How to Clean Leather Office Chair with 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever tried to clean your leather chair? If not, do you know how to clean leather office chair? It’s critical that you look after your chair by following suitable cleaning and maintenance methods.

In this article, FittingChairs will show you how to clean leather office chair with 5 easy steps.

What you’ll need?

Before you start to find out how to clean leather office chair, you need to prepare some of the following items:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Liquid soap
  • Warm water
  • Olive oil
  • A clean rag
  • A soft brush attachment
  • A cotton or microfiber cloth

Let’s go into how to clean leather office chair with 3 easy methods!

How to Clean Leather Office Chairs?

how to clean leather office chair

Leather chairs give a place a touch of class and luxury. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to maintain them looking their best. If you also want to know how to clean office chair fabric, refer to this post.

Leather seats are simple to care for, but they cannot be treated the same manner as other fabrics. When dealing with stains or general wear and tear on a leather chair, use the correct cleaning materials.

If you are wondering how to clean leather office chair, let’s explore the following steps:

  • Step 1: Determine the type of leather

Determine the type of leather before attempting to clean a leather sofa. Cleaning instructions and warnings are usually found on the manufacturer’s tags attached to leather furniture.

Make sure to check if there are any tags attached to your furniture. If you can’t find any, search through the written materials that came with your furniture when you bought it. If you know what kind of chair you have, you might be able to obtain the manufacturer’s instructions online.

The tag or instructions will include cleaning recommendations for your furniture. It will also inform you of any things that may be hazardous to your leather.

If you can’t tell what kind of leather it is, keep in mind that most leather furniture is produced from top-coat protected leather.

  • Step 2: Vacuum your chair

Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to vacuum your furniture thoroughly before you begin cleaning it. Regular vacuuming can help to keep leather furniture in good condition.

Vacuum the chair thoroughly, making sure to get into the cracks and crevices as well as between the cushions. Wipe down the chair with a cloth once you’ve finished. A cotton or microfiber cloth will suffice.

While vacuuming and dusting, keep an eye out for problem areas. You can later use soap or other cleaning agents to remove any stains you detect.

  • Step 3: Using water and soap to make a cleaner

Prepare your cleaner after you’ve vacuumed and dusted. Leather may be cleaned with common household items.

Use a liquid soap that is gentle on the skin. Soaps that you’d use in the shower work fine, as long as they’re mild. Combine the water and soap in a mixing bowl until suds appear on the surface.

  • Step 4: Wipe down the chair

First, try a small area of the chair. If you don’t see any damage, soak a clean rag in the liquid and completely wring it out. After that, use the wet rag to wipe off the chair.

Get a new rag once you’ve finished applying the water and soap mixture. Soak it in distilled water for a few minutes and then ring it out. With this rag, repeat the process.

Take the third rag and dry the chair with it.

  • Step 5: Condition the leather

To restore the natural oils in leather, you should always condition it after cleaning it. Olive oil can be used to cure leather. Using a dry cloth, apply a tiny amount of olive oil.

After that, rub it into the leather until it shines.

Make sure you don’t use too much olive oil. Leather may appear oily as a result of this. You applied too much oil if your chair seems darker after conditioning.

How to Clean White Leather Office Chair?

how to clean leather office chair

How about a white leather office chair? Let’s discuss how to clean it easily!

  • Step 1: Make a cleaning mixture

Pick one of the following formulas:

  • Castile soap and water: 1 part soap to 8 parts water.
  • Vinegar and oil: 2 parts distilled white vinegar to 1 part linseed or olive oil.

Commercial leather soaps and cleaners are available, but making your own is quite simple. Fill a spray bottle halfway with your cleaning solution and label it properly.

  • Step 2: Wipe leather with a damp cloth

Wipe down the white leather with a damp microfiber cloth soaked in plain water. Dust and some surface soil will be removed in this manner.

  • Step 3: Using a cloth, squirt the cleaning solution on the surface.

Spray the cleaning solution onto a clean microfiber cloth instead of directly onto the leather. This will avoid over-wetting and the appearance of watermarks.

  • Step 4: Wipe down the leather

Wipe down the leather with the cloth sprayed with the cleaning solution, starting at the top of a piece and working in small sections at a time.

Make a gentle circular motion with your hands. Please don’t scrub! If there is still soil, add a little more cleaning solution.

  • Step 5: Buff the leather

After the white leather has been cleaned, buff it gently with a dry microfiber cloth. The cleaning solution does not need to be rinsed away.

How to Clean Faux Leather Office Chair?

how to clean leather office chair

In the next of our how-to series, we’ll show you how to clean your faux leather office chair properly.

  • Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming should always be the first step in cleaning any upholstery. This is to get rid of any dirt or dust on the surface.

Make sure to do this on a regular basis; a build-up of dust can quickly become pressed-in, making your faux leather office chair extremely dirty and difficult to clean!

  • Step 2: Create a cleaning solution

To make a cleaning solution, mixture warm water and dish soap in a bucket. Then grab a cloth and soak it in the water, wringing it out.

You may now clean the synthetic leather’s whole surface. Wipe off your office chair with warm, soapy water before drying with a second, dry microfibre towel.

