What Are the Benefits of Standing Desks for Runners?

Standing desks can be used not only by office or home office workers but also runners. Let’s discover some of standing desk benefits for runners in this post with FittingChairs.

How Does A Standing Desk Help Runners?

For those who might not know, a standing desk can help office workers who are also runners to stay active while working and keep shape.

When you use a standing desk, you can not only use it to work and get your work done but also increase your movement while doing the job.

Using a standing desk has a positive impact to your muscles, improving blood circulation in your body. From that, your physical condition will be improved and you will feel better. Using a standing desk is also one of the methods to keep you motivated while working.

If you are a runner, you will know well that sitting for a long time can turn your training regimen into nothing. When you keep sitting all day, your muscles will start to tighten and your joints will become stiff.

Problems will be solved when you use a standing desk. It can help to loose your muscles and joints.

And not only runners but all people who are gymers can get benefits from standing desks in the same way.

What are The Benefits of Standing Desks for Runners?

What Are the Benefits of Standing Desks for Runners

So is a standing desk good for runners? Let’s see how beneficial standing desks are for them to have the answer.

Reduce muscle tightness

One of the most popular issues runners have to encounter is muscle tightness. Your hips can get tighten up easily when you’re seated. Too much sitting can cause hip flexor pain.

You will have more movement during your working day, have your circulation improved and your aches of muscles and joints relieved by using an adjustable standing desk.

Negates the common office posture

Spending the whole day in front of a computer is a thing most of employees do, no matter they work in the office or at home. Runners are also likely to face the same situation.

Improve posture

Your posture will be worsen over time if you keep yourself sitting in a chair for too long. If you keep a bad posture for long, it can lead to muscle atrophy which will make your posture even worse. Such an annoying cycle.

On the other hand, using a standing desk which can be adjusted will improve your physiological posture to be better. Your relevant muscle groups will also be kept in a more active condition.

Reduce neck & back pain

Using standing desks can help to reduce your back and neck pain since they offer you a more ergonomic position while working. Stress on your neck and back will be significantly relieved and you will feel more comfortable.

Builds endurance for time on your feet

For runners, it is vital to be able to adapt to longer and longer periods of time on their feet in their training regimen. Using a standing desk is an excellent way to help runners prepare for training time as well as build endurance for their feet.

Drawbacks To Using A Standing Desk

However, standing desks can not avoid having some drawbacks.

The first one which is easy to be seen is standing for too long can be painful and tiresome.

If you are not used to standing for long time, you are likely to feel tired.

Plus, it is not cheap to purchase one standing desk. The designs of standing desks might not be suitable for everyone.

How Does A Standing Desk Affect Recovery?

Are Standing Desks Beneficial For Runners

Recovery is much more important for active runners, especially those who have got some significant achievements each week.

Standing is an active activity which can influence the downtime required for inter-workout recovery periods.

Standing clearly raises the amount of time you spend on your feet. If you have plantar fasciitis or other foot problems, standing may worsen your symptoms.

If you’re a runner and have intention to use a standing desk, you should switch between standing and sitting to prevent injuries and accelerate the recovery speed if you are suffering from injuries.

Do Doctors Recommend Standing Desks?

Standing desks do bring benefits for your body but do doctors really recommend this type of desk?

It is true that many medical professionals suggest using an adjustable standing desk due to many of its benefits. Chiropractors also speak well of standing desks.

Advocates of standing desks point out that these desks can help relieve neck and back pain, raise energy level, foster metabolism and boost productivity.

Some doctors give advice that using a standing desk to change between standing can help prevent the risk of diabetes, weight gain, and back pain.

How Can You Make The Switch To A Standing Desk

standing desk benefits

If you want to know how to make the switch to a standing desk, here are some steps you can follow.

First, select the right standing desk for yourself. In the market there are various choices but don’t be overwhelmed, opt for which can meet your personal requirements.

Being adjustable is a plus of standing desks and you should consider that.

The not less important is that you should keep in mind it takes time for you to adapt to the usage of standing desks.

You should switch between sitting and standing to get used to it. You can start standing in 30 to 60 minutes per day and over time you can increase the time.

What’s more, you should also learn to set your desk’s height right for yourself.

Don’t forget to place a monitor at the right angle when you stand to work. Having a tilt of around 15 degrees for the optimum setup is recommended.

Since you have to stand to work, it is vital to choose good shoes to protect your feet.

Besides, one of the items worthy to own is the anti-fatigue mat. It can help to protect your feet significantly, foster your circulation, improve your posture and overall raise your productivity.

Using a standing desk will positively impact your productivity at work and also your health. We hope you have got useful information of standing desk benefits for runners from reading this post. Follow FittingChairs for more tips and helpful items supporting your daily work.

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