Steelcase Think Vs Leap 2022: Which Is Best for You?

In this essay, we’ll compare and contrast two Steelcase Think vs Leap models. These two chairs are popular from the Steelcase brand. Steelcase Think vs Leap are fairly similar. However, there are a few minor distinctions that may cause one individual to prefer one over the other.

FittingChairs will go through them and help you decide which is the best fit for you.


Steelcase Think Vs Leap. The Story Behind

In terms of the story behind the Steelcase Think vs Leap chair, although they come from the same brand, each type will stand for one orientation of Steelcase.

Detaily, while Steelcase Think made for those who sit for a living, Leap was inspired for jumping in productivity. Whilst, when you read the Steelcase Think chair review, you may need to know how it works clearly.

It seems Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment for people who sit throughout the day who actually sit for a living.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

With Leap, this is an improved effort of Steelcase. They constantly invest in user research as part of the product design process.


Steelcase Think Vs Leap. What’s The Same?

Steelcase Think Vs Leap 2022: Which Is Best for You?

Steelcase Think

The Steelcase Think is an ergonomic office chair that offers maximum comfort and adjustability at an affordable price. If you are into an aggressive lumbar support, this chair is an ideal option.

Steelcase Think Vs Leap 2022: Which Is Best for You?

Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap is one of the better-known office chair. It’s not just a very comfortable chair with plenty of back support, but also comes with a wide range of colors, making it a great addition to any office setting.

Here are some main similar points of the Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs:

  • Size

FittingChairs will take a deeper dive into the size category. Because everyone’s form and physique differs, it’s critical for an office chair to come in a variety of sizes.

The Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs have a standard weight capacity of 400 pounds because both chairs are made by the same business.

Steelcase Think vs Leap
  • Comfort

Related to the same points of Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs, it cannot ignore how comfortable each chair is. Although comfort is a personal taste, FittingChairs will provide you with an honest assessment.

The seat and backrest of the Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs are constructed of standard foam-padded fabric, which will be familiar to most people.

With this in mind, despite the fact that both seat pads are less than 2 inches thick, both chairs provide excellent sitting comfort.

This is a reflection of the high quality of the seat pads utilized in each of the seats.

Steelcase Think vs Leap
  • Adjustable Height

The Steelcase Think vs Leap V2, like any other office chair, has the flexibility to adjust the seat to your preferred level of comfort.

While the seat height of Think and the Leap are about 1 inches apart, both of them have a 5′′ height adjustment range.

  • Seat and Depth Adjustable

With both of them, the adjustable seat allows you to modify the chair’s depth. Whether you use Think or Leap, they allow you to go forward or backward in order to attain a more comfortable position.

Although the Think chair has 0.5″ more depth, you won’t be able to distinguish the difference between 0.5′′ of increased depth and 0.5′′ of extra depth.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

In this aspect, we believe each of these seats is identical.

  • Adjustable Back Tension & Lumbar Support

This is one of the most crucial characteristics that we believe can influence a person’s decision to sit in one chair over the other.

Both chairs include a built-in liveback mechanism that provides excellent comfort throughout the day, however. With every movement you make, the LiveBack technology lets the chair adjust to your back.

Furthermore, both the Steelcase Think vs Leap chair allow you to modify the lumbar support, allowing you to slide it up and down for maximum comfort.

Steelcase Think vs Leap
  • 4D Adjustable Arms

The Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs, unlike many other office chairs, include a four-dimensional or 4D armrest.

These chairs’ armrests may be modified in a 4D motion vertically, horizontally, and rotating in addition to their height.


Steelcase Think Vs Leap. What’s The Difference?

From a quick glance, the Steel Think vs Leap chair specification table shows that they have nearly identical features. But they still have some different points.

Let’s go through each feature individually to see what the differences of Steelcase Think vs Leap are.

Difference in Design

Both of these office chairs are unique in that they offer a variety of material possibilities.

Fabric and leather are two alternative material possibilities for the Steelcase Leap. If you desire a more opulent vibe in your office, the leather version is a good choice. Choose the fabric option if you value comfort above everything else.

If you want to know more about this chair, don’t miss this article of Steelcase Leap V2 review.

Steelcase Think, on the other hand, comes in three different material choices: fabric, leather, and 3D mesh. The 3D mesh is the finest choice for people who get hot easily and sweat a lot. The mesh back improves air circulation, eliminating excessive humidity after hours of sitting in the chair.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

The Think can also be made out of a 3D knitted mesh-like material. This improves your back’s breathability and ventilation while also making the chair feel lighter.

With adjustable back support and lower back support, the Steelcase Think boasts a sleek and comfortable design. This one has a bigger backrest and seat, making it possible for the user to sit comfortably for more than 8 hours.

With flexible plastic grids and a 3D mesh back for improved air circulation, the exterior backrest shell is also unique in this Think chair.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

The Steelcase Leap, on the other hand, has a taller and wider backrest but a much narrower shape. The nylon substance of the chair makes it robust and easy to move around without risking scratches. The lower back region has an open grid that allows for greater air circulation.

Difference in Adjustments

After you’ve taken care of the material and appearance, it’s time to point out the adjustability of the Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs.

The Leap has more practical and flexible adjustability choices than the Steelcase Think, which has a basic semi-adjustable design.

