Is Working Remotely Here to Stay? Things You Should Know

We all know how beneficial remote work is and also its drawbacks. But do you wonder if remote work is here to stay or not and for how long? Let’s get to see some opinions in this article of FittingChairs.

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Until this moment, we would like to give out our point of view which is yes, remote work is here to stay for a long time.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, both employers and employees have switched to this model of working earlier than what we have expected.

Now, many businesses have kept working in this model for a long period of time. There is less office space being used these days. More and more office buildings were unoccupied, causing real estate owners not know what to do with the empty space.

For some businesses, if they don’t apply remote work schedule, they will go for the hybrid model.

While many employers want to call their employees back in the office, some are seeing the upsides of remote work. They might have realized how much the employee retention has been improved when they give their employees the chance to work from home on a regular basis. Especially the technology companies, with the special nature of their business, the employee can work anywhere in the world thanks to their available infrastructure and resources.

Researches Show 15% of Jobs Are Remote Now and The Number Will Continue to Grow

are remote jobs here to stay

Although there will be jobs which require employees to be in the office, remote work has been expected to continue to grow quickly.

The growth of remote work is predicted to represent a change in society and the economy, leading to a huge rise in the talent pool, when people don’t have to live in a large city to work.

Therefore, people won’t have to endure the hustle in big cities anymore and can find job opportunities in smaller towns.

Most companies and businesses will have the ability to accommodate the remote work model. Small startups and big companies are also the same.

What Percentage of Workers Will Remain Remote?

work from home here to stay

According to one study, at least 16% of companies will apply remote work model. In order to obtain this objective, more than 18% of full-time employees in this globe will permanently work from home. Over time, this number can go up.

In any case, the era of virtual workplace has come. However, many businesses may still choose to work in the conventional office environment. 3.2% of the American workforce or 4.3 million American employees will work from home.

American workers can choose to work remotely or in a traditional office. They then can become a part of a wider talent pool. Of course, they have to follow the remote work policy of the company.

The policies will be different from those which are applied in the office. However, if the employees work in a hybrid model, they can choose the days to work in the office and days to work at home as they wish.

Will Work From Home Continue in The Future?

is work from home here to stay

Working from home will continue to exist in the future and there are reasons for that. The reasons are the benefits it brings for employees.

Feeling more comfortable when working in your personal space, being close to your family, saving expenses and so on are what the remote workers can get. They can enhance their ability to stay focused more in work. Remote work schedule provides benefits for both your physical and mental health so a lot of employees don’t want to leave remote work and get back to the office.

For hybrid model, companies can receive benefits from it. The companies can continue opening to work while letting other employees work from home. Thanks to the accessibility of remote work, you will see a rise in job vacancies.

This can give some relief for applicants in the current job market. This can be a blessing for those who feel at ease when working remotely.

Are Companies Calling Back Their Employees?

Some companies are actually calling their employees back into the office workplace. They consider the remote model to be a passing phase and people have got the hang in dealing with the pandemic.

In addition to getting employees back to work, the employers also want to maintain the corporate culture. This means enticing people to work in person as a team. They also make it simpler to keep an eye on their employees’ development without relying too much on the tools they have used in a virtual working environment.

The reason can also be because they can not afford the expenses associated with managing the resources required for workers to work from home. Furthermore, they might not have the long-term financial durability to offer their employees the alternative.

Employees who have realized the advantages of remote work might resist to come back to office. Even if they do not mind meeting in person in some occasions, they now know that working remotely gives them more convenience. Going back to the office means they might have to deal with daily commute, office politics and so on.

If they have to deal with things like that in a working day and then when coming home, they will not have energy to spend time with their family. A business should think about the repercussions of offering a working environment with no remote alternative before calling back its workers.

It makes sense if they do not have long term financial resources. However, they can experience employee reaction, which might prompt resignations eventually. Some employees might come back, but others might not and they go for other job opportunities.

Are Companies Switching Completely to Work From Home?

working from home is here to stay

After the pandemic, some companies have been switching to allowing their workers to work from home completely.

Some local and even regional businesses are also doing this.

Meta – Facebook’s parent company – has transitioned to work from home model, enabling anyone who can work from home to do the same thing.

Google has requested its employees to come back to the office, but it has still embraced the remote staff by giving them various positions which can be performed remotely or from home.

Beside the problems brought on by the pandemic, Amazon is also in favor of working remotely since their employees are now equally productive and content while doing so.

Netflix has also applied the remote work model and provided a wide range of jobs which can be done from home on its website.

In reality, not only digital companies but also conventional businesses are applying this.

Hope the answer for question Is remote working here to stay we have given is clear enough for you. Follow FittingChairs for more useful tips and posts about tools and equipment for working.

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