Level up Your Desk: Do You Really Need a Second Monitor?

Isn’t it true that two screens are better than one? But, do you really need a second monitor for your home office? Find the answer with FittingChairs now!

What Is The Best Way To Get A Second Monitor?

A second screen allows you to use multiple programs at the same time. Two different displays that do two different things.

If you’re in a voice chat while playing a game, you can see who else is talking in the room, and if you’re streaming, you can see live comments on the second screen. Some applications, such as Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, even have multiple screen modes. 

what do you need for a second monitor

However, if you are a casual computer user who only browses the internet in your spare time, a dual monitor setup is not essential.

What Is A Dual Or Multiple Monitor Setup?

More than one screen is connected to the same computer in a dual or multiple monitor setup. The majority of modern GPUs including AMD and Nvidia and laptops support dual monitors or more.

Dual monitors can be used in two ways:

  • Extended Display: Adds a second monitor to provide additional screen space for anything your PC can output.
  • Mirror / Duplicate Display: Produces an exact duplicate of the display on both screens.

You can watch a movie on an ultra-wide monitor-like setup by selecting “Extend your display.” It will undoubtedly be a cinematic experience, minus the center bezels.

What About Gaming?

Why do you need a second monitor for gaming? A dual monitor setup can also be used for gaming, but the center bezels will be a turn-off because your main character or crosshair is always in the center, especially in shooting games. 

In general, ultrawide monitors or curved monitors are ideal for gaming.

Another practical option is to run another app on the secondary monitor. For example, when editing a video in Premiere Pro on the primary monitor, you can have color correction tools on the secondary monitor.

What Is The Difference Between Two Monitors And One Monitor?

A single monitor means one screen for all of your work. For example, if you’re playing a game and want to check out what’s going on in the Discord room, you’ll need to tab out, minimize the game, and switch over to Discord.

This might be uninteresting and even time-consuming, given that most low-cost gaming setups struggle with quick alt-tabbing.

For some, it is quite sufficient and even preferable to a distracting dual monitor setup. So, dual monitor for whom? 

In fact, two monitors give you more room to complete your daily tasks. You can use both monitors for different tasks, allowing for better multitasking. 

The only thing you should do is simply drag one application from the primary display to the secondary screen and maximize it.

With two monitors, you can view two full-sized windows at the same time, or split them into half-width windows to view four different programs or documents at the same time.

How Many Monitors Can Be Used In A Multiple Monitor Setup?

do you need a second monitor to do art

More monitors need more space, money, and computer resources. Most computer configurations and laptops support dual monitors, but if you have a dedicated GPU, such as the RTX 3080, you can go up to 4 displays.

If you really want to push the envelope, the Matrox C680 Graphic supports up to six 4K/UHD displays. As long as you have the necessary graphics processing power, there is no limit to how many monitors you can set up in a multiple monitor setup.

Even if your GPU lacks a second display port, you can connect a display to your motherboard’s VGA port. To set up, you must have a CPU with an integrated GPU.

Another option is to use a USB connector.

What Do You Need To Connect A Second Monitor?

What do you need to connect a second monitor? You’ll probably want matching monitors, or at least two monitors with the same refresh rate and resolution. This will help in the creation of a unified visual experience across all screens. 

However, it’s not required, you can choose a different brand, frame rate, and resolution depending on your intended use.

Here are some options for you to consider:

  • The monitor.
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  • A computer that can support a dual-monitor setup. The majority of modern GPUs and laptops work perfectly with a second display.
  • Extra space. Don’t forget to account for the extra space that the second monitor will take up on the desk.

Read our guides on how to connect two monitors to two computers to master on setting up your desktop.

How To Do It?

It is surprisingly simple to set up a second monitor. You do not require any additional software.

To do this, your GPU has multiple ports on the back. The types of ports available vary, but most of them include HDMI. Simply insert the HDMI cable into one of the ports.

You may need to adjust the resolution and scaling in your computer’s or laptop’s display settings.

Advantages Of Using Dual Or Multiple Monitors


Thanks to using dual monitors, there’s no alt-tabbing, no delays, nothing.

Dual or multiple monitors are ideal for running multiple programs at the same time. Photoshop can be on one side and Spotify on the other. This is the main reason why people choose multiple displays.

People who work with single displays will understand the issue of switching from one application to another. It can be extremely slow at times, even resulting in a system crash. 

what do you need for a second monitor

Furthermore, data sharing between applications is simple and convenient with multiple display configurations. To upload a photo from a folder to a website in Chrome, open the folder on one display, and drag and drop it on Chrome on the latter.

Reference Critical Information

Multiple monitors are a godsend for writers, programmers, journalists, and others who need to refer to critical information. 

You can use a vertical second monitor in addition to your primary screen to have everything you need right in front of you.

Moreover, consider drafting an email with source material, comparing products side by side, coding with technical documentation, or simply watching a YouTube tutorial on one side and implementing on the other, a second monitor can speed up your process many folds.

Better Communication And Collaboration

Remote work has become the new norm with Zoom meetings.

In case you’re in a virtual sales presentation and need to refer to some data, a split-screen on a single monitor will cram everything in and potentially ruin your presentation.

Or perhaps you need to share your screen for a coding tutorial while answering questions in the chat?

In summary, consider it a visual extension of your workstation. You can see your colleagues on one screen while working on a project with them on the other.

Disadvantages Of Multiple Monitors

Additional Investment

Additional monitors will be expensive. Not to mention, the processing power also need to power those monitors.

A good monitor costs will range between $100 and $200. Among them, the LG 24M47VQ 24-Inch LED-lit Monitor (1920 X 1080 FULL HD Resolution) is an excellent mid-range monitor for dual monitor setups.

Requires More Desk Space

If you want to connect two of 24″ monitors on the same desk, it takes up a lot of room. If you have limited space on your current table, a second monitor will impede your workflow and leave less room for other peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse.

To save money and space, choose a fully adjustable monitor desk mount stand.

The Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk has enough space on one side for two monitors and a laptop dock.

Additional Computer Resources

what do you need to add a second monitor

Most dedicated GPUs support dual monitors with a little bit to no performance impact, assuming you have a decent GPU like the GTX 1660. 

If you are watching a YouTube video and playing a game at the same time, you may notice a minor decrease in performance and lower Frames Per Second (FPS).

However, multiple monitors need additional computer resources. Following that, the number of monitors that can be connected to a PC is also limited by how many the GPU can support.

Potentially Distracting

Having a second monitor is like having an additional way to experience right in front of you. If your work only requires a single screen, multiple monitor setup can be distracting. 

Not only that, because your second monitor is empty and dark, you will be tempted to open Netflix or watch a local soccer game.

FittingChairs has covered whether do you really need a second monitor, advantages and disadvantages of dual monitors and what to consider before making the switch. Don’t hesitate to read other articles for even more great information.

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