Can You Use a Standing Desk to Sit At? Best Way to Use

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. They have numerous advantages while having its own set of issues for an extended period of time. Can you use a standing desk to sit at?

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Can You Sit At A Standing Desk?

Can you sit at a standing desk when you need to take a break from standing?

Yes, you can work from a standing desk. If your desk is not adjustable, use a drafting chair or a stool to alternate between sitting and standing periods.

Standing desks are designed to improve your health, and they are now widely used in home offices and traditional offices all over the world.

If you need to take a load off your feet, you can easily sit at a standing desk.

However, standing desks that are adjustable in height are not universal. Not all of them are easily raised or lowered to accommodate the user’s preferred position.

is standing at a desk better than sitting

So, how do you use a standing desk that isn’t adjustable?

The best solution for sitting at a non-adjustable standing desk, such as a drafting table, or any other tall desk that is too high for a regular office chair is to use a height-adjustable drafting chair to comfortably reach your workspace surface.

If you don’t have a drafting chair, you can use a stool or a pub chair as an alternative. They don’t have wheels, so they’re not as easy to maneuver, but they can get you elevated when you need to sit at a high desk surface.

Anyway, standing at work is preferable to sitting all day, even if you have a good ergonomic chair for your workspace. On the other hand, you can apply how to simulate standing at a sitting desk.

It is advised that you alternate between sitting and standing on a regular basis, preferably once an hour during the working day. When not in use, a drafting chair has wheels that allow it to be easily moved out of the way.

Is It Ok To Lean On Standing Desk?

If your standing desk is of high quality and sturdy construction, you may lean on it to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with standing.

Sometimes you need to take a break from standing, but you aren’t ready to lower your desktop surface and sit down.

Leaning on your desk for a few minutes can alleviate some of the discomfort that can result from standing for an extended period of time, as well as help you increase your endurance and extend the length of time that you can stand.

  • A footrest is something I like to use while standing.

Using a footrest to rest one of my feet on while standing allows me to become more comfortable and continue to engage in beneficial movement.

  • An anti-fatigue mat is another option for use while leaning.

This way, you’re not sitting, but you’re also not feeling your entire weight, and anti-fatigue mats have been shown to reduce aches and discomfort.

Is It Better To Sit Or Stand At A Desk?

standing at a desk vs sitting

Is standing preferable to sitting? Standing while working is actually more beneficial than sitting.

Because there are so many risks associated with excessive sitting, alternating between periods of sitting and standing is critical to your health.

Long periods of sitting can cause muscle aches and pains, which can be relieved by using a stand up desk.

Your body was not built to be sedentary and sit at a desk all day. Moving around and staying active are critical components of living a healthy lifestyle.

How Long Should You Stand At Your Standing Desk?

is standing better than sitting at a desk

Using a sit-stand desk in your home office can help relieve muscular pain such as back and neck pain, stave off the sleepiness that can result from a heavy lunch, reduce blood sugar spikes, and improve blood circulation.

While standing desks have a good reputation for providing health and well-being benefits, they can also cause other issues.

It is recommended that you alternate between sitting and standing periods.

If you’re getting used to standing while working, a good rule of thumb is to stand for one hour and then sit for one hour.

Specifically, prolonged standing can raise blood pressure and heart rate, causing dizziness and fatigue. These are some things to think about before purchasing a standing desk if you want to give it a try:

Do Standing Desks Hurt?

It should come as no surprise that standing at your desk for hours on end will cause you to ache.

You’re probably perplexed if you’ve recently switched to a standing desk.

The fact is that A standing desk is not inherently harmful in and of itself, but if it all depends on how you use it, standing desks can be harmful.

Indeed, they can cause aches and pains in places you had no idea existed!

sit or stand at a desk

The key difference between a standing desk and a traditional regular height desk, or even a non-adjustable standing desk, is its ergonomic design.

Also, how long do you decide to stand? If you do, the aches will follow. As previously mentioned, alternating between sitting and standing – 1-hour sitting, and 1-hour standing. It’s a good place to start.

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