BeYou Chair: The Innovative Transformation

We’re all having a problem with our office chair. Finding a chair that you can sit in many positions while working is not a dream anymore with the BeYou chair. Join FittingChairs to learn more about this product in the following BeYou chair review.


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BeYou Chair

With your BeYou transforming chair, you can do way more than just sit.
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BeYou is more thoughtful than a glass of wine on a bad day and more versatile than a Swiss army knife.

  • Great for poster and back
  • You can sit in it with 10+ sitting positions
  • High quality
  • Innovative wings allow you to sit in 5 positions
  • A little curvy
  • No head or neck support

About the BeYou brand

BeYou is built by a group of friends with decades of experience in sitting. They also noticed how their friends, family and co-workers behave when sitting.

They have learnt to take an idea and bring it to life in the past year.

The suppliers and factories that the BeYou group are working with have dozens of years of experience. They have already iterated 9 versions of the BeYou chair and they have been using and loving 5 fully functional prototypes for the past few months.

Each of the member of the BeYou always find out their own ways of sitting to bring it in their product.

Now let’s find out what’s special about the chair’s design with this BeYou chair review.


BeYou chair review: What’s special about its design?

Let this BeYou chair review tell you about the special design of the chair.

Made out of the best oak veneer, you are assured of getting a durable, stable and strong chair.

The BeYou chair is also made of the best foam cushions that are of the highest quality standards. It ensures your back and bum will feel comfortable when you sit on these high-quality materials.

The heavy-duty auto-locking wheels work great on both carpet and hard surfaces.

BeYou’s unique backrest is a natural prompt for you to stay mindful of your posture. It’s a great reminder to sit up straight on your own, without leaning back on a backrest that usually prompts us to slouch a little bit in our chairs.

The BeYou chair lets you sit in the most comfortable positions that feel great to be you. You can sit over 10+ ways, effortlessly switching positions so you can stay active even while sitting.

The chair comes with adjustable wings that are super easy to operate and provide support when you try out the different sitting styles. Each wing can be set in 5 positions.

Crazy about special design of the BeYou chair, you want to find out more ideal options from our list of unique office chairs!

Keep reading the BeYou chair review to learn more about this interesting chair.


BeYou chair review: How can it help you improve your health?

The BeYou chair is a really creative design that allows us to change positions while sitting but can still stay in good posture. You can sit in more than 10 positions in this chair.

Innovative transformation

While sitting in the BeYou chair, you have wings that allow you to easily switch sitting positions. These wings are adjustable to give you numerous and creative sitting positions.

Each wing can be set in 5 positions. You can use them as armrests, backrest, support for your knees, the perfect place to put up your feet or even as yoga blocks.

The backrest is also adjustable, so you can use it as a table, comfortable elbow pad, or a laptop stand.

Comfort and ergonomic features

If you’re spending most of your day sitting, it is only fair that you get to sit in the most comfortable chairs of all.

The BeYou chair is made for comfort as well as efficiency whenever you are working.

With your BeYou transforming chair, you can do way more than just sit.

You’re free to work on your laptop, play on your phone, lounge to relax, take a zen moment to yourself, do a few yoga poses and even take a nap.

Adjustable wings

The BeYou wings are really simple to change. All you need to do is just to take a single click.

You can accomplish all of this while sitting down. Open them all the way up, all the way down, or wherever in between. You can do whatever suits your needs.

Each wing may be adjusted to 5 different places. You can use them as armrests, backrests, or knee supports.

In addition, they are a great place to prop your feet up. You can even use them as yoga blocks.

The BeYou chair is surprisingly versatile and helpful.

Adjustable backrest

The backrest can be used as a laptop stand or a convenient lunch table.

You can also turn it into the comfortable elbow pad. It’s small enough to fit beneath your desk.

Additionally, you may sit comfortably with your legs crossed on a chair created by using the backrest as a seat.

For further back support, adjust the backrest up or down. It can move backward or forwards, up or down, and even slightly tilted.

When the chair is horizontal, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for sitting, relaxing, and working.

The BeYou chair is comfortable as the backrest can be adjusted in all the appropriate places.


BeYou chair reviews

Let’s see the BeYou chair reviews on the BeYou website.

A review from Anna M.: “Perfect for me!”

I’m ALWAYS fighting with office chairs, trying to be comfortable. Took the armrests off because they got in the way. Finally a chair that solves all that!

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Nico M.: “I love it!”

I’m super fidgety and sitting in one position for long is impossible. Did you guys make this especially for me? Sure seems like it!

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Louis F.: “Work from home gets better.”

Really struggling working from home at the moment and this is exactly what I need. So excited for it, congrats on amazing products!

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Art B.: “Amazing chair!”

I would use this chair right now! My cat could snooze on one of the “wings” as I go about my daily work in my COVID-19 created home office.

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Knox V.: “Wowzer!”

I can’t believe I will finally sit however I want without having to scope out new places to move to every 5 minutes!

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Should you buy the BeYou chair?

The BeYou chair is a really creative design that allows us to change positions while sitting but can still stay in good posture.

BeYou is perfect for anyone who works for long hours while they are sitting on a chair. This chair will ensure that you work comfortably with a happy back and bum.

You can sit in more than 10 positions with the BeYou chair.

If you’re looking for a chair that you can change position while sitting in it, this is a perfect choice.

If there is one bad thing about this chair, it would be its aesthetics. It’s a bit curvy.

Also, this chair does not have neck or head support. If that is something you are particularly looking for, this is not the best choice.

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Hopefully, this BeYou chair review can help you know more about the chair and make a smart choice. Don’t forget to follow FittingChairs to get more chair reviews.

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