Autonomous ErgoStool Review

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that are made for ergonomic support, and so do the stools. In this article, FittingChairs will share with you the ErgoStool review.


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Autonomous ErgoStool Review


Build strength in your back and core by sitting up straight without the support of a chair and “wobbling” gently while you sit.


ErgoStool review: What’s special about its design?

What’s special about this chair? Keep reading this ErgoStool review to find out!

The stool has a very good build quality. It feels sturdy and you can easily move it around by lifting only the seat. 

The base is quite heavy, and it has a non-slip surface on the bottom. Therefore, you can rock, tip, twist, lean and swivel the ErgoStool without worrying it could fall down. 

When you need to sit still, it can become fairly stable.

One of the most special features of this stool is that it allows you to work when standing, or almost standing. The ErgoStool gives you an opportunity to continue working as you stand.

The anti-slip base will keep you assured that the stool is not going to topple over when you sit on it. You can even adopt a stand-sit posture with the stool without exposing yourself to the risk of falling.

Enjoy safe wobbling when you use this stool. The base stays stable as you wobble and rock gently on the stool for exercise purposes.

The seat has a molded foam interior that is enclosed by polyester fabric. The frame takes advantage of a nylon plastic design, which makes for an incredibly durable product.

Stools need to meet quality standards before office workers use them. The Autonomous ErgoStool has a UL 2818 certification, highlighting a design that stays within an acceptable range for chemical emissions. 

The ErgoStool is available in many colors. You can get an all black, all gray, combination of white and black, blue and black and so on.

If you want to coordinate the color of your ErgoStool with the rest of your office furniture, you can choose from cool gray, evergreen, all black, and navy blue alternatives. 

While the ErgoStool weighs a very light 22 pounds, it can accommodate up to 264 pounds of weight at a time.

These combined color stools look good in any office setting.

So what benefits you can get when using this stool? Keep reading the ErgoStool review to find out!


Ergostool review: How can it help you improve your health?

The ErgoStool leans heavily into active sitting principles, which means that you can angle it from its central position when you desire. 

You get a 30-degree angle for the range of motion, which provides enough movement without being too over the top. As the angle gets larger, there is greater potential for the user to topple over.

The only adjustable area is the seat height.

The biggest benefit when using the ErgoStool is that of health. With this stool, you will improve your posture. 

Autonomous Ergostool Review

When you sit down on the stool to work on the standing desk, you will have to exercise your glutes and other core muscles because the stool does not have a rigid base. 

Rather, it wobbles gently so you are forced to move your muscles to stay stable enough to work.

Sitting on a backless product, such as the Autonomous ErgoStool, forces you to build your core and back strength with active sitting. 

Therefore, you naturally improve your sitting posture, which allows you to mitigate pain and degenerative conditions progressively. 

It’s the perfect multi-faceted ergonomic office tool to have with your adjustable standing desk.

It will also strengthen your muscles. You can also maintain your posture with ErgoStool.

When you have the availability of height adjustment, you will be more concentrated on your work.

See how to assemble and adjust the ErgoStool in the following video:

However, no matter how good and ergonomic your office chair is, you still need to stand and stretch from time to time. The ErgoStool gives you an opportunity to work while standing.

Active sitting will increase blood circulation. When a person sits in the same place without moving for a long time, it lowers metabolism. 

As a result, you can gain weight. But active sitting is also helping in the burning of calories.

The pedestal stays solidly intact on any kind of floor. Your safety and stability are assured when working on this stool.

You can use it on a regular desk, not just a standing desk.


ErgoStool review: Customer reviews

After having a general look at the Ergostool, now let’s see the ErgoStool reviews on Amazon.

Positive ErgoStool reviews

A review from Lauren R Larson: “Sturdy and versatile.”

This stool is easy to assemble. The base is very heavy and the overall construction is sturdy. You must put your full weight on the stool to ensure connection of the base–otherwise it might fall off and smash your toe when you try to carry the stool. I bought this stool for my recording studio but find myself using it all over the house–at my makeup table and instead of a regular desk chair. My only issue is that it gives me some lower back pain if I sit at the lower height for extended amounts of time–likely because it’s agravating an existing injury I have, not a design flaw.

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Peter Fleury: “Good performance and comfortable.”

You’re always skeptical spending close to (or north of) 100 bucks for a stool that you can pic up for 15 bucks retail, but the functionality, comfort and core engagement cannot be argued. This stool does as advertized. It’s comfortable, the cushion is contoured so it doesn’t hinder leg circulation over long stretches of use, yet is weighted enough to hold me up even with my feet off the ground. It’s quiet and manuveurable, and performs better than the $700 alternative (which I have also used).

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Negative ErgoStool reviews

Mars M: “No customer service.”

I needed help when I missed a step in the assembly process. I tried to get help for over 16 hours on and off through the chat. Phone service was not available and I am fine with that arrangement. I kept getting disconnected from the chat help with a long message telling me to “stay strong”. I understand that they are working off-site during the stay at home order but the chat queue is a joke. Not only did I repeatedly get kicked out it then changed my queue position from 2nd to 4th. I decided to just keep typing to keep the connection and that went on for over 40 minutes and only moved from 2nd to 1st. I tried to keep waiting in the 1st position but it went on so long I finally gave up. If they are not staffing chat sessions then show it on the website. I am so frustrated… it has to be among the worst costumer service I have ever experienced. It looks like I will just need to put it back in the box and consider it a lesson learned.

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Am Buyer: “Great height, but not comfortable to sit on for too long.”

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Should you buy ErgoSool?

The Autonomous ErgoStool is a comprehensive seating option that allows you to strengthen your back and core as you work.

This ergonomic office stool does what no ergonomic office chair can allow you to do – work while standing.

It works very well with a standing desk since it allows you to take efficient breaks and get in the kind of movement you need.

Hopefully, this ErgoStool review gave you all the information for understanding why having one in your office is a good idea.

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