comfort level, high quality and sustainability, anti fatigue mats made of memory foam can be great options. This material is thicker, softer and more pricey but it provides significant comfort level and support better than rubber type.

There are also mats which are designed ergonomically and contoured with massage regions when you are barefoot.

Some models of anti fatigue mats even prompt more movement including a rubber surface on wooden plank, letting you wobble and transfer weight while working at your standing desk.

Is It Possible to Use A Standing Desk Mat While Going Barefoot?

standing mats for work

It is definitely possible for you to use a standing desk anti fatigue mat while going barefoot.

Many mats are designed with regions to massage the arches of your feet while standing to work.

Some mats are even designed with a massage ball roller. You can roll them around while standing, allowing it to massage your feet.

How to Select Anti-fatigue Mat for Your Standing Desk?

mat for standing desk

One important thing to consider when choosing anti fatigue mats is how much cushion it has. You can opt for a standing desk anti fatigue mat whose thickness is from 3/4 of an inch up to 1 inch or over.

However, thicker and softer mats are not always better. Some might be even more uncomfortable and bring more problems for your health. Too little or too much of anything is not good at all.

You should also think of what surface you will put your mat on to stand. Your mat should lie flat on the surface you will stand on and it shouldn’t become an obstacle which can make you trip over.

Some Recommendation for Anti Fatigue Mat Standing Desk

Some of our recommendation for standing desk anti fatigue mats are as below.

The Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat is the first one. This mat is designed specifically for standing desks. It has 8 contoured zones to support you to stay focused and encourage you to move for better circulation in your body. You can easily slide it under your desk for saving space.

Another option is the Sky Solutions Anti-fatigue 3/4 inch mat. It has a lot of different sizes for you to select. It doesn’t have any raised edges and can lie flat on the ground. It can help to improve your posture and keep balance for your body.

The last choice is the Kangaroo 3/4 inch ergonomic anti-fatigue mat. This is an extra thick mat which is designed ergonomically to relieve the pressure on your feet while standing. It comes with various styles, colors and sizes and is durable for being used in a long time.

Hope you can get some benefits of stand up desk anti fatigue mat after reading this article of FittingChairs. Consider to have one to improve your standing to work experience.

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