How to Remove Office Chair Base with 5 Easy Steps

You want to remove the base from your chair but don’t know how to do it, check out the following article of FittingChairs right now. How to remove office chair base is no longer a big deal.

Can you remove the base from an office chair?

How to remove office chair base

Office chair bases sometimes suffer from severe wear and tear as a result of extended sitting for a long time.

Furthermore, misusing your chair, such as allowing children to climb on it, might also cause harm. An additional reason is also caused by repeated lever shifts and gas cylinder motions.

The attachment sizes of office chair bases from the same brand are usually identical. You may simply remove and replace them because it’s just an issue of personal choice and material.

One thing that you have to consider is the material of your new chair base. Metal, plastic, and wood are the popular materials for chair base. So that your budget and you demands will be the two-element keys that you should depend on to purchase for chair base.

How to remove office chair base?

How to remove office chair base

So how to remove the office chair base? These steps will help you can do that. Firstly, we highly recommend that you need to have a large pipe wrench and rubber mallet before implementing following our instructions.

  • Step 1: Protect your working corner from oil

Place a piece of cloth or newspaper beneath your chair. Gas cylinders in desk chairs might exhaust oils due to lubrication. Place these items on your floor to prevent oil from getting on it.

  • Step 2: Turn it upside down

Place the chair on the floor or wherever you’re most comfortable. Turn it over to see the base. Check that the middle of the base is easily accessible and visible.

  • Step 3: Use a holding clip

Look for a retaining clip in the center of the base. Using pliers or a screwdriver, remove it. Open the clip slightly and move it away from the piston.

  • Step 4: Take out the washer

The washer is designed to look like a small automobile tire. To remove it, just slide it off from the top of the piston’s base.

  • Step 5: Taking the Base Away

After taking out the washer, rotate the chair base counterclockwise and remove it at the same time. Both the chair base and the gas cylinder detach. The gas cylinder is stored inside the base. Make sure you don’t become too dirty from the coating’s grease stains.

How to remove swivel base from chair

How to remove office chair base

Here are the steps to follow when removing the swivel base from the chair.

  • Step 1

To release the screws that hold the legs together, use a screwdriver or pliers. It’s possible that the legs are held together by more than one pair of screws.

Once you’ve looseened them all, unscrew them from beneath and use needle-nose pliers to pry out any leftover parts (if they’re stuck). Set these aside for the time being; you’ll return to them later.

  • Step 2

Step 2: Make sure the chair is totally flat on its back and look at how the leg sits on the seat. It sits in a slot carved into the chair’s back and front legs, as you can see.

One of those spaces will be lower than the other if you look at how they’re tilted; this is most likely how they should be (and how they were when your chair was made).

  • Step 3

Find the slot that’s lower than the other and place a flat head screwdriver at an angle into it. Gently rotate your chair so you can access how-to remove swivel base from the old upholstered chair with your elbow as if you were doing arm curls in front of a mirror while holding onto the back of the chair.

How to move office chair cylinder stuck in base?

A rusty gas cylinder is most likely to blame for a jammed desk chair base. To tackle this problem, you’ll need oil, a clean towel, and a mallet. White cloth is best avoided since stains are difficult to remove.

  • To protect the floor, place newspapers below your chair (when upright).
  • The gas cylinder covers should be lubricated by spraying or applying lubricant. Ascertain that the lubricant reaches the cylinder’s inner and bottom.
  • Place the cloth on its side to avoid a smudge.
  • With your rubber mallet, strike the chair’s sides. Repeat as required, adding lubricant as needed.

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Now, replacing the chair base is no longer a big deal. Hopefully, this article of FittingChairs can help you in removing and replacing your chair base.

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