How to Set Up Your Home Office? A-Z Guides for Boosting Productivity

A well-designed home office space can transform your daily workload from dangerous and stressful to calming and enjoyable. If you work from home, it will be great to spend a lot of your time on making it the best for your mood and productivity. How to style a home office?

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How Do You Style a Home Office?

The foremost thing in terms of how to set up a home office is to make your home office style consistent. Of course, this will require more than just picking items you like and arranging them.

There’s nothing too terrible! You can choose and put them together for fitting with your space styling.

Generally, whether home office ideas, keep in mind that every object should have a place when styling your home office. Making sure they are always organized is critical.

You should also relieve as much stress as possible during your working time by creating an organized, streamlined office that is easy to keep clean and tidy.

Not only that, don’t forget to combine the coziness of your home with the practicality of your home office. Once you style your office to become a dedicated space where you can be productive, there’s no reason why you can’t also be comfortable.

home office design

Consider using soft textures, warm accents, and even aromatherapy can help you feel at ease at work.

How to Make Your Home Office Look Good?

As mentioned before, with the fundamentals of home office styling are organization, comfort, and cleanliness, you can start thinking about how you want your home office to look good.

You have complete control over how you style your own home office. Don’t hesitate to choose items that you like and don’t cram too much into one small space to make your home office look better.

When you want to set up a home office into a cooperative space with other employees, it can break your desired style if many same sterile elements appear.

how to style home office

For example, gray filing cabinets, plain cubicle walls, and exposed cords are visible. You can easily see that commercial office buildings are not designed with aesthetics in mind.

Fortunately, it’s simple how to decorate a home office, and pesky things like neutral building specifications and bulk office supplies are no longer necessary.

Different Home Office Styles

There are numerous styles to choose from when it comes to decorating your home office. It may be an eclectic mix of several styles.

Looking at the table below to learn more about popular home office styles with common colors and their standout features.

Home Office StyleCommon ColorsStylistic Features
Contemporary StyleWhite, black, gray, tan, accent colorsStrong lines, open spaces, minimal embellishments
Traditional StyleGray, beige, yellowPatterns, soft lines, thick cushions, wood furnishings
Mid-Century Modern StyleOrange, brown, mustard yellow, tan, tealEames chair, leather, abstract art, and storage
Industrial StyleNeutrals, silver, copper, gold, brassUnfinished wood, exposed beams, pipes, bricks, etc.
Scandinavian StyleWhite, black, blue, tan, grayLight wood, cozy fabric, clean lines, glass, and plenty of open space

The number of named home office designs is limitless, but the styles listed above are a few of the most popular and easily achievable with a creative eye.

Style Your Home Office Walls

How to set up a home office layout? How about starting with the walls? It’s one of the simplest ways to create a cohesive style in your home office. Well, the walls of your home office are the most important feature of the entire space.

how to set up a home office

If your home office lacks square footage, the walls not only provide the most space for decorating, but they can also hold storage and even a mounted desk.

Use Specific Paint Colors on the Walls

In terms of deciding on how to decorate a home space walls, the paint color is essential to pick correctly.

Which colors you choose will allow you to express yourself? Whether you choose to paint your entire wall with a single bright color or use multiple colors to create an accent wall, the color of your paint will have a significant impact on how you feel while working in your home office.

how to design a home office
  • Blues create a soothing atmosphere. Blue walls can increase productivity while decreasing stress.
  • Yellows stimulate the imagination. If you work in a creative field such as writing or illustration, yellow walls can inspire you.
  • Greens promote feelings of balance while decreasing distraction. Green walls can assist you in performing precise tasks that require intense concentration.

Consider adding an accent wall as a pop of color to your home office space if you want to style it in a style that calls for clean, white, minimal walls.

You don’t want your home office to be completely empty or just using stark white or gray walls because they can actually reduce productivity.

Hang Stylish Pictures and Posters on the Walls

Beside styling your home office walls by color painting, decorate with hanging photos, posters or some artworks. You can make a gallery wall by transforming an empty wall into an artistic space.

