Do You Need A Home Office Shed?

What is a home shed office? Does it bring any advantage and is it necessary to have one? All will be included in this article from FittingChairs.

Which Advantages A Garden Home Office Shed Brings?

A home office shed is simply a working space you transform from a shed in your living area. A home office shed can give you comfort, privacy and peace when you work from home. You can keep your current productive or even boost it higher when working in it.

You won’t be disturbed by the kids playing outside, people talking too loud and many other distracting factors.

You can have various ideas to apply for creating a modern home office shed to work in.

It will be a place you need when you search for a small desk area or a wide open office.

Having a home office shed, you won’t need to worry about commuting, traffic jams and so on. It can also help to draw a line between entertainment and work.

Have A Backyard and Kingdom of Your Own

home office sheds

More than a personal working studio, a home office shed can also be your hideout, your business hub. You can have it decorated in whatever style you want.

It can fit all of home office furniture and also let you personalize it to reflect your taste and preferences.

You can put all of your favorite things in this space. They can be whatever energizing you and helping you to be productive in work.

What’s more, you will have more flexibility, be able to get closer to nature, have better working views. These are what can promote your work-life balance.

Add More Space While Pay Less

Creating a working space right in your living area can be costly and time-consuming. You need to hire a contractor and buy a lot of other materials for the project.

In some specific cases, the contractor might offer to demolish the existing structure to build the addition part.

Most of the addition structures cost around $80 up to $200 each square foot. The cost depends on what type is the addition, what is the material, how much needed labor and the location of the project.

Typically, the price can range from $20,000 to over $70,000 which is not a cheap price.

On the other hand, a backyard costs around $120 to $180 each square foot, also based on the size and other factors.

Imagine you build a backyard shed of 100 square feet with the expense of $150 per square foot. That will be $15,000. Compared to the national average cost for an addition – $46,412, you will save almost $31,000. What a huge amount of saving!

Challenges Of A Home Office Shed

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Beside the advantages a home office shed brings, there are some challenges that you have to face and deal with them when deciding to have one.

Local Permits for Building

The first challenge is asking for local permits for building. You need to ask your local authorities to know the requirements of such a structure and prepare to get permits.

Safe electrical connection is one of vital requirements so you might need to prepare to get a permit for electricity.

The process of getting local permits is not simple or easy. But you need to do it right to make sure one day in the future, there won’t be anybody from the local authorities organizations or the government coming to your house and asking for some kinds of permits.

You Do It Alone

You might have to do all things alone since you build the addition structure in your own living area.

When you have your addition completed, remember that you will work only with yourself in this working space. It can be peaceful so you can focus greatly on your work at the first period of time. But if you are a person who likes to discuss a lot with coworkers while working, you might feel weird gradually if you don’t get to talk or chat with your colleagues often.

Plus, it might be hard to keep the workflow in your home office shed.

You Have to Pay Bills on Your Own

When you work in an office, all the bills, electricity and water, are paid by your company. When you work in your own home office, you have to pay bills on your own. You need to consider carefully to have a good preparation for this.

What Is The Price Of A Home Office Shed?

office in a shed

The price of a home office shed depends on its size, what style and material it is made from.

The design is also important. If you select to have a special floor, insulation, interior walls and ceilings finish, real wood material, customized windows and doors and many so on, the expense will raise.

A shed in modern style can cost around $9,500 with no shipping and installation fees included. The cost can range from $5,000 to $16,000 based on the add-on features and size.

Materials of metal and plastic are cheaper than wooden ones.

Usually, the materials cost around $300 to $5,000 and the labor fee is around $50 to $100 one hour.

The price of the shed itself can be $1,600 for a basic 8×10-foot wooden shed up to $9,000 for an advanced 10×14 shed.

There are other expenses when you build a home office shed as followings:

  • Plumbing: $1,000 to $1,500, $45 to $150 one hour for labor
  • Electricity: $100 to $600, $40 to $100 one hour for labor
  • Insulation: $200
  • Installation: $50 to $100 one hour

These costs vary depending different materials and size.

What is The Cost of Converting A Shed into An Office?

shed office

You can totally turn your own shed into an office.

Change the insulation, ceiling, electricity floor, windows and doors and you will have a new home office shed to stay to work.

The cost can be from $1,000 to over $25,000 to turn a shed into an office, based on the materials and other features.

The cost for remodelling the interior can cost $200 per square foot and expense for adding electricity can be $100 to $600.

Consider which features you need and which one you don’t need to have a more budget-friendly building plan.

Buying Or Building Your Own Shed – Which is Cheaper?

The answer is building your own shed is obviously cheaper.

If you choose to buy a shed, you have to pay for labor to add electricity, pay for plumbing. You also have to pay for the shed installation and delivery fee.

You can save a lot if you opt to building your own shed.

Purchasing the prefab shell, siding, frame, door, roof, windows, floor by yourself will cost less and be more friendly to your budget.

You can purchase the prefab shed which has been set up with things you need then you can complete the interior design yourself.

Not hiring a contractor is the main reason why you can save on your money.

Some Ideas for Home Office Shed

Below are some other ideas for a home office shed. Let’s take a look!

office shed


sheds for office

home office sheds

shed home office

office in a shed

In conclusion, we have given you the overview of a home office in a shed and ways to turn your shed into a proper office. Hope you will find this article from FittingChairs useful. Follow us for more tips to decorate your home office.

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