Leap has four recline positions on the recline and tension knob. The chair lacks a halfway reclining setting and does not have the usual 4-way adjustable armrest design.

The one more thing that the Leap has over the Think chair is its tension adjustment. The Leap chair allows you to adjust the firmness of your lower back, giving you constant support.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

Not only that, the bigger difference between the Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs is how the Leap uses a glide system, whereas the Think just uses one knob to control how the seat reclines.

Steelcase Think vs Leap

Whereas the Think makes the control a bit more intuitive, the Leap’s method of controlling the back tension and ability to recline is more advanced and customizable since it has two knobs.

With the Steelcase Leap, you can find just the right adjustment for you whether you want a lot of force exerted when you lean back to support you, or if you just want to lock in one position.

Conversely, the Think doesn’t have a function of “push back” when you lean back, and you might find that your back gets tired in the positions available.

Hence, in the comparison of the Steelcase Think vs Leap, Think also restricts your movement a bit more.

Difference in Price

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Steelcase Think Chair is more affordable at the entry level. However, adding customisable features such as a stool and altering the fabric to 3D knit or leather can quickly add up.

When you want all of the cool features, like the 4-way adjustable arm, the Steelcase Leap Chair can be pricey, but if you don’t mind having an armless chair, the price can be decreased.

Of course, you can modify these seats as much as you want, depending on your budget.


Steelcase Think Vs Leap. What’s Customer Say

Steelcase Think Review

  • Positive Reviews

DEPHOINE BROWN ranked 5 stars on Amazon “Very Happy with My Steelcase chair”

“It came already assembled, i was having neck issues – that has got better, and it rocks like a rocking chair, love love that – i work remote so i needed something of quality got on YouTube and this was one of the brands they recommended”

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  • Negative Reviews

Written by Jim MacDonald, “I just don’t like my Think Chair”

“I bought this chair on the basis of all the glowing recommendations from other purchasers. As others have stated, the chair is quite adjustable, and can be comfortable for short periods of time.

However, I am just not enamored with the chair back. I bought the adjustable lumbar support, but I cannot get it to go high enough to actually support the lumbar region of my back. The highest it will go is right at the top of my hip bones, probably 3-4″ too low. I am tall (6′ 2″), but I have a hard time believing that the architecture of my back is really that different from the norm. I ended up jamming the lumbar support as low as it would go, just to get it out of the way.

I absolutely despise the chair back itself. Rather than a conventional padded back, the Think Chair has multiple tensioned wires that run horizontally, covered by a thin mesh. After a few hours in this chair, these wires really start to irritate my back, because they don’t distribute the pressure evenly. When sitting in the chair I am supported by only 15 of these wires, and I can feel them pressing into my back. After a while it feels like they have cut off circulation. I have resorted to placing a thick blanket over the back of the chair in hopes that it will distribute the load more evenly. I am pretty skinny, so maybe I am the problem rather than the chair.

All in all I am disappointed in this chair, and wish I had purchased something else. That was $768 not well spent.”

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Steelcase Leap Review

  • Positive Reviews

Written by Riotta M. Scott, “The best desk chair I’ve ever used”

“My boss bought this model for my team five years ago, and it still looks/feels as good as new; nothing rattles around or feels like it needs to be tightened, and that has never been the case for me in all my years being chained to a desk 40 hours a week.

When I began to work half the day from home, I noticed that I always had body aches by the end of the day. I decided to invest in the Leap chair for my home office, and I don’t regret it a bit. My body feels so much better at the end of the day now!

I bought the Amazon Prime model, which only comes in black (unfortunately) but with Prime I could pay in installments. That made it a little easier to spend a thousand dollars on a desk chair. I was super pleased when it arrived in an enormous box, and was already fully assembled.”

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  • Negative Reviews

A customer with nickname Fat Guy in a Little Coat reviewed on Amazon “Hard as a rock”

“I purchased this chair a couple years ago and want to explain the consequences of sitting in it over time. First, the chair is easy to assemble and adjust – those are positives. But, the seating surface is very hard — almost no cushioning.

As a result, it has contributed to a hip problem to the point I could no longer sit in this (and only this) chair without great pain. I purchased a foam cushion to use with the chair and that has helped a lot. Unfortunately, the damage to my hip required a lot of PT that has taken more time and money than the cost of the chair. So, I cannot recommend this model. It is uncomfortable and potentially painful in the long run.”

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Steelcase Think Vs Leap. What Are The Pros And Cons?


The Bottom Line

In the comparison of the Steelcase Think vs Leap chair, in our opinion, among the greatest ergonomic office chairs available, especially for preventing lower back strain.

Choose the Steelcase Think if you want an office chair with fully adjustable back tension and recline.

The Steelcase Leap, on the other hand, is a great ergonomic chair with excellent lower back support. The Think chair is our recommendation simply because it is more intuitive.

Nevertheless, if you have the financial means to purchase either chair, you will not be disappointed. Both are made by Steelcase which is the most reputable businesses in the industry, so you can count on the greatest warranties available.

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In this article, FittingChairs have given a detailed comparison of the Steelcase Think vs Leap chairs. Choose the option you want between them. Only your particular preference can help you choose between the two in the end.

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