Once you choose motivating signage imagery, they can help you add your personal touch to your office.

How to Style Your Office Furniture?

Of course, if you want to have a stylish office, it is more than just decor and wall art.

Choosing and styling office furniture for your home office can also contribute to the overall style of the space. Consider making your furniture do double duty by serving as both functional and decorative pieces.

Stylish Lightning

While natural light is always the best lighting for any room, you can increase the amount of light in your office by purchasing a floor lamp and desk lamp that complement your overall style.

If your home office has a window, use it as the primary light source whenever possible.

how to decorate a home office


With the rest of your house, your home office flooring most likely matches. There are various ways on how to set up a home office flooring without undergoing a full home office renovation.

Here are some ways on how to update your home office:

  • Choose your favorite color of interlocking wood grain tiles.
  • Install a large area rug in your preferred style.
  • Choose peel-and-stick vinyl tiles to update your existing flooring.
  • Remove your home office flooring completely and replace it with something new and exciting for making your home office space more comfortable and welcoming, not to extend the project further.

Storage and Organization

Storage is essential for any home office job. Whether you style a home office for your own business or work as an independent contractor, you need plenty of storage.

Indeed, a well-organized storage system can boost or break your home office experience. Invest in a storage system that will work for you rather than against you, instead of tripping over mismatched filing boxes.

If you have limited space, a storage system on wheels will provide you with more options than a standalone filing cabinet. You can also use wall-mounted storage instead of relying on your limited square footage.

Style Your Home Office Desk Space

Your desk is most likely where you spend the most time to study and work. So, make sure to style your desk as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to overrate organizing your workspace for making your work handy.

Below are some standout points in terms of how to set up a home office desk space:

  • Keeping unsightly items hidden in a desk drawer
  • Putting in proper cord management
  • Combine with a comfortable ergonomic office chair

There is no need to set up or design seven matching pencil holders in ascending height for use on specific days of the week. While your orange highlighter will look great next to your orange sticky notes, you are more likely to knock over the entire system before you can use it.

If you want to match your keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, get a plant.

Store Items to Reduce Clutter

If your desk has a drawer, you can use it to store items that you don’t use on a daily basis. Scissors, paper clips, binder clips, and highlighters are examples of such items. You almost certainly have multiple sets of your favorite pen, so keep them safe.

When you only keep what you need on your desk, it will appear uncluttered and will be much easier to clean up each day. Your cat will also be less likely to knock objects into the void behind the desktop computer.

In terms of styling your home office, refer to these guides for measuring a computer monitor to put this equipment correctly.

Place your monitor on a riser for extra height and space. Many monitor risers include small drawers that can be used for extra storage.

Practice Cord Management

Overally, nothing can spell clutter like untethered office cords.

Even the most beautifully designed home office is useless if the cords are not properly managed. Consider practicing cord management methods listed below to keep the cords on your desk under control and out of sight.

  • Zip-ties or Velcro
  • Cord organizer tray
  • Cord organizer box

Beautiful and Comfortable Office Chair

If you want to master how to set up a home office perfectly, don’t forget to mix your desk with a comfortable office chair. It will be better if you choose an ergonomic office chair with stability and flexible movement smoothly.

how to style a home office

Let’s sacrifice a supportive office chair for the sake of aesthetics. You have the option of having it both ways!

You can spend a significant amount of time each day in your office chair.

It should provide adequate lumbar support for your lower back. You should be able to change it as needed throughout the day.

Your office chair should be appropriate for your height and weight. If you’re sore after sitting in your chair, it’s probably not the right chair for you.

Balance Style and Functionality

Design your home office around your work. You can transform your home office into a cozy and beautiful space where you enjoy spending time. There should be no working room in your house that makes you unhappy.

However, whether you choose ways for how to set up a home office, you need to have a balance between aesthetics and functionality for working. Beautiful home offices with crisp white walls and sleep metal chairs in magazines may look nice, but they don’t necessarily boost productivity.

Above are some essential guides on how to style a home office properly. FittingChairs hope you make your working time become better and more comfortable!

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