What’s The Average Height of Computer Desk?

If you are intending to buy a computer desk, you might want to know what is the standard height for a desk to make the right decision. Reading this post from FittingChairs can come to the rescue. Let’s get started!

Why Desk Height Matters?

Your health can be significantly impacted by the height of the desk which you spend a lot of time working, studying, or playing video games at.

It is important to take a good care of our body while using technology. You should know how to sit correctly and have your workstation settled at the adequate height. Major health issues. can be resulted if you use technology without keeping your body in good state.

If you manage to own a comfortable home office chair whose height can be adjusted, it will be ideal. Having poor posture might be the result from prolonged sitting without proper support. Beside a lot of other health problems, poor posture can also lead to neck and shoulder disorders.

Therefore, an adjustable standing desk for your home office or gaming setup is really crucial.

What Is The Best Ergonomic Desk Height?

average desk height

How much energetic and productive you are will be impacted by the desk height. When selecting the ideal desk height, the most important thing you need to determine is how tall you are.

How Tall Are You?

Your height can be calculated by standing up straight on a flat surface. You should opt for a desk whose height is higher than usual if you are taller than six feet. If you are 5 feet 40 inches tall, go for a desk height of around 31 inches.

If you are under six feet tall, a desk with height of 29.5 inches can be a good fit.

In case your desk is not an adjustable model, you should have a footrest under the desk to keep ergonomic posture while sitting.

Why Is Desk Height Important?

Naturally, your body is in upright position. Your spine will naturally curves forward when you sit.

However, when your back is kept straight, your body weight will be supported by your natural back curvature. Without the curve, you will feel really unpleasant when your back starts to arch.

The arching can cause pain in your lower back and even lead to headaches.

By adjusting the height of your desk or having an ergonomic desk, you can avoid these issues.

What is the Standard Height of a Desk?

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So what is the average height of a computer desk?

Typical desks which are not height adjustable usually have height of 29.5 inches. Some models’ height can vary, ranging from 28-30 inches.

Those who have height of between 5’8″ and 6′ are best suited for this height. For those who are shorter or taller than this level, they might encounter problems due to this. The solution for them is buying a desk which is a sit stand desk and can be adjusted so they can set it to the height they want.

What Is The Best Height For A Computer Desk?

The majority prefer computer desks of about 30 inches high.

It is better if your computer desk is adjustable so you can adjust its height to fit into your comfortable position when sitting to work.

The ideal height for computer desk is a height matching your body shape and height.

The table below might help you in choosing the height for your computer desk.

Your Height (ft/in) Seated Desk Height (ft/in) Sitting Eye Height (ft/in) Standing Desk Height (ft/in) Standing Eye Height (ft/in)
5’5” 26.2 46.8 43.6 62.2
5’6” 26.2 47.6 44 63.3
5’7” 27 48.4 44.4 64.5
5’8” 27.4 49.2 44.8 65.7
5’9” 27.8 50 45.2 66.8
5’10” 28.2 50.5 45.6 67.5
5’11” 28.6 51 46 68
6’0” 29 51.5 46.4 68.5
6’1” 29.4 52.3 46.8 68.8
6’2” 29.8 53.5 47.2 70
6’3” 30.2 54.3 47.6 71.6
6’4” 30.6 55.5 48 72.8

The Correct Office Chair Height

What is the standard height for a desk

What is a correct chair height? It is a height at which you can sit in comfort and your feet are laid flat on the floor. Your knees and hips will be at a 90 degree angle and you will not feel stress on your neck or back.

An unpleasant position can result in back pain so selecting a correct chair height or one which is adjustable is so vital.

Each individual will have dissimilar correct chair height. You can follow some tips as below to find your own.

  • Let your feet touch the ground entirely and your knees are at an angle of 90 degree. Make sure both feet are parallel to each other and thighs are also parallel to the ground.
  • Use a footrest to give support to your legs in case your knees are at a 90-degree angle but your feet are off the ground.
  • In case you sit at an office desk to work, make sure your elbows are at a 90-100 degree open-angle.
  • For some desks which are not height adjustable, you should adjust the height of chair depending on the place of keyboard and mouse.

Use A Height Adjustable Desk to Improve Your Posture

How tall is the average computer desk

A height adjustable desk is the one letting you modify the height of desk. Today, standing desks are gaining more popularity since people can work while standing up. This boosts them to move more so they can get more exercises and stay active and healthy.

Height adjustability of standing desks normally ranges from 22.6′′ to 48.7′′. It is decided by the height and personal needs of each person. People can set the standing desk’s height to their elbows and switch their working postures throughout the day.

Standing desks are great for those who want to work while standing. Standing desks’ benefits include helping avoid back pain since your spine will be kept straight, relieving pressure on your lower body, improving concentration and boosting productivity.

What is the Average Desk Height for Gaming?

average desk height

The average height for gaming desks are equivalent to standard desks which should be around 28 – 30 inches from floor to tabletop. This height allows you to sit in comfort while playing games.

In fact, not many gaming desks are ergonomic because they do not have the feature of height adjusting.

Gaming desks are created for gamers with extra storage, amazing design and enough desk space to improve gaming experience.

Ergonomic Tips to Make Your Desk Posture Comfortable

Adjustable chair heights and computer desks with keyboard trays can upgrade your comfort and experience while working. In addition, if your desk has these following ergonomic tips, your experience might be even better.

A computer desk coming with deep desktop will enable you to keep a good posture throughout the day.

Your monitor should be placed at a neutral position when you sit at the desk. You should put the arm of monitor at an angle which you find comfortable.

An ergonomic desk will give you enough space for your legs and back to be able to sit pleasantly.

Ergonomic desks can also be adjusted for their users to match their requirements. It is easy to touch the mouse and keyboard with a desk having rounded edges and curved front.

You can use anti fatigue mats as a combination with your ergonomic desk to reduce the stress on your feet and spine when you stand to work.

So this post has given you the answer for what is the standard height for a desk. Follow FittingChairs now since we will come back with more sharing posts about how to productively work from home.

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