  • Step 3: Condition your chair

You can now condition your office chair now that it’s clean. This is an excellent step to take because it keeps the faux leather looking and feeling good. If you want your furniture to last as long as possible, it’s critical to keep it in good condition.

Simply apply a small amount of baby oil to a sponge. Finally, lightly wipe the faux leather with the sponge. Before treating the entire surface, make careful to spot test in an inconspicuous area.

  • Step 4: Dry your chair

Allow to dry naturally in a light, airy space – preferable beside an open window if feasible! When your chair is entirely dry, you’ll notice how glossy, clean, and attractive it looks.

How to Clean Leather Dining Chairs?

how to clean leather office chair

Continue reading to learn how to clean leather dining chairs so they appear as good as new.

  • Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner

Dusting should always be the first step in any furniture cleaning session. It’s up to you whether you use a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner, but we always advocate vacuuming leather furniture.

Although real and imitation leather appear to be smooth, they are slightly permeable. This implies that dirt and dust can become trapped, so be cautious! A thorough dusting or vacuuming on a regular basis should keep any clogged dirt at bay.

  • Step 2: Using a mild detergent with warm water

Your next step will be determined by whether your seats are made of real or faux leather. Begin by washing any unpleasant stains that need to be cleaned with a moderate detergent and warm water on real leather. Make sure to dab rather than wipe! Finally, pat yourself dry.

You can be a little more liberal with faux leather. Rinse and thoroughly clean the upholstery with a mix of mild detergent and warm water.

Then, using a clean cloth, pat dry. Water can harm leather, so don’t leave your seats wet for too long!

  • Step 3: Remove stains, mould or mildew with strong solutions

After that, use stronger solutions to remove any exceptionally stubborn stains, mold, or mildew. Spray a solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle on actual leather.

Spray but do not rub any mouldy or unclean places. This can cause harm to the leather!

Instead, dab or allow the solution to dry. To remove mould, mildew, or stains from faux leather, use rubbing alcohol. Again, don’t rub the alcohol in; instead, dab it on and let it dry.

  • Step 4: Condition your chair

Finally, you may use a special leather conditioner to keep your real leather in pristine condition! To polish your faux leather chairs, use a silicone-based spray.

How to Keep Your Office Chair Clean?

how to clean leather office chair

As above-mentioned information, do you know how to clean leather office chair?

Now, you need to learn about how to keep your char clean to use it longer.

  • When you’re near your chair, be cautious with beverages, food, or any form of liquid. In the event of a spill, clean it immediately. Attend to stains right away.
  • If at all possible, cover your chair. This is the greatest way to keep it clean by protecting it from dirt and dust. It is a no-water approach.
  • Keep your chair away from air vents for another water-free option.
  • Maintain a comfortable office temperature.
  • Regularly condition your leather office chair.

How to Clean Office Chair Smell ?

How to Clean Leather Office Chair with 5 Easy Steps

When you work in an office, it’s natural for your chair to develop a weird stench. This, however, has nothing to do with poor hygiene or anything of the sort.

Here are some useful tips to clean office chair smell:

  • Tip 1: Leave it outdoors

If you have the chance and your office provides access to a balcony or a roof, simply put your office chair outside for a few hours. The best time to do this is on a cloudy day.

This way, your office chair will be exposed to direct sunshine without affecting the material.

If your office doesn’t have anything like this, consider putting it near a huge window. However, getting rid of the unpleasant odor may take more time.

  • Tip 2: Use vinegar

In a large mixing basin, mixture two parts of water, and one part vinegar. Then, simply pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray your office chair. Make careful you don’t spray too much.

Allow the office chair to sit like this for about 30 minutes before wiping it clean with a moist towel. You should also let it air-dry afterward.

  • Tip 3: Use detergent

Using an electric mixer, mix 4 parts warm water and 1 part washing detergent. Then, using a cloth, scrub the chair with the mixture you just made. The dirt should start to come up as you rub the office chair.

When you’re finished, simply wipe down the office chair and set it aside to dry for the night.

  • Tip 4: Use baking soda

Only use this treatment on upholstered office chairs. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the office chair and let it there for around 15 minutes.

Then, just vacuum the office chair to remove any remaining baking soda residue.


What Should You Not Clean Leather With?

Do not use strong commercial cleaning products, such as window cleaner, to clean your leather furniture. Olive oil, hairspray, shoe polish, and fingernail polish remover should also be avoided.

How Often Should You Clean Leather?

You can clean your leather furniture as frequently as every six weeks, but you can almost likely stretch it out to twice a year. Therefore, cleaning will be easier when you know how to clean leather office chair.

How to Clean Mesh Office Chairs?

You’ve learned about how to clean leather office chair with 5 steps, but if you want to clean your mesh chair, follow our short guide:

  • Vacuum your chair and seat back.
  • Using a washcloth and warm water, dab any stains on your chair until the spot is gone.
  • If step 2 does not work, try a moderate spot removal solution.

That’s all about how to clean leather office chair with 5 easy steps that you should thoroughly keep in mind to keep your chair cleaner